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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 115: Spending Money

Music: Belief (or whichever music was picked in the jukebox)

It's time for this LP's first (and probably only) alternate timeline update. We're going to see what happens if we give our $1000 to different people.

In the main timeline, we ended up giving it to Tony to jumpstart his career.

You'll be fine

You'll be fine.
You think?
Sure, a professionally-made demo tape would be the normal way to get their attention...
but your music speaks for itself. Once they hear that, it won't matter.
I guess you've got a point.
Where did you make the tape you played on the radio?

I rented the space after the place closed for the night.
Then rent it again and record the demo there.
Give it your all and knock 'em dead!
Yeah, I think I'll do that, Hyde.
I think it's time I decided whether I'm a man or a mouse!
Thanks for the advice, man!

Sure thing, buddy

Music: Glass in the Hand

It's got a smooth taste with a fruity aroma and real impact. Sure, it'll get you drunk alright, but at least you'll be a sophisticated drunk. Sidney and I raise a toast and drink our fill of the exquisite brandy.

Like I said before, our second opportunity to spend our money is with Sidney.

This is certainly good stuff.
Isn't it?
It's a fine Cognac, distilled in the region of the same name. The main ingredient, grapes, are meticulously selected and kept in oak barrels.
I see.

How much does a bottle of this go for?
Close to $1000 for one.
No need to burst a blood vessel!
Although, that's a steep price now that I think about it.
Hey, Sidney...

Get another bottle of this stuff

Take this and use it to get another bottle of this stuff. *gives the check*
Isn't this the money you won in the quiz though?
Yeah, but I feel bad that we're drinking your special bottle. I'd feel better if you could get another bottle to replace it.
Don't make the mistake of assuming I opened it just for you, Mr Hyde.
I'm not interested in taking your money either.
Please, take it.

And that's just the cost of me drinking my usual!
You only opened the good stuff because it's Christmas Eve.
I wouldn't wanna think that I was drinking it for free.
You understand where I'm coming from, right?
I think I'm getting there.
Have it your way, Mr Hyde. I'll accept your money and we can say you treated me.
Think of it as my way of saying thanks for four years' worth of eating your food, and drinking all that coffee.
Ha ha ha!

You sure you wanna waste it on me?

You sure you wanna waste it on me?
It's fine, this is my way of saying thanks. You know, for you being a customer of my humble café.
It's my pleasure. There isn't a place in town that can hold a candle to the food here.
Steady on there, Mr Hyde.
A compliment's a compliment, but that's got to be an exaggeration.
I'm going to miss this place alright.
Right, I think it's about time we changed the subject, don't you think?
Let's focus on enjoying this fine beverage we have before us.

This way, we keep the check, which we can give to our third possible recipient.

Music: Deep Distrust

I see.
Please don't worry about me.
After all, I already told you, I'm stronger than I look.
You've helped me so much. After talking to you, I think I'm ready to make a run for it, no matter what lies ahead.
Thank you for everything.

Yes, we're skipping an entire chapter.

You sure you're really okay?
I appreciate your concern.
And if the truth be known...
I'm a little worried myself, but I'm sure everything will be fine.
Unfortunately, I'm not gonna be able to see you off tomorrow.
If Dylan sees us together, he might make a move. Rex as well. He might still have something up his sleeve.
I understand.
There's still a chance that something might happen before you get out of town.

*Kyle gives Marie the check*

What's this?
It's a cheque for $1000. You never know when yu might suddenly need some cash.
I can't possibly accept this, Mr Hyde.
No arguments, just take the damn thing. You're gonna need it more than me.

You may put on a brave face all the time,
but you might not be as tough a broad as you make out!
Mr Hyde...
Thank you.
I'm sure this money will come in handy.

Notice how Kyle will automatically give the money to Marie. This means that Marie is our third and final potential recipient.

She has a very good reason to need the money too, but it's one that couldn't be said without spoiling things.

Lastly, here's some reactions to the check.

No way... Is this what I think it is?
Don't tell me you won the prize draw!
I'm crushed, man. I totally thought I'd win.

Wow, Mr Hyde! What are you going to do with all that money? reaction we haven't seen. Except Frank, whom I forgot to show the check to [/i]