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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 110: Rubbing Our Achievements In

Music: Ace of Diamonds

I think the fly comparison applies better to Dylan than Rex, considering what happened last update.

No, he didn't

No, he didn't.
And you know why? Because she wasn't involved in any fraud to begin with!
Oh, okay then.
She'll get the money, just like she deserves.
I see.

Dylan finishes talking and lurches off.

Fuck you, Dylan.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Heating Up

This time, we're actually going to be able to call Rachel without a Game Over.


Time to give Rachel a call.

it's me, what's up?

Music: Serenity
Ed wants to speak to you.
Can't wait.
I'll hand you over.

Music: Ace of Diamonds

I've got some news courtesy of an old friend of mine at the LAPD.
It's about the possibility of Condor having made a return to the scene. Sources within the LAPD seem to think that this is a warning in response to mayoral candidate Hugh Speck's planned campaign against organised crime.
Yes, a blatant warning made by Nile. It's their way of saying that, if the police choose to strike against them, they've got their own counterstrike ready to be deployed.
Hang on, why would Nile use the resurrection of Condor as a retaliation against the LAPD? It doesn't add up.
An old friend of mine on the force once let slip that with regards to Nile, there's something the LAPD aren't letting on, and it concerns Condor. Whatever it is, they certainly don't want it made public.
Ed, do you think there's any way you can get more information on that?

I've been unearthing some facts of my own, too.
You have, have you?
Listen, Ed... There was a guy 13 years ago who thought he'd discovered a link between Nile and Condor. He wound up dead, but a friend of his told me my dad may have been somehow involved.
Okay, I'll see what I can do. Perhaps if I extend the net to include what Frank Raver was doing, we might get lucky.
It'd be helpful.

*Ed hangs up*

(Condor, Nile and now the LAPD... 25 years ago, the Scarlet Star disappeared at the same time my dad died.)
(What the hell is connecting all these things?)

Who's that?

Oh, it's you.

Speak of the devil.

Music: Blue Lady
I have something I'd like to ask you, Mr Hyde.
Yeah, what is it?
I just heard something from Dylan.

Not long ago, either. Was he right?

God fucking dammit Dylan!

What if we did?
I don't see that it's got anything to do with you.
I thought I made it clear when we last spoke.
You were supposed to keep your nose out of these things.
I thought we'd reached an agreement that you would no longer interfere. I distinctly remember telling you to avoid contact with the people in that picture.
Right, you did say something like that.
But I don't remember us coming to any kind of agreement over what I'd do.
Oh, you don't, do you?
Don't let your desire for truth come between me and my investigation, Mr Hyde.
Look, I'm not out to get in your way, all right?

Then what was your reason for talking to them?
Sorry to be the one to break this to you, Frank, but we've got a similar agenda. We both need to find something out before leaving this dump.
I beg your pardon!
I just happened to have a few questions I needed to ask them,
so I went and did it. Simple as that.
You had questions for them?
Would you care to tell me what you asked and why?
Listen, Frank...
You really want to know what we talked about up there?
Naturally, that's why I'm asking.
Well, as it happens, I have some questions for you first.

Us withholding information from Frank is a great turnabout from the beginning of the game.

Why is that?
That's because...
Also, I'd like to know that I've been looking into you too, Frank.
You have?
Not only you, either.
I've done some research on Kathy McGrath's murder that happened here 13 years ago. And last but not least, I've been looking into the elusive Condor.
So that's how it is.
And what, may I ask, have you found out?
Pretty much everything you know.
I seriously doubt that, Mr Hyde!
There's no way you've been able to obtain the same level of information as me.
I think it's about time you stopped exaggerating.

I doubt you know about Will and Marie's true identity

I'm aware of the fact you were a detective, and you made your way here from Manhattan.
But I was on the LAPD when the incident occurred, and I've been investigating ever since. There's no way on earth you could be more informed than I am, Mr Hyde.
That's right, you keep telling yourself that, old man.
Actually, I know quite a lot about the incident, and about your past to boot.
Then let's see just what you think you know, shall we?
Tell me what you know about me.

I know your name came up in internal investigation

I know that when you were in your 40s, you were singled out in an internal investigation.
Back in the day, you were considered quite a detective. One of the best, in fact, but with one problem: you were willing to go to any length to guarantee an arrest.
Because of this, you were taken out of the position you loved so much.
It seems you've done your research, Mr Hyde.
But I have to ask. How did you come across such detailed information?

By having the right connections

You don't need to worry about how I came across it, just that I know. Probably a good idea not to ask any more stupid questions, too.
Hmph! I'll ask whatever I please.

I know Nile's behind Condor.
The last guy who tried to expose this connection wound up in the morgue.
You've certainly done your homework.

Choosing this option earlier will move this part earlier, with the added comment that we didn't actually answer Frank's question.

How did you make so much progress in your investigation, may I ask?
Didn't I already tell you? We share a similar agenda. We both want to find something out before leaving here. You're set on finding out what happened in the incident 13 years ago,
and I'm looking into another incident that happened here a long time ago.
Really? And which incident might that be?
One that happened 25 years ago.


Do you know what happened 25 years ago?

Do you know what happened 25 years ago?
Of course I do!

That was direct.

Mr Hyde, tell me, what are you trying to discover about the incident 25 years ago?
I'm trying to find something. To be precise, I want to find the Scarlet Star that went missing from Hotel Cape West.
Did you say Scarlet Star?How the hell did you learn about the Scarlet Star, Mr Hyde?

(You know about it?)

Music: Gusty Town

Show funeral photo
I've told you already.
Don't get too close to the person in that photo.
I don't think Frank knows about Rex.
Show Mila's drawing
Stop wasting my time, Mr Hyde.
Show torn postcard
That's... Oh, that's nothing. Don't mind me.

You know about the Scarlet Star?

Frank, you know about the Scarlet Star?
Of course I do!
If I'm not mistaken, it was kept secured in the safe at Hotel Cape West.
It was well-protected there.
But by means beyond what I know, it simply disappeared.
Only the hotel manager, Michael McGrath, was likely to know what happened to it.
(Michael McGrath?)
Now, Mr Hyde, please tell me how you came to know about the Scarlet Star.

Michael McGrath's son?
He was told about it by his father, Michael, prior to his death.
He was the one that sent me after it in the first place.
So Michael McGrath is dead, am I right?
Yeah. He died of an illness three years ago. Before he died, he told his son who was responsible for the death of his wife, Kathy.
I see.
It would appear that we have a lot to discuss, Mr Hyde.
You're probably right.
I'm sorry, Mr Hyde, but I'm going to have to stop there for now.
Let's meet again later and continue this conversation.
Sure, probably for the best.
Where shall we meet?

That'd work. I'll be there.
Until then, Mr Hyde.

See, Dylan? Getting information when you have plenty to return is easy! Just don't be too insistent about it.

*Frank leaves just before the phone rings*

Lots of phone calls today, huh?