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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

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Part 10: Watching TV

Music: Heating Up

Finally, gameplay. Let's see what's new in the notes.

Notice how it says "Examine & Compare" instead of "Use & Combine." That means we can examine it.

It does exactly what you'd expect.

Music: Sobering Dream

A new bookmark has appeared. We'll check them later. First, new characters!

Yes, we're going to meet this Rex Foster later. Spoilers.

And that's all new profiles we get. Now let's take a look at the bookmark.

This is the novel. It's basically a longer summary, where Kyle's actions actually changes the content. The bottom left option is a jukebox which lets you listen to music you've heard so far. From the Start lets you read from the beginning while Contents lets you read from the start of each chapter. I'm sure you can guess what Bookmark does.

It even includes a cover for the book.

It also has an "About the Author" section. Notice how it says 1990 while this game is set at 1980. So basically this novel is set at the future.

More importantly, though, notice how there's absolutely no mention of how The Secret Word is stolen. Looks like Martin didn't publicize his plagiarism. Either Martin lied at the epilogue of that game or this game forgot about that. Either way it deserves a

Each chapter even has its own title. I won't be showing them all now, since...

I won't fill this post up with . It's a wonder this game even manged to be localized at all, what with Cing's bankrupcy and all. At least there's a bookmark option for if you actually want to read this.

There's also these classified files. You can just open it and then load the save before you open it, but I won't. These are extra information obtained from Martin's research and sometimes it contains hints for the next chapter, which might be why it's forbidden to open it now.

Music: Heating Up

Anyway, back to the game. We just move around a little and...

The addition of the phone button is amazing

With the receiver pressed against my ear, I hear a familiar voice.

Hi Rachel.

Music :Serenity

Yes, the game bothered to make different sprites for Kyle picking up the phone before/after getting dressed. More importantly, he actually used his left ear this time!

I've been better.
Sure you have. Things could be a lot worse, though. For someone who lost their job yesterday, you sound okay at least.
Well I'm not exactly full of sunshine and happiness, you know.
Ha ha, same old Kyle. Always got something on your mind.
Ed around?
He just stepped out not five minutes ago.
Said anything about me?
Yeah, you've come up in conversation. He said that, if you call, not to bother letting him know.
Damn. Sounds like he's really blown a gasket this time.
And then some.

I'm actually more surprised that this didn't happen earlier.

Three days after leaving on a job and not a single phone call to check in. You didn't even show up at the place you were supposed to be heading to!
Maybe I did kind of have it coming.
Still, even given the circumstances, why'd he choose now to fire you? I mean, it's not like this is the first time you've slacked off on a job. Hey, did something happen between you two?

That's what I said.

Could've been because I told him I don't wanna do this kind of work any more.
Yeah, that'd do it.

Honestly, Ed's doing you more of a favor than a punishment with that.

Lined myself up for a bullet there, I suppose. Do you know when he'll be back? There's something he and I need to discuss.
He'll be back a bit after lunch time. Said he's going to listen to the election candidates' speeches.
Really? Doesn't sound like the Ed I know. He was always raging on about how much he hates politics.
He mentioned that one of the people running for mayor is an ex-boss of his. A guy called Hugh Speck. The whole thing's going to be televised, too. It'll be on at 9.
Right. Well, soon as he gets back, get me on the phone.
Oh, one other thing. You had a phone call earlier.

I just said that you were on holiday and he hung up. He a friend of yours?
Definitely not. But the same guy called my mom last night, too.
Your mom? What did he want?

Among all the British English grammar and spelling, I'm surprised they used 'mom' instead of 'mum.'

That's what I wanna find out. Seems he already knew I used to be a detective though. Rachel, can you do me a favour? If he calls again, let me know.
Gotcha. And I'll be in touch when Ed gets back. Keep your pager on, okay?
Roger that. *hangs up*

Music stops
(I don't envy Rachel. She's Ed's PA, but also struggles to keep me and Ed civil. Come to think of it, she's the only woman I'm happy to be totally open with.)

In NG you won't even tell her about Bradley.

Did you notice that the pager was off? Neither do I! Not that it matters, really.

(Rex Foster... Why is this guy keeping tabs on me?)

(9 o'clock already. That's when Rachel said they'd start showing the speeches on the news.)
(I guess if Ed's made the effort to drag himself along to listen,)
(I might as well switch on the TV and give it a try. Got nothing better to do.)

TV There's a TV on the table. Doesn't look like much, but at least it works.

The shows are actually different now, so let's take a look at them first.

Music: Precocious Circumstances

(Pinkie Rabbit, huh? That takes me back. I used to love this guy.)
Music stops

"Let the sweet lemon taste of Cool Pop fire your neurons and tickle your taste buds!"
(They have a point. I've been pretty addicted to the stuff lately.)

I can hear the audience laughing every few seconds.
(Nothing worse than a bad sitcom.)

will be giving his campaign speech momentarily. And 5 News is here with live coverage of that speech. Stay tuned.

Speck is a retired LAPD officer, and is even now working to stamp out petty and organised crime in the city.

Don't forget to tune in! This is Robert Harrison for 5 News, signing off.

We don't get to hear the speech, apparently. What kind of news reports a speech event but not the speech itself?

(Hugh Speck. An ex-cop and also Ed's old boss. Trying to become a mayor now. Ambitious guy. Looks like he's got a special TV slot at 4 o'clock. Think I'll check it out.)

After that, we walk a few steps and hear a buzzer.

Who's there?

Another quality of life addition: We can actually open the door from anywhere in the screen, not just from right in front of it. It's more minor than the phone, but useful nonetheless.

Oh, wonderful.