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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 101: Steaming

Music: Creeping Shadow

Middle jacket A smart grey jacket.

(Not really my style, but I'll take a look in the pockets anyway.)
(What's this? There's something inside.)
(It looks like some sort of magnetic key.)

I take the magnetic key.

(Maybe if I use this key...)

Kyle will only examine this jacket thoroughly after we examined the suitcase for some reason.

Use magnetic key on suitcase

Were magnetic keys used in 1980?

Okay, here goes...

I use the magnetic key to open the case.


Camera Inside the case is a single-lens reflex camera.

(It's a camera. Strange, it's much lighter than I thought it would be.)
(Ah, now I see.)
(This thing's just a toy.)
(When I shake it, I can hear something rattle around inside.)

Papers There's a letter set inside the case.

(This isn't the first time I've seen this...)
(It's exactly the same letter set used for the order sheet.)

I take the letter set.

(Does this mean he's the sender, though?)

Notebook There's a notebook inside the case. It has a black leather cover that's old and worn.

(There's something written in it.)

The guards change at 10 pm, and the alarm bell on the door is an old type." (What the hell is this about?) "We'll communicate using the usual means. Check the mirror."
(Check the mirror? What's he gonna see there? His reflection?)

Mirror There's a mirror hanging above the wash basin. It has a few marks on it that look like fingerprints.

Time for me to give that mirror a closer look.

Time for another minigame! This one will trigger only after reading the notebook.

The mirror's covered in dirt. Can't see a thing in it.

Despite what Dylan said, the sink still works as normal. If you've seen some detective/spy movies, you'll know what we need to do here. It's turning on the hot water and letting the steam do the work.

We have to actually memorize the code ourselves, though. Or we can just use the notebook.

Yes, I still suck at writing...

The guide says that this code is randomized for each playthrough, but I can't confirm this.

It's open!

Cash There are banknotes inside the safety deposit box.

(A stack of banknotes...)
(Where did he get so much cash?)

Passport There's a passport inside the safety deposit box.

(What have I got here?)

The passport is in the name of "Will McGrath".

Hang on... McGrath?
So Will's surname is the same as the manager of the hotel's...

I take Will's passport.

(Not again! Guess I'd better keep the noise down.)

Music stops

What we have to do now is similar to before, but the Game Over is slightly different.

"Maybe you just made a mistake... Please, wait!"

What are you doing in here, Mr Hyde?

Music: Lonely Goodbye
It looks to me like you've entered somebody else's room without their permission.
Yeah, that's what it might look like, but...
That's very unfortunate.
For you, I man. You realise I'm obliged to report this to Mrs Patrice?
Aw, come on, old man!
Please excuse me.

Frank leaves the room.

Music: Dream's End
(When did I get so sloppy? I can't believe I let this happen...)

This is all my fault.
I've got nobody to blame but myself.

Tony: 7
Dylan: 6
Mags: 5
Frank: 4
Charles: 3
Betty: 2
Sidney: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1
Punch: 7

Screw you, Frank! Don't think we forgot what you did a few days ago!

(Okay, all clear to keep looking.)

Anyway, despite that revelation from Will's passport, we're still not done here.


Seems there's something inside the camera.

More minigames! This is, like, the third one this update? This whole sequence won't be out of place in Zero Escape.


Looks like this is where you put the film in.
Can't open the flap...

The way to open it lies in the obviously highlighted spot.

Am I supposed to put in a date here?

Well, considering that we need to see the passport to trigger this minigame, the password is obvious.

(What's this?)

(Also, I can make out a signature on the edge.)
"Michael McGrath"
Wasn't he...

I take the torn postcard.

(Why on earth would anyone wanna stuff half a postcard from the hotel manager into this toy camera?)

but it's already too late.