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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 113: Giving Encouragement

With this room being in disarray comes new commentaries from Kyle.

Music: Hidden Proof

Books Some books that must have fallen off the shelf are scattered around on the floor.
Fallen case Some insect specimens are just lying on the floor.

Newspaper There's a newspaper lying on the desk.

Drawers There's a chest of drawers next to the bed. The bottom drawer is open.

Keys There's a bunch of keys inside the drawer.
(They must be the keys for the apartments.)
(As if Dylan needs all these keys.)

Closet The closet is open and there are clothes in a heap at the bottom.
Angel puzzle A framed jigsaw puzzle is hanging on the wall.

Zoomed-in puzzle The picture on the puzzle is of an angel.

You know, Dit's kinda eerie about how Dylan know about this painting considering what we know about him.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Anyway, that's everything new in this room. Despite the kitchen area also being messed up, Kyle won't comment on them. So it's time to... exactly that.

Knock "Who's there?" I hear Marie's voice from inside her room.

It's me, Kyle.

"Ah, Mr Hyde."

Open the door.

"Okay, just a moment."

He was also the person keeping tabs on your whereabouts.
So he is with Nile after all?
Yeah, he is.
The good news is that, after I exposed him, he left.
Really? He's gone?
Let's just say I gave the guy a little scare that sent him packing. It should be enough to keep him away until you're safely out of town, anyway.

It goes without saying that Dylan will make no more appearances in this game.

Mr Hyde...
Here's your letter back. *gives the letter back*
Mr Hyde...

Music: Deep Distrust

I see.
Please don't worry about me.
After all, I already told you, I'm stronger than I look.
You've helped me so much. After talking to you, I think I'm ready to make a run for it, no matter what lies ahead.
Thank you for everything.

As soon as I leave here, lock the door and don't let anyone in, you got that?
And when you leave tomorrow, don't tell a soul what you're doing.

*Marie nods and goes back to her room*

This is Marie's final appearance in this game. We have plenty of people exiting the stage left and right.

(4 o'clock... I'd better make my way to see Mags.)

Music: Overstepped Memory

Knock "Who is it?"

It's Kyle Hyde.

"Oh, Mr Hyde..."

You said 4 o'clock, right? Care to open the door?
I've got something really important that we need to talk about.

"I'm sorry Mr Hyde... I'm a little busy at the moment... Could we continue the chat from this morning another time?"

Are you serious?

"Now isn't a very good time, please come back later!"

(Now what?)
(Maybe I should just head back upstairs and try again later.)

Well that was a waste of our time.

The trigger for this is at the second floor stairs, which is a big "fuck you" if you're using the elevator (for some reason).

(Great, now Frank wants me.)

Music: Blue Lady
I've been looking for you.
I thought we were meeting later... What do you want?
You were in Dylan's room earlier, am I right?
He looked quite agitated when he left...
May I ask what happened in there?
He's gone. He cut his losses and left.
He left?
As it turns out, he's on Nile's payroll. Once I'd managed to get that out of him, he fled.
It's all slotting into place.
Looks like it's true about him being the person Nile sent here, then.

(You mean you suspected him?)

It seems my instinct haven't let me down after all.

Music: Gusty Town

Did you suspect Dylan?

Did you suspect Dylan?
In a manner of speaking.
Did you manage to uncover something about Dylan then?
Not directly, but I noticed how defensive he was.
So what put you onto him?
there was something strange about him. Something he just couldn't hide.

Or Kyle. Or people in the thread.

Guess he set off your detective instincts.
Yes, you could say that.
I noticed that his movements seemed deliberate, and they were done to match hers.
Yes, Mrs Patrice of course.
And when you understand what kind of woman she is, as I do...

(What kind of woman she is?)

You would appreciate that Dylan's movement are rather suspicious.
That was the motivation behind me wanting to investigate where he was frequenting.

(Where was he frequenting?)

What kind of woman do you think she is?

What kind of woman do you think Mrs Patrice is?
Of course, I had my own information about her, but after hearing yours,

Her late husband, George Patrice, was a close friend of Michael McGrath, the one-time owner of Hotel Cape West.
He also just happened to be the prime suspect in the murder of Kathy McGrath.
You told me that you were able to have a conversation with Michael's son.
I would think that he would've told you then that he had marked a certain individual
as Kathy's murderer.
And that individual was George Patrice.

So George Patrice was the number one suspect, huh?
That's what the detective in charge of the original case thought at least.
At the time of the victim's death, he was absent from the party and without an alibi. Conveniently for him though, his wife, Margaret, provided him with an alibi later on.
Do you believe he was responsible for the murder?
I must admit, I do.
I see.
Not only that.

And if Nile have been using Dylan to watch Mrs Patrice, then there's no doubt.
Let me get this straight... Earlier you said there was only one person who knew where the Scarlet Star was, and that person was the hotel manager, Michael McGrath...
Why then would you say that George Patrice knew?
I meant that McGrath was the only person working at the hotel who knew.
But when we're talking about George Patrice, Condor's ringleader... Well, I find it hard to believe he didn't know all there was to know.
There's something more I have to say about the Scarlet Star, though.

(You know more?)

Where was Dylan frequenting?

Where was Dylan frequenting?

He also tended to enter other tenants' room insisting he was merely doing maintenance.
I can't tell you how many times I spotted him leaving room 306, for example.
It goes without saying that he would enter Mrs Patrice's room as well.

And that is why you shouldn't give the full set of duplicate keys to your repairman.

What do you think he was up to?
Monitoring and information gathering, all to find clues to locate the Scarlet Star.
He was looking for it?
(So Dylan knew about it too? They let some underling know about the Scarlet Star?)