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Part 104: Making an Appointment

Music: Razzle Dazzle

Music stops

Music: Mulling It Over

I didn't sleep very well at all last night. I get up early in the morning. I head straight to the bathroom and take a refreshing cold shower. That goes a little way towards clearing my head. After the shock of what that guy told me last night, I've managed to calm down a bit.

I squat down in front of my speakers and take a record off the shelf. I mount the record on the turn table, and when I switch the player on, the record starts to spin. I place the needle carefully on to the top. The gentle, solemn sounds of a saxophone start drifting from the speakers.

Not heard: saxophone.

That solemn sound that only a saxophone can deliver... For some reason it makes my mind spring back to the words Will uttered to me last night. All I'm after now is the truth behind what happened 25 years ago. Then it dawns on me. The only one who can truly uncover all that me. At that precise moment I notice that the turn table has come to a halt.

Music stops

I finish mulling things over and haul myself off the sofa.

Music: Heating Up

It's always the phone or the door, isn't it?


*Knocking sounds*

Huh? That sounds like Dylan. What the hell does he want with me now?


Music: Ace of Diamonds
Good morning!
What do you want?
Well, it's...
I've been so anxious to hear the next instalment from last night.
The next instalment?
Start making some sense or get outta here!
You know, after you met me in front of room 306. What happened next?
You met up with Mr White, didn't you?

Dylan is basically the opposite of Tony in that he's getting worse over time.

Yeah, that's right.

Now why would we do that?

No, it's got nothing to do with you!
But I really want to know.
Come on, you can tell me...
Listen, Dylan...
Why the hell are you so keen to know anyway?
Well, that's simple...
I'm curious!
"Curious"? Yeah, right.

Spit it out Dylan...

You were inside room 306, right?

You were inside room 306, right?
What are you trying to say, Mr Hyde?
I was only in there because of the maintenance Mr White asked me to take care of.

(What maintenance?)

I thought I told you the reason yesterday.

Music: Gusty Town

Show Mila's drawing
It's a portrait of you, I believe.
Who drew this for you?

Did he really ask you to take care of some maintenance?

Did he really ask you to take care of some maintenance, Dylan?
Sure he did.
Because he told me a different story and it didn't include any maintenance.
I'm telling you, he asked me!
Why would Mr White say something different to you? You've got to believe me, I was only in there because of the maintenance.

Sure you were. Let's just ignore the part where the allegedly turned-off water still works perfectly.

Music stops


Music: Blue Lady
Here you are, Dylan. I've been looking for you.
Mrs Patrice?
What can I do for you?
Actually, it's about Mr White in room 306...

(Has something happened?)

He has a favour to ask you.
Mrs Patrice...
Oh, hello there, Mr Hyde. Are you having a good morning?

Music: Gusty Town

What does Mr White want?

What does Mr White want?
He called me only a moment ago and asked. He's not coming back to this building, you see,
so he asked if Dylan could remove his remaining things.
Mrs Patrice?
Does that mean he's officially vacated his room?
Yes, it would seem so.

Goodbye, Will

Like I said last time, some else has already moved out. See if you can remember who.

He was due to move out next week, but he told me something urgent had suddenly arisen.
That's what he called me to say.
But he seemed quite keen to get the message to you, Dylan.
I'd like you to clear out the remainder of Mr White's things and furniture.
Also, please take care of any repairs and such that need doing.
No problem.
I'd better get started. Catch you later.

Dylan hastily makes his exit.

Music: Blue Lady

It's going to be far busier than usual around here, that's for sure.
Have you finalised your moving arrangements yet, Mr Hyde?
Please feel free to let me know as soon as you have.
Sure, I'll tell you once it's all been sorted.

Thankfully, apartment hunting is not part of this game.

I appreciate that you're busy with numerous other things,
but please be sure to let me know what you're planning at your earliest convenience.
I have to be sure everything has been accounted for before this place ceases to be.
Don't sweat it. I'll let you know in good time.
I've got some unfinished business to take care of first, though.
Oh, such as what?
I have to find something.

Well, something got lost alright, but it wasn't mine. But the fact remains, if it's gonna be found, I need to be the one to find it.
Can you share with me what it is you're looking for?
Listen, Mrs Patrice...
There's actually something I need to ask you about the thing I'm looking for.
You need to ask me?
Can you spare a few minutes?
I'm not sure I want to, Mr Hyde.
You're acting very oddly indeed. What are you plotting?
Don't worry, I've got no nasty surprises in store for you, just a couple of questions. It's pretty important to me, so I'd be grateful if you could spare me some time.

I know what you've been up to.

From Dylan? That's worrying...

Music: Gusty Town
What's Dylan been saying?

What's Dylan been saying?
He told me that you used to be a detective, and that, although he doesn't know why, you've been snooping around on the fourth floor.

I don't know what to be surprised by; that Dylan told another person Kyle's past or that Mags isn't kicking us out.

He told you that, did he?
Now listen to me, Mr Hyde. I don't know what your purpose is or what you're looking for,
and I have no intention of making you tell me.
All I want is to leave this place quietly and peacefully. That's why I'm going to ask you nicely...
I've been honest with you up until now, and have answered all your questions.
I think I've been more than helpful to you,
but please refrain from asking me anything further. I have nothing more to say to you.

(Nothing more to say?)

You've got plenty to say!

You've got plenty to say, and don't deny it!
I'm telling you, I haven't!
Even if you have nothing to say to me, I've got plenty to say to you.
I've got questions to ask and things to tell you.
Things to tell me? And what kind of things might they be?

I beg your pardon?
But I'm sure you're not interested...
That's right, I'm not.

Okay, Mr Hyde, I give in...
I can spare some time to talk with you.

That was quick.

I'll fit in with you, so just let me know when's good.
Shall we say this afternoon at 4 in my room?
It's a date.
Okay, I'll expect you then.

Mags leaves.

(4 pm in Mags's room, huh? I'd better make a note of that. Wouldn't want to be late.)

As usual, this is unnecessary since the game will remind us when it's time.

*phone rings*