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Part 103: Chapter 8 Quiz

Music: Clearing the Mist

Tony came to my room and gave me Rex's notebook. Written inside was a reference to Condor and a man called Jack Green. It said they had both disappeared in 1967. Rachel kindly lookied into the name Jack Green and found out that he was...

An insurance investigator
No, that's not it. Rex is the only insurance investigator around here.
A safecracker
No, that's not it. My deceased dad worked as a safecracker. He wanted to get out of that line of work, but was murdered during his final job.

A reporter

Right. Jack Green worked as a reporter for a publication called Los Angeles Beat. Rachel discovered that he had unearthed certain truths about Condor, and had been murdered before he could unveil it all publically.

This led me to want to talk to Mags regarding her late husband. Her husband, who was killed 13 years ago, went by the name of...

No, that's not right. Michael was the manager of Hotel Cape West.
No, that's not right. Sidney's the owner of Lucky's Café downstairs. He's been working here since the days when the building functioned as a hotel. Though not close friends, he knew Mags's husband, George.

...You just blurted out the answer.


Mags's husband's name was George Patrice. He was the proprietor of several successful eateries around town. Mags went on to explin that he was killed during a robbery that took place 13 years ago.

I got her on the phone, then looked into the photos from the album on the fourth floor. I made the startling discovery of a certain person in one of the photos. That person was...

No, that's not who it was. Frank didn't appear in the photos.
No, that's not who it was. Rex didn't appear in the photos. Rex did make an appearance in the photo of a funeral I got from Frank, though.


It was none other than Mags I discovered in one of the photos.
It was in a photo showing a party dubbed "Scarlet Star". In it, she was wearing the necklace she still wears today. She looked a lot younger in that picture.

we noticed that Will White, from room 306, appeared in both. Charles agreed to help me when I decided to go and get a closer look at his room. Thanks to the contents of the safety deposit box and the postcard inside the camera, I was able to discern a certain truth about Will. What was it I found out?

That he was in debt
No, that's not it. I searched alright, but never found anything to suggest he was in debt.
That he was married
No, that's not it. I searched alright, but never found anything to suggest he was married.

That he was using a false name

Right. I found out that his real name was Will McGrath. Turns out he's the son of the late manager of Hotel Cape West, Michael McGrath. The postcard and passport I uncovered inside his room proved it.

He confessed to having been the one behind the mysterious order sheet I'd received. He went on to explain that the reason he sent it to me was because...

He was frustrated with me
No, that's not it. He was frustrated with me because I never found out about my dad's killer, but that wasn't the only reason he sent the order sheet.
He wanted to possess the Scarlet Star
No, that's not it. The reason he sent me the order sheet... It had nothing to do with wanting to possess the Scarlet Star.

He wanted to avenge his mother's death

Right. The reason he sent me the order sheet... It was because he didn't want his mother's murder to remain unpunished.
He also shared a new, startling revelation with me about 25 years ago. The person who snuck into Hotel Cape West, with the intention of cracking the safe and stealing the Scarlet Star, was my dad. I could only stare dumbly at Will when he told me.

Music: Mulling It Over

another of this building's mysteries has come to light. Why am I so keen on uncovering the truth behind what took place here 25 years ago? Thanks to him, I now have an outline that puts things into better perspective. Now I know for certain. If I search for the Scarlet Star... I will also find out the truth behind my dad's murder. In addition to those, I've also begun to consider something... That there's even more to this whole mystery than meets the eye. I have to uncover it all.