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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 111: Chasing Somebody Off

Music: Heating Up

From the other end of the line, I can hear a shaky voice.

Who's that?

Music: Ace of Diamonds

Marie, what do you want?
I'm scared, Mr Hyde.
Why? What happened?
There's somebody outside my room. They've been there for a while now.
Somebody's outside your room?
I think they're...they're keeping tabs on me. I'm so scared...
Sit tight, and whatever you do, do not leave your room! I'll be over right away.
Okay. Hurry.

*Kyle hangs up*

(Who the hell could it be?)

Music: Heating Up
The answer is just one door away, so let's go take a look at who it is.


...Of course. Of fucking course.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Hi, Mr Hyde.
What are you doing here?
Nothing much.
More maintenance, huh?
Y-yes, that's right.
Don't lie to me!
Tell me what you're really doing hanging around here!
What I'm really doing? I don't understand.
Don't play dumb with me! You were desperate to find out what happened on the roof. Then you went out of your way to speak to Frank.
And now you're loitering in front of Marie's room. What are you after?
What are you trying to imply, Mr Hyde?
You're jumping to conclusions.

Dylan looks annoyed as he moves away and heads up to the third floor.

(I don't trust him one bit.)

Neither do the people in the thread.

Knock "Who's there?" I hear Marie's voice from inside her room.

IT's me, Kyle.

"Mr Hyde?"

Open the door, we need to talk.

"Okay, just a moment."

Yeah, I caught him hanging around out here just now.
Why would he be hanging around here?
He's been curious about the chat me, you and Rex had up on the roof.
he tried to get me to spill the beans earlier.
Why would he care what we talked about?
It turns out that he knew you, even before coming here.
He did? How?
Apparently, he was called to your old place to do some repair work on the pipes.

Besides, we always used the same company to take care of any pipe trouble. I'm absolutely positive that he has never been to my old house.
Interesting... (I knew he was up to something, but this really is suspicious.)

As if Dylan needed any more reason.

Marie, I need you to show me something.
You remember the letter you received? I need to see it.
Of course.

(So I guess Rex wasn't the sender of this letter after all. That can only mean...)
Mr Hyde, are you about to suggest that the person who sent me this was...
Yeah, I think I am.
Do you mind if I keep hold of this for now?
Not really, but what do you plan to do with it?
Never you mind. Don't worry though, it won't cause you any trouble.
Marie, I'll be back. Don't let anyone into your room until I say so.
I suppose I'll just have to trust you then. *Goes back into her room*

Well, looks like it's almost time for another confrontation.

Music: Overstepped Memory


I'm sorry, but I'm kind of busy right now.
This won't take long, Dylan.
I've got something to show you.
What is it?
Not here. Inside.
Trust me, if anyone saw me showing you this, your life wouldn't be worth living.
Hmm... I suppose you'd better come in then.