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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 102: Will White

There's nothing I can do other than stay still in amazement. I hear a cold voice from behind me say, "What're you doing here?"

The pressure on my back disappears.

That's certainly a way to spend Christmas.

Music: Resolution

The door was open, so I just came in.
You're going to have to do better than that!
Unless, of course, you want me to put a bullet in you.
It's the truth, this place was already open.
Dylan left it that way after he came out.
Dylan? What the hell!
He said you'd asked him to take care of something in here before moving out. He used a spare key to get in.
But being the numbskull he is, he left without locking up.

Maybe not, but it doesn't change the fact he was in here.
If you don't believe me, take a trip down the hall and ask Charles. He saw too. He'll tell you exactly what I just did.
Let's assume I believe you... For now anyway.
Maybe Dylan was...
Was what?
No, that can wait. The more pressing issue is what to do about you.
I think I'll have you answer a few more questions.
Let's start with what you did while you were sneaking around in here.
You twisted my arm.
You sure you want me to say it all out loud though? I mean, I think I've just about pieced it all together. Your secrets and such.
Ha ha ha!


Nice try. I'm onto you!

Nice try. I'm onto you!
Oh, you are, are you?
Well then, let's see just how much you think you know, shall we?
For starters, I know what your real job is. You've been earning a pretty penny too, by all accounts.

I know plenty more than that.
I know all about the lies and deceit, too.


You faked your identity

You faked your identity.
I've got your number.
You've got nothing, that's what!

Music: Sharpened Blade

Where did the banknotes come from?

Where did the banknotes come from?
And where did you come across something like that?
You know damn well.

In the safety deposit box
In your case

That's right. For the rest of the confrontations, you will have to navigate to the end yourself, just like a CYOA. Good luck!