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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 116: Dealing with the Music Box

"Yes, I understand. Then let's go to the café."

The sound of footsteps and the two voices trail off towards the café.


(I dunno how he did it, but the door's unlocked. "Secret Mission: Rifle Through Mags's Room for Clues" is now in effect.)

Music: Creeping Shadow

This room is still as uneventful as ever.

We've cleared out this room on our numerous visit. That leaves one room left...

(Her bedroom... I'd better search here, too.)

There we go. We have a lot to go through, so let's get started.

Plant There's a pot plant over this side. Every branch has several long, thin leaves coming out of it.
Table There's a little table next to the bathtub. Convenient.
Bottles Some shampoo bottles have been left on the table.
(These look a little pricey. Only the best for Mags.)
Bathtub The bathtub is immaculate. Does she ever leave anything dirty?
Curtain There's a light pink shower curtain in front of the bath.
Toilet The toilet has a wooden cover to match the rest of the décor.
Tissue The toilet paper holder is right next to the toilet, present and correct.
Lamp There's a small lamp fixed to the wall.
Mirror The bathroom mirror is oval-shaped. Like everything else under Mags's dominion, it's practically gleaming.
Sink There's a sink on one side of the room. Well, it is a bathroom. There are cupboards underneath it as well.
(This is nothing like the rooms she rents out. I'm almost insulted.)

Bookcase A bookcase that's showing its age. Through the glass doors I can see rows of books with discoloured spines.
(I don't need to waste any more time looking at this.)

Right drawers It's a chest of drawers. In my infinite wisdom, I'd guess that it's been re-varnished.
(Either way, she's clearly been using it a long time.)
Bed This is Mags's bed. There's a pattern engraved on the headboard.
(Doesn't look like I'll ever have any reason to own a big bed like this.)
Blanket Mags's quilt cover is bright red.
Right pillow There are three pillows on the bed.
Middle pillow There are three pillows on the bed. The pillowcases smell brand new. Or maybe Mags just washed them?
Left pillow There are three pillows on the bed. The pillows are springy and soft to the touch. Must have been pricey.
Left drawers There's a chest of drawers next to the bed. I'll take a look inside.

Cloths It's a neatly-folded pile of washcloths with a check pattern on them.
(Definitely worth investigating.)
Gloves A pair of leather gloves with an understated hue.
Lamp There's a lamp on the chest of drawers next to the bed.

Still plenty more to go!

Flower There's a ceramic vase on the table. Some of the flowers are pink and some are yellow. I think they're tulips.
Table There's a small semicircular table pressed up against the wall. Not a mark on it.

Phone It's a black telephone.
Ink There's an inkwell on the desk. I'd say about half the ink has been used up.
Pen A quill pen in a stand. Very traditional.
Notepad It's a fancy notepad. I can't see anything written on it.
Lamp There's a lamp on the desk. It's been left on.
(I wonder what Mags was doing here?)
Table In this corner of the room is a wooden desk with a drawer.
Chair There's a slightly uncomfortable wooden chair in front of the desk.
Paper Something's on the floor under the table.
What's this? Looks like a piece of paper. It's got something written on it alright, but the lower part's missing.

"We know everything. Leave this apartment and its secrets immediately. Nile doesn't forget and still bears a grudge against the wife of George Patrice..."

(This is part of a threatening letter.)
(That reminds me, Mags said something when she received that package...)

I thought it was somebody's idea of a joke at first and tore it up.
But when I saw the lack of a sender on that package just now,
the contents of this letter came back to me in a flash.
(This must be the missing piece of the letter she showed me from before. So the sender was Nile...)

Mirror The dresser includes a three-part mirror. Just in case you want to look at yourself from every angle.
Dresser Her dresser looks like one that a refined lady might use.

Brown box A make-up box covered in slightly cracked leather. Looks like it's empty.
Accessories A necklace, a mirror and various other small accessories are lying about in a jumble.
Items Nail polish and lipstick are just some of the thrilling items found in this box.
(Mags sure has a lot of make-up.)
Chair There's a soft chair in front of the dresser.
(The pattern on the fabric is the same as on the sofa and armchair in the living room.)
Closet This closet is pretty big. Mags must have a lot of clothes.

Clothes Women's clothes. I don't think I'll be trying them on.
Brown bag At the back I can see a big overnight bag.
Red bag There's a red handbag at the bottom of the closet.
(It looks like it's seen a few wars.)
White cover There's something covered in a white cloth stuffed into a corner of the closet.
(What the hell's that? Maybe I should open it up and take a look.)

Music box There's a nice-looking, ornamental wooden box inside.

(Hmm. I wonder what's inside this thing.)

New Music: Promise (music box)

Wait... There's something stuck in the drum... Looks like...a key? What's a key doing in here?

Welcome to this game's hardest. First thing you should do is click that music link; this is the only time the music plays.

As Kyle said, we're dealing with a music box. Our objective is to get the key from the music box. So how do we do that?

FoolyCharged posted:

Given the history of folding the screen to make stuff happen and the slit above the key, I'm going to go with that

Well, it moves the horizontal rod and stops the music, but nothing meaningful. Let's see what else is suggested.

Truthkeeper posted:

Clearly you need to break the music box to retrieve the key, which you do by breaking the DS in half.

...Yeah, no thanks. I kinda prefer not having to abort this LP due to "hardware difficulties"

The music box doesn't loop, so we're kicked out after the music ends. We can just go back into the music box and try again, though.

What the hell am I supposed to do? Think, Hyde!

That "R" text above the comb looks suspicious. And there's an "R" button on the DS right next to the text. What happens if we push it?

Here we go... I think I can move the key if I push this thing...

Well, obviously we push the button when the cylinder's hole is right on the key, right?

The drum's keeping it in there...

Welp. Let's try that again.

Gah! I can't get that key out with the drum in the way! I need to find a way to stop the drum moving...

Even that doesn't work. Kyle's so pissed off that he forgot a word. So what should we do?

At least we have good music to keep us company.

Why, combining the two, of course! The tricky part is to realize that you have to actually press the "R" button (or "L" if the game is configured as left-handed).

Well, there's also the part where you need to hold the button before, during, and after closing the DS. Including while actually grabbing the key itself.

The Gamefaqs guide says that you have to open the DS only a little to grab the key, otherwise the cylinder will continue spinning. That's not true; the DS can't even know how much the lid is opened. It does make a lot of people confused as to whether this is possible on an emulator/2DS, though.

Got it!

(Hmm? The key has a Condor mark on it.)

I take the Condor key.

(Well, despite what Frank seems to think, I can't find anything from Michael here.)
(All I've got to show for my search is part of a letter and a key with a Condor mark. Maybe the key will lead to some sort of clue...)
(Almost time to meet Frank. I'd better make tracks before Mags comes back.)