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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 108: Condor

Music: Sharpened Blade

I don't know who had the bright idea of putting a Game Over there, but fuck that guy

Over time, Marie will switch between looking at us and looking away from us.

Closing the lid is still the correct solution, but it has to be done during the latter.

You might wonder: what happens if we wait too long?

Well, after a LONG time, Marie will be in a completely different position. And that's how she'll stay until we actually do something.

Closing the DS lid no longer does anything. Neither does blowing the mic. So that leaves tapping the screen...

Either way, both path converge here. I don't think this'll affect the ending like the time we resuscitated Mila.

Music: Resolution

Looks like I seriously underestimated what an idiot you are!
If you wanted my help, why didn't you just ask?!
How could I have done that?


Since this update's confrontation has no Game Overs, I'll just put the wrong choices in quotes.


They really put the frighteneres on you, huh?

They really put the frighteners on you, huh?
Wherever I go and whatever I do I always feel as if I'm being watched.
You'll never understand how terrible this feels. I'm in a constant state of fear.

Brings a whole new meaning to the time we sold her the security lock, huh?

Look at me, Marie!
Mr Hyde...
Come on!

And loop.

Who do you mean by "those people"?

Who do you mean by "those people"?
I mean...

That's why I have to do what those people say.
If you want an example of just how powerful they are...
They're the ones who put an end to the insurance company's investigation.
They are responsible for me receiving the insurance payout, Mr Hyde. It was a kind of reward for doing what I was told.

Music: Sharpened Blade

What had your brother and husband done?

What had your brother and husband done?
Well, as you know, they were both working at the hotel.
But that was a cover for helping with the secret fencing operations that went on there.
Fencing operations?
Yes, they were selling stolen jewellery!
The items to be sold were first brought into the hotel, then potential buyers would follow and, if interested, would pay for the goods in cash.
It seems that Mike and Peter were willing to do anything if it made them money.
And that included removing dead bodies and making evidence disappear.

I thought their deaths were accidents?

I thought your husband and brothers were killed in accidents?
That's what the police believed.
But of course, "they" knew differently...
Since my husband and brother had served their purpose, they were to be disposed of.
When Mike died and I received an insurance payout and married Peter...
and when Peter's business failed and he died in an accident...
All of it was orchestrated by them. That's what they told me.

New Music: Gullible Lady
Do you know how I discovered the truth about Mike and Peter?
It all started when I moved into these apartments.
As I searched the things I brought with me, I found my husband's insurance policy.
I decided to claim the money specified within and so I contacted the company.
Very soon after I'd done so, the calls started from the people in charge.
I received phone calls and letters... Even people I'd never met before began to pay me visits.
As time passed, I slowly began to piece together the truth.
It had finally dawned on me what my husband and brother were involved in.

So up until then you really had no idea what your husband and brother had been up to?
I didn't have a clue!
But I knew something was going on when Mike came home after work one day.
He had this horrible wound and his clothes were bloody...
I asked him time and again to tell me how it happened, but he refused to explain.
He looked at me with this sad face and told me he had a secret to bear.
One that I couldn't know.
He said if I didn't promise to let it remain a secret, he'd have no choice but to leave.
He never did tell me. He took that secret to his grave.
When I married Peter, he made me make him the same promise
And just like Mike, he took it to the grave.

At least, that's what I want to believe after I was told the truth.
The truth is difficult to take in, isn't it, Mr Hyde?
They told me that I had nowhere to hide. That it was my fate.
That my life literally belonged to them.
This is precisely the reason why I avoided making any friends here.
At first, I even started to believe that the reason that man Rex was here was to spy on me at their request.

Music stops
Who could possibly have the reach to do all this? Who the hell are they?

Did you say Nile?!
Yes. At least, that's the name they use when they refer to themselves.

"I see..."


Music: Resolution
So that's how it is, huh?
You were listening in on us?
Yep. Every last word.
Shocking stuff indeed.
It's almost impossible to believe that Nile have got you under their control, too.
You know about Nile?
If I didn't, you think I'd have bothered taking on your case? It's them I'm interested in, not you and your insurance policy.
Rex, enough games. What are you really after?
You could say I'm looking for the last piece of the puzzle.
Forgive me, I've been somewhat inundated with puzzles lately. You'll have to be more specific.
Well, quit interrupting and I'll tell you. It's the puzzle that he left behind and which I've been trying to solve all this time.

Who the hell is "he"?


Are you talking about George Patrice?

Are you talking about George Patrice?

Can you hear what you're saying?
Guess that's not the right answer then.
It looks like you're still struggling to piece things together.

And loop.

Are you talking about Jack Green?

Are you talking about Jack Green?
The guy you used to work with?
How do you know about him?
I've got my own sources. I also know about the piece he wrote concerning Condor and its true identity.
So I guess you've pretty much worked it all out then, huh?

(Just as I suspected.)

Music: Sharpened Blade


Show bugging device
So you were the one who discovered it, huh?
Show funeral photo
Caught on camera, huh?
Guess I was pretty sloppy back then.
Show Rex's notebook
(Before I return his notebook, I'd better see what he has to say.)

So he was murdered after all?

So Jack Green was murdered after all?
That's right. Of course, it was made to look like an accident, but he was murdered all right. So, Hyde...
Have you pieced it together? Can you guess who's behind it all yet?
Sure I can, it was...



Sure I can, it was Condor.

Can you hear what you're saying?
Guess that's not the right answer then.
It looks like you're still struggling to piece things together.

This brings us back to the questions screen.


Well give the man a round of applause. Nile has been behind Condor all along.
Make no mistake, it was Nile that got him in the end.
Jack Green was poised to expose the link between Nile and Condor. But Nile got wind of this and decided to silence him for good.
That's what you're implying, right?
That's the outcome of his actions at least, yes.

What do you mean by a disturbing truth?

What do you mean by a disturbing truth?
The crime syndicate known as Condor began operating in the LA area... Oh, must be as far back as 25, maybe 26 years ago now.
The LAPD figured that Condor was behind all the robberies that had been happening but due to a distinct lack of material evidence, was never able to pin anything on them.
They chose their targets and conducted their sales with such meticulous attention to detail
that their crimes went virtually undetected by the police department. Condor always kept itself a few steps ahead, resulting in the LAPD coming up with squat.
You understand, right? What I'm getting at here?
Sure I do. You're suggesting there was an informant working from inside the LAPD.
That's what we figured.
With nothing that would enable a case to be built against them, the robberies continued. That is, until 13 years ago when they simply dropped off the face of the earth.
By then, my friend, Jack Green, was dead, and Hotel Cape West had closed down for good.

But all that Jack had tried hard to uncover was buried and no longer news.
I tried in vain to make the media listen to me, but the results were always the same.
I wrote an article about Jack's death being the work of a criminal group, but, of course, it was branded a work of fiction and my name was mud. I'd been driven out of my profession.
But they underestimated my determination. I wasn't about to roll over and play dead.
I wasn't going to let Jack's death be for nothing.

What do you mean by the real crooks?

The real crooks?
Yeah, you didn't think Nile was operating by itself, did you? Make no mistake, if Nile continues to have the power and influence it does,
it's only because there are so many people who use Nile to further their goals,
each and every one of them connected to Nile behidn the scenes, yet hiding in plain sight, pererting the course of justice.

Music stops

Music: Gullible Lady
I haven't forgotten when you compared me to an annoying fly, you know.
But you're right. I've spent my life endlessly buzzing amongst filth. No matter how much people try to bat me away, I just won't give up.
Well, I've got news for you. That's how I've been forced to live since Jack died.
But even someone like me has values. Things that drive them to keep going.
In my case, there's one thing I've never let slip away.
Oh yeah, and what might that be?
Persistence, Hyde! I absolutely will not rest until I finally uncover the truth!
I made a promise when Jack died.

I wouldn't look away. I'd make sure the entire world learned of it.
I think it's about time you told me exactly why you've been investigating Marie, Rex.
Well, both her brother, Mike, and late husband, Peter, were involved with Condor. And they both died in similar car accidents to Jack.
There was no doubt in my mind that Marie was directly connected to Nile.
I became obsessed with finding out why they'd seemingly let her go and disappeared. I was convinced that they must have been up to something behind the scenes.
The thing that surprised me most though, Hyde...
was that somebody like you was living in this building. Jack had spent considerable time investigating your father.
According to his research, the man whose body was found in the parking lot 25 years ago

What did you say?
You think my dad was working for Condor?
Jack seemed to think so, or at least that's what he wrote in his notebook.
But like so many other things, there was no concrete proof to back up his theories.
One undeniable fact was that when your father was killed, the elusive Scarlet Star diamond that Condor had stolen went missing, vanishing without a trace.
The Scarlet Star?
Nile is resurrecting the Condor name using Marie... I'm sure there's some kind of ulterior motive behind it. I've got noghint yet, but rest assured, I'll get to the bottom of this if it kills me.

We won't be seeing each other after today.
I'll no longer be hanging around keeping tabs on you. I'll leave you with this piece of advice:
Get yourself out of this town. Do it as soon as you can.
I can't just leave!
And even if I do, do you think Nile is just going to forget about me?
Not without my help.
What do you mean?
Come on, how do you think I've stayed alive this long while looking into them?
Even an annoying fly like me has a few survival tricks up his sleeves!

Not that it protects you from Rachel. Now I'm curious (and kinda worried) as to how Rachel does her research

I'll wait for 10 minutes. If you don't show by then, I'll be gone.
This is the last I'll be seeing of your ugly mug too, Hyde.
I'll hold back the tears.
What're you gonna do now?
Like you need to ask. I'll find something to keep me occupied around here, trust me.

Always the joker! I've tried, but I just can't work you out, man.
After all, what would an annoying fly know anyway!
See you around.
Hey, Rex!
What now?
I've got something for you.

So you did have it. I thought as much.
You mean you noticed it was gone?
Of course I did! What do you take me for?
Anyway, I'm outta here.

Rex gets into the elevator and leaves the roof.

Music: Deep Distrust
Well, what are you gonna do?
I don't know, I need some time to think. You heard what he offered me though, right?
Besides, nobody knows what will happen from now. Maybe I've got a chance.
You think you're gonna be alright by yourself?
Mr Hyde...
I'll be just fine.
I'm a lot stronger than I look, you know.
And one more thing. Thanks for listening to me.
I honestly thought I'd never be able to open up to anyone. That is, until you came along.
Goodbye, Mr Hyde.

Marie gets into the elevator and leaves the roof.


*beeping sound*

It's my pager.