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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 100: Breaking and Entering

Music: Ace of Diamonds
that was quite a shock!
Some quick thinking on your part though.
I'm not proud of it.
I've never liked telling lies. That felt horrible.
Glad to hear it. Beats being a pathologial liar any day of the week!
I'm sure it does.
Speaking of Dylan, wasn't he acting a bit strange? He seemed to be unusually panicked.
Yeah, not his usual suave self at all.

What is it, Mr Hyde?

It is?
Looks like Dylan fled before locking this thing back up.

Guess you won't be breaking into anywhere today, kid.
Then now's our chance, Mr Hyde! Let's go inside.
Hold it!
We can't both go in. One of us needs to stand guard.
If we're both poking around in there and somebody finds us, it's gonna hit the fan.
Well I don't know anything about a fan, but you're right! Why don't you go inside and I'll stand guard in the hallway?
That'd work.
I've got a good way of alerting you too.
If somebody comes by, I'll knock on the door to let you know. If you hear me knocking, try not to make any noise inside the room. When they've gone, I'll knock again and you can continue looking around. Do you think that will work?
Suppose it'll have to.

*Kyle goes to room 306*

(So this is Will's room, is it?)

(This place has less taste than dry bread. Can't imagine anybody could actually live in here.)

Music: Creeping Shadow

We have a lot to go through in this room, so let's get started.

Left box There's a label on this box, but nothing's written on it.
Second left boxes The boxes are sealed shut with copious amount of packing tape.
Middle boxes Something's been written on the side of this box, but it's too smudged to read.
Second right box One of the many boxes stacked up in the corner. This one looks like it's been opened and then sealed again with more tape.
Right upper box This corner is full of cardboard boxes.
(This must be the stuff he's taking with him when he moves.)
Right lower box There sure are a lot of boxes piled up here. I can't get to this one because there's another box on top of it.

*Phone rings*

Damn, this is a bad time for the phone to ring!

*Beep* A threatening voice sounds out from the phone... "Guess you're not there, so I'll just relay this message: The goods have been obtained in the same way as usual, and the money is in the usual place." *Beep*

(What the hell was that about?)

Whatever it is, it can wait.

Mirror There's a mirror hanging above the wash basin. It has a few dirty marks on it that looks like fingerprints.
(Huh? Why are the sink and its surroundings so clean, yet the surface of the mirror's dirty?)
Sink shelf There's a shelf above the sink, but it has nothing on it. There's a thin layer of dust, but otherwise it looks pretty clean.
Wash sink There's a wash basin next to the kitchen area. No sign of dirt or stains... All in all, it's in pretty decent shape.
Trash can A wicker basket serving as a trash can. One of the few items in here that feels homely.
Fridge Hmm. There's a reason refrigerators are generally white.
Top left shelf Another set of cupboards with nothing exciting in them.
Top right shelf Not much to say about these cupboards.
Kitchen sink No dirty dishes in the sink. No sign of any use at all.
(I'm not convinced he's ever used his kitchen.)
Bottom left shelf Cupboards under the sink, check. No evidence of any prior use, check.
Bottom right shelf I'll choose not to waste my time looking in those drawers.
Exhaust I don't think he's cooked anywhere near this extractor.
Stove Looking at the stove, there's not a mark on it.
(This guy's no clean freak. He's just never turned it on.)
Left cupboard It's one of those locking cupboards. Their secrets will forever remain a mystery.
Top cupboard THere are a few bits and pieces on Will's shelves. Doesn't look like he's used any of it lately though.
Bottom cupboard Another apartment, another set of built-in cupboards.

Tissue roller Glad there's a healthy supply of toilet paper at least.
Tissue roll There's a spare roll of toilet paper on top of the tank. Handy.
(That's weird. I can't see any shampoo, or any of life's other essentials.)
(Not sure I could live like this. It would seem kind of creepy...)
Toilet Unexpectedly, the toilet is one of the less disturbing parts of this room.
Mirror There's a small mirror on the wall. It's pretty clean, actually. I'm surprised.
Shower head That's the shower head.
Curtain I hope the shower curtain was always that colour and didn't somehow rot through non-use.
Bathtub This may well be the dustiest bathtub I've ever seen.
(It looks like it's never seen much use, which I'd rather not think about in too much detail.)

Even dustier than the ones in the fourth floor? That's impressively horrifying

Left closet Let's take a look in the closet.

Safe There's a safety deposit box at the bottom of the closet.. [sic]
Now this is quite a find. Wonder what I'm gonna find inside this thing?

Obviously we're not going to get anywhere here, so we'll leave it for later.
It's no good, this thing's not gonna open.
If only I knew the combination for it.
Right closet I wonder what's in this side.
(The door's slightly open. I'll bet there's something interesting in there. Best not to get my hopes up though.)

Left jacket A snazzy blue jacket.
Middle jacket A smart grey jacket.
Right jacket A flashy white jacket.
(It doesn't look like he's worn it all that much.)

Blind The blind is caked in dust.
(From the amount of udst, I'd guess it hasn't been opened for a long time.)
Lamp Hey, it's my favourite kind of lamp.
Table This old wooden table seems pretty bare even for this place.
Phone If I was feeling mean, I could probably rack up big phone bills for everyone in the building.
Answering machine
(An answer phone... Maybe if I listen to the other messages, I'll find something out...)

A threatening voice sounds out... "The plan is moving ahead as expected... I'll contact you again with details on the item." *Beep* "All the preparations here have been made. The item can change hands in the usual manner." *Beep*
(My acute detective skills are telling me something...)
(Will White is definitely not a regular salesman.)
You don't say
Bed A good, sturdy bed. There's no denying Cape West has decent beds.
Pillow There's a plain white pillow on the bed. The thing's looking kind of threadbare.
Cover The duvet cover is a nice, calming shade of dull grey. I can't judge Will for not making his bed properly. I tend not to either.

Bag Next to the sofa is a small, brown overnight bag.
Sofa A plain old leather sofa.
Coat There's a trench coat lying on the arm of the sofa. The whole thing is wrinkled and damaged.
Window The blind is pulled down over the window.
Table As coffee tables go, this is pretty stylish.
Case There's ablack case on the table.
(The case is locked and there's no getting in.)
(Hmm...I can't see a keyhole on this thing. Instead, there seems to be a kind of round indentation.)
(How the hell do you get this thing open?)
Newspaper The front page of an old newspaper is lying on the table.
(Wait a minute!)

(The date reads December 1955.)
(1955? I could be mistaken, but...)
(The piece that's been cut from this paper....)
(It looks like it could be the article about my dad that I got in the second order sheet!)

I take the newspaper front page with a section missing.

(It's the signal.)

Music stops

That's our cue that someone is outside. Obviously we can't investigate when that happens, so we'll take this chance to look at the newspaper's description...

"No, I think you were just hearing things. Please, wait!"

Would you mind telling me exactly what you're doing in here?

Music: Lonely Goodbye
Sure, you see, I was...
It looks very much like you are struggling to cobble together a lie, Mr Hyde!
No, it's not like that!
I never thought you'd bring yourself down to this level.
This level?
I want you out of these apartments immediately!
And if you're not gone by tomorrow, I shall be calling the police!
Goodbye, Mr Hyde!

Mags leaves the room looking infuriated.

Music: Dream's End
(When did I get so sloppy? I can't believe I let this happen...)

This is all my fault.
I've got nobody to blame but myself.

Tony: 7
Dylan: 6
Mags: 5
Frank: 3
Charles: 3
Betty: 2
Sidney: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1
Punch: 7

If I started blaming Kyle, almost half of these Game Overs so far would've been points for him. That would be unfair to the other tenants, wouldn't it?

When Charles knocks, we can't do anything until the footsteps (not audible in the pictures) fade out.

(Okay, all clear to keep looking.)

Gloves A pair of black leather gloves.
(In my professional opinion as a former detective, I'd say these look sleek but sturdy.)
Glass There's a lowball glass on the coffee table. There are a few melting ice in it, and some water at the bottom as a result.
Even if it's winter, it's still strange that the ice lasts this long.
Whiskey A whiskey bottle. There's still some left.
(I've seen this brand of whiskey in the café, too.)

That's everything, but obviously we're not done yet. Because of some event flags bullshit, Kyle won't fully examine everything the first time.