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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 105: Giving and Receiving Reports


Hey, Rachel.

Music: Serenity

What a coincidence. We were just about to call you before Dylan interrupted.

Good news!
What is it?
You'll see after you've heard this voice... I'll pass you over.


He's back!

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Why so surprised?
It's just Rachel told me you wouldn't be out until the weekend.
Yeah, well, that's what they told me at first...
but I can't stand that damned place! Besides, I figured there's no way you and Rachel would last five minutes on your own, so I blew the doc's mind by making a miraculous recovery! Lucky for you, huh?
Well I'll tell you this for free, we're not so dumb that we can't take care of the place without you, you know!
You don't have the first idea about how this place runs. If I left it to you two, I'd be out of business in no time. Especially with a lazy bum like you in charge. Anyway, it's all thanks to you, Hyde... I was so worried about how this place'd work without me, I couldn't even die in peace!

Eh, I'm pretty sure Rachel can handle it.

Yeah, well...

Not exactly the greeting I was expecting, but hey.
It's good to hear your voice.
Now's not the time to start getting all soft, okay? How's the search for that item coming along?
I know who sent me the order sheet. Turns out he's been living here under a false name. He's the son of Kathy McGrath, who was murdered here 13 years ago.
Related to the victim, huh? But that doesn't explain how he knew what you got up to behind the scenes.
His name's Will McGrath. By day, he pretends to be a salesman, but actually he's a lone thief. He claims he has contacts that can provide him with all sorts of information. He even knew about my dad.
Impressive. What'd he know about him?
He said that Dad broke into Hotel Cape West 25 years ago with the intention of stealing the Scarlet Star.
He what?
This is what he told me: The incident 13 years ago and the one 25 years ago... He said they're both connected to Nile.
But why did he send the order sheet to you?
He said he wanted to try and encourage me to take an interest in those incidents. He found it hard to believe that I wasn't looking into the truth behind Dad's death.
Go on.
Before he left, he gave me a clue to help me find the Scarlet Star.

Thanks for the recap.

So where does that leave you now, Hyde?

To do that, I need to continue looking for the missing item. Once I find the Scarlet Star, I have to deliver it to complete the order. Then I'll claim my reward of the truth 25 years ago.
I see.
Then do what you gotta do and keep searching. And don't stop until you've uncovered everything.
That's the plan.
I'm gonna pass you back to Rachel.

Music: Serenity

Rachel, keep an eye on him and don't let him push himself too hard. I've got to concentrate on finding this item, so I'll leave Ed to you.
Sure thing, Kyle.
Before you go, I've got an update for you. You asked me to get hold of the last article written by Jack Green... Well, I managed to get it for you.

On one day? That's very amazing

What did it say?
It's titled: "The Truth Behind Condor". It was meant to be an ongoing piece, but ended after the first part was published. At the end of the article, the following appears: "There's a gigantic void behind the organised crime syndicate known as Condor. Condor has managed to evade justice, thwart police investigations and successfully sell their stolen wares, but it seems unlikely that the group could have accomplished any of this with no outside assistance. There's no doubt in this writer's mind that an as-yet undisclosed force has been operating in the shadows behind Condor. Without this force, Condor would not exist. The next part of this article will expose the identity of this shadowy force." And that's where the article stops.

Jack might had written great cliffhangers, but he had a terrible self-preservation instinct.

A force operating in the shadows behind Condor...
I take it you've heard about the recent jewellery thefts, right?
Yeah, there's even been some near here.
This series of thefts seem to bear all the marks of those carried out by Condor.
So they say.
There's going to be a TV news special showcasing the recent ones at 11.
I see.
Anyway, that's all I can offer you for now. I'll be in touch if I find out more. *hangs up*
(A news show about the thefts resembling those of Condor...)
(Sounds like the kind of thing I should watch.)

Turns out when Rachel said "at 11", she meant "in a few seconds".

Music: Heating Up


(I suppose I'd better switch on the news.)

The other channels all show things we've already seen, so we'll just go straight to the news.

Today we examine the recent spate of jewellery robberies occurring all over the city. A store owner has provided us with an interesting eye-witness account. Who is this mysterious woman that appears on the scene before every robbery? 5 News, as always, is hot on the heels of any lead."

a woman that I had never seen before entered the shop. I assumed she was just a customer, but she didn't seem to be interested in any items and just wandered around the shop, looking around. I couldn't see her face due to the black hat and sunglasses she wore.

(Whoa! A black hat and sunglasses?)

There was one other distinguishing feature. She wore a ring. Yes, a diamond ring. It was very noticeable. The diamond was flanked on both sides by rubies.

(A diamond ring?)

It was unmistakable. But we thought she was one of our richer customers, so we paid it no heed."

The most obvious features are the wide-brimmed black hat and large sunglasses. She is also wearing a distinctive diamond ring.

(That woman...)

There are reports of this same woman appearing at the other robbed stores.

The LAPD are making her arrest their top priority. This is Robert Harrison for 5 News, signing off.

(The woman in the hat who appears before a theft...)
(I'm sure that's the same one that I passed just outside this building.)
(That diamond ring too, there's something about it... Surely, she couldn't be...)

There's nothing more to do here, so we just go outside...



I can hear the sound of footsteps. It sounds like somebody's coming.

Music: Shadowy Men
Hey, Hyde, you're just in time!
In time for what?
Did you notice anybody come up here just now?
No, I didn't see anyone.
Seriously? I could've sworn somebody did...


Let's choose the first option. I mean, what could go wrong?

You're the only thing that's weird!

You're the only thing that's weird! Take a look around, there's nobody here but us.
If anyone's weird, it's you! Who wears a suit just to mope around here all day?
Well, my bad I guess. Anyway, I'd better split. *goes into his room*

See? Nothing could go wrong!

Music: Insomnia (Last Window)
(Hold up!)
(What Tony said has got me thinking...)
Did you notice anybody come up here just now?
That's pretty weird.
(Did Tony see somebody come up here I wonder?)


Have you got a moment?
What's up?

Music: Gusty Town

Did you see somebody come up here?

About what you said just now...
Are you trying to say you spotted somebody coming up here?
Yeah, I sure did!
It was that woman!

(That woman? Which woman?)

Which woman would that be?

Which woman would that be, Tony?
You know, that woman! The one who was hanging around by the door last week, with the hat.

That's who I saw coming in here just now.
You sure it was her you saw?
Not that it matters now. I've lost her.
One thing's for sure though, she went up the stairs just ahead of me.
You're sure you didn't see anything at all?
Not a thing.
Then she just disappeared...

Or maybe she went further up.

Anyway, I don't have time to waste on this.
Catch you later. *goes back inside*