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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 107: The Lady

We need to grab the box up there. So how do we do that?

Mraagvpeine posted:

I think a simple stool is enough.

That'll do!

Stool There's a cloth-covered stool in front of the dresser.

(Okay, now to put this to good use.)

I take the stool.

The stool is in our inventory only during the one second it takes to open the item menu. And for whatever reason we have to use it on the map screen.

Use stool

Right, I'll place the stool here.

No matter where in the room we use the stool, Kyle will always place it in front of the closet. With that done, we examine it again...

Box There's a box on top of the closet.

(I wonder what's inside.)

Hat and sunglasses

(Interesting...These are the hat and sunglasses that woman was wearing.)

I take the hat and sunglasses.


(What's this envelope?)

"Come to the jewellery store at 18:00 wearing the appointed attire. As long as you follow the instructions, your identity will be safe. There's no use trying to escape either. We're in control."

(So this is the kind of letter Marie was getting.)

I take the threatening letter.

(Right, time to make Marie sing.)

Not yet. There's actually one optional spot to examine.

Black cloth There's a dark grey jacket scrunched up at the back of the closet.
(Hmm... That looks familiar. I should take a closer look.)
We could examine the jacket earlier, but I forgot I wanted to preserve the mystery. Besides, Kyle wouldn't think much of it if we examined it earlier.
3 top boxes Several boxes of women's shoes are cluttering up the closet.
(There's something at the back.)

Jacket There's a dark grey jacket scrunched up at the back of the closet.
(It looks just like the one the mysterious woman was wearing.)

Apparently this is less useful than the hat and sunglasses, so Kyle won't bother taking it.

With evidence in hand, let's go back up and confront Marie.

Music: Overstepped Memory


(Where's Marie got to? She must be around here somewhere.)

There you are.

Mr Hyde...

Music: Resolution
It's okay, Marie. I know.
What do you know?
I know what you've been hiding. I know what you've done.
The woman in the hat who always makes an appearance before the robberies...
That's you, isn't it?
Who put you up to it?
Was it the same people who sent you the threatening letters?
Mr Hyde, you have no right to accuse me of anything!
Besides, I have no idea what you're talking about!
Listen, Marie...
The game's up. As I told you, I know everything.
Mr Hyde...
Before you ask me for proof, how's this?

Show threatening letter

I found this letter inside your room.
Oh no...
The letter contains...

This confrontation is unique in that none of the choices leads to a Game Over. They'll just loop right back to the question.


A threat you made to somebody

The letter contains a threat you made to somebody.
What on earth are you talking about?
I have absolutely no idea what you're getting at, Mr Hyde!

Instructions for you to follow

The letter contains instructions for you to follow. How the hell did you get yourself into this mess?
I... I...

Show hat and sunglasses

I found these inside your room.
You what?
They were hidden inside a box on top of your closet. Care to explain what you're doing with them?

Finally, let's show her the thing we've been holding for the last few chapters.

Show ring

This is your ring, right?
How did you get that, Mr Hyde?
Betty gave it to me to return to you.
Now would be a good time to talk to me, Marie.


Is the stone a fake?

Is the stone a fake?
Certainly not! I'll have you know it's entirely genuine!
What are you implying, Mr Hyde?
Okay, let me ask you something else.

Why would you sell something so valuable?

Why would you sell something so valuable?
And while we're on the subject, the woman in the hat and sunglasses who appears before the robberies... Why does she wear a ring just like yours?
I... I don't know...
Or maybe you'd just like to tell me about the Condor engraving on the base?

Come clean and tell me.
I can't, Mr Hyde. Not to you.
Why not?
Because there's no going back if I do...
Not for me anyway. You really don't want to hear what kind of person I truly am.
Do you remember what you said to me, Marie?
What I you?
Yeah, you said that when your brother died 13 years ago, people doubted your side of the story and it made your life miserable.
You went on to say that you believed I would understand what you meant.
You remember what I told you then?

Yes, I remember. How could I forget? And I truly wish I could tell you...
But please, Mr Hyde! Please stop asking me to talk!
Why won't you listen to me when I say I can't?
I really can't tell you, of all people. You can't know.
Come on, Marie.
If I don't reveal your secret, then sooner or later somebody else will.
Marie, do you understand the gravity of your situation? You need to get out while you can! I appreciate that the people ordering you are intimidating you, but...
Of course I understand!
And that's precisely why I can't tell you anything!

Music stops

Marie, what are you doing?
If only I'd met you earlier, Mr Hyde.
If I'd been able to tell you everything I've been keeping to myself,
maybe things would've turned out very differently.
I... I really don't know what to do anymore...
It's hopeless... Goodbye, Mr Hyde.

Music: Sharpened Blade

Oh shit! Quick, we have to do something!

Keep back!

Tapping the screen won't work! Maybe we can try talking to her?!

Don't yell at me!

What about closing the DS?! It's our only choice left!

Music stops


Are you okay?
I think you may be overreacting a bit, Mr Hyde.
There's no need to shout quite loudly.
I'm going back inside.

Marie leaves the roof and heads inside.

*Car sounds*

What the hell? Nothing like creating a scene!

Music: Joke's On You

Who the hell called the cops?!

Music: Dream's End
This is bad.
(How's it come to this? I was hoping to put an end to all this fuss with Marie, but now look at the state of things.)

Guess I'd better go down there and give them some sort of explanation.

Tony: 7
Dylan: 6
Mags: 5
Frank: 4
Charles: 3
Betty: 2
Sidney: 2
Marie: 2
Rex: 1
Will: 1
Punch: 7

...What just happened?