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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 114: Teaming Up

Music: Gusty Town

What else do you know?

What else do you know?
I had intended to talk about that in the café...
Come on, you've mentioned this much, I think you need to tell me everything.
You're very persuasive, Mr Hyde.
This is how I see it.
Michael McGrath was in possession of the Scarlet Star.
But when his wife was killed off, he naturally became frightened...
and hid it where nobody else would be able to find it.

Of course it's in this building. It's not like we can go anywhere else.

And I'm positive that he left some sort of means to locate it again later on.
He must've figured that, at some point, somebody would try to obtain the Scarlet Star.
He thought that someone would come looking for it?
Yes, the same people that knew the truth behind its disappearance.
But who are those people?
Condor ringleaders George Patrice and his wife, Margaret. Mike Porter and Peter Rivet, too. Naturally, Nile would have been aware, as well.
(Mike and Peter were part of Marie's family.)
The only ones to survive up until the present day are Mrs Patrice and Nile.
(Out of all the people who knew the truth behind how the Scarlet Star disappeared...only Mrs Patrice and Nile are left.)
(Hold on!)

There is?
You know exactly how it came to be missing, don't you?
If you won't come clean now, this conversation is over!
Fine, have it your way.
The reason I've been looking into the events of this building's past is to restore a certain reputation.


Whose reputation needs restoring?

Whose reputation needs restoring?
Mine of course!
25 years ago, I was part of the investigations into Condor, Mr Hyde. During this investigation, I learned something about Hotel Cape West. I found out that this was where Condor conducted their fencing of stolen jewellery. Soon after that, an internal investigation took place and I was removed from the case.

What kind of conspiracy?
It was a plot to remove the person poised to unveil the truth about Condor.
Not only did he ruin my good name, but he also deepened his allegiance with Nile.
This person, the one who orchestrated the conspiracy... Are you talking about...

Michael McGrath?

Are you talking about the hotel manager, Michael McGrath?
The manager of Hotel Cape West had nothing to do with this. If you're not going to say anything intelligent, you may as well not say anything.
Whatever, Frank!
This person, the one who orchestrated the conspiracy... Are you talking about...

Hugh Speck?

Are you talking about the mayoral candidate, Hugh Speck?
I am.
He rants incessantly about crushing crime, which got him into the world of politics.
But the truth is it's all a front. He doesn't mean a word of it!

I knew Hugh Speck is evil!

I'll tell you now, my ultimate aim is to bring him and his corruption down. If I can do that, I have no doubt my reputation will be restored.

Music: Blue Lady
Mr Hyde...
Listen to me, I must sound like some doddering old fool.
I was once just a plain and simple detective who wanted for nothing.
When I was younger, I was bad-tempered and eager to prove myself. Even though I didn't conform with the norm, I did my job and fought for justice. Then that man and his damned internal investigation stripped me of everything. And all of a sudden I was just a cog in the machine, working behind a desk.

Rex said pretty much the exact same thing.

I quit my job and vowed to uncover the truth behind what happened.
Let me get this straight. Your reason for searching for dirt on Hugh Speck is to try and
expose the link between Nile and the LAPD?
I'm positive, Mr Hyde, that the Scarlet Star lays hidden somewhere in this building.
If I can only find it, I know it will prove to be an invaluable piece of evidence. Michael McGrath definitely left some sort of clue behind before he died.
Something that will enable me to finish what I've been trying to do all these years.
So you've been trying to find some sort of clue up on the fourth floor?

There's always a chance that somebody got to it before me and moved it, though.
Moved it?
(That reminds me, didn't Dylan say something...)

Patrice especially. I'm sure she's still hiding something in her room.
Yeah, there's no mistaking it if you've watched her like I have.
Mr Hyde...
What are you thinking about?
Would I be wrong if I suspected you of knowing something? Perhaps something about the place Michael McGrath hid that clue?
Dream on. If I knew something about that, you think I'd still be gassing to you?
Then forgive me. It's just that the look you had on your face made me think so.
you must tell me if you know something!

I told you, I don't know anything.
You're lying, I know it!
Look, when I say I don't know, it means I don't know!
You can't trick me, Mr Hyde. You know something and there's no denying it!
Now tell me what it is!
Hey! Keep bawling like that and you'll draw a crowd. Is that what you want?
Why are you so agitated all of a sudden, anyway?
I'm not agitated at all.
I just needed to be sure you weren't attempting to hide anything from me.
Trying to force it out of me, huh?
Well, Mr Hyde, since we appear to have exhausted this line of conversation,
I see no need to meet in the café after all.
I assume you agree? Well then, I'll be going.

Frank moves away and heads up the stairs.

(Got to give it to the old guy, he sure wants to find that hiding place. Guess he won't give up until he's found Michael McGrath's secret.)

He's still a dick either way, though


Music stops

Mr Hyde, can you spare a moment?
What now? I thought we said all we needed to say to each other.
I wanted to apologise for how I acted just now.
I didn't intend to make you angry.

This feels like Frank made the wrong choice, and went back to make the right one because he can't move on otherwise.

In other words, there could probably be a game about Frank's investigation.

It's just like you said...
I am looking for some kind of evidence on Hugh Speck.
And that's why I need to find what Michael McGrath left behind.
I was curious to see what we could turn up if we put our minds together.
Do you have any idea where it might be hidden?
Yes, I'm sure it's in one of two places.
Either the fourth floor, in a place I haven't checked yet, or inside Mrs Patrice's room.
In Mags's room?
Yes, there's a very high likelihood that something is hidden in there.
I was hoping you might have already discovered something on one of your visits there.
But since it appears you haven't...
Come on, spit it out, what do you want to say?
If you've got something you want to say, I'd rather you just said it!
Very well, I will.

You're the only one who I can talk to candidly regarding this.
Let's say I agree. How are you proposing we go about searching her place?
My plan is to ask her to meet me in the café where I'll keep her talking for an hour or so. During which time, you can take a thorough look around her room.
And the small matter of a key?
Don't you worry about that. I'll see that she leaves the door unlocked.


You can leave that side of the operation to me.
Does Mags know you've been looking into Condor?
I doubt it, Mr Hyde. As far as I can tell, she suspects nothing.
I'm sure you're just as eager to have a closer look around her room as I am, Mr Hyde.
Am I right?
You might be.
Then it's settled!
I'll go and ask her to join me in the café. As soon as she's left her room and come with me to the café, you should go inside.
What you're looking for is...
Yeah, I know. You want me to find something left behind by Michael McGrath.
Once you're done with your search, come to the café.
We can discuss what you find after you arrive.
Yeah, got it, loud and clear.
Then we'll regroup there.

Frank nods and heads towards Mags's room.