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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 117: Teaming Up Again

What a great timing, huh?

Music: Blue Lady
Mr Hyde...
I apologise for before.
Don't worry about it.
Maybe we can chat again sometime later?
As long as that's okay with you.
No problem.
Okay, good.
Now, I must be going.

Mags goes back inside her room.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Now to share our findings with Frank...

Music: A Drink in the Evening

Ah, Mr Hyde.

Music: Blue Lady
How did it go?
I managed to have a pretty good look around while you kept her busy.
Problem is, I didn't find anything left behind by Michael in there.
I see.
It wasn't a total waste of time, though. I found this.
What have you got?
It's a key with a Condor mark on it.
A key? With a Condor mark?
Give it here, Mr Hyde!
And you should avoid trying to go any further in this investigation.

I thought we've teamed up!

Why should I stop? And who gave you the right to order me around?
I beg your pardon?
Sorry to disappoint you, but I've got plenty of things I still want to investigate.
I have a feeling that key's gonna open more than simply a door.
If I'm lucky, it might even reveal some of the secrets around here.
Are you trying to say you intend to return to the fourth floor to search?
Damn right!
Then I'll tell you again...
Stop your investigation.
There's no need to waste your time up there. I've searched it thoroughly enough.
Just because you haven't managed to find anything, doesn't mean I won't. I've got a feeling I'm gonna get lucky up there.
Now you listen to me!

I'll be on my way.
Hold it, Frank!
What is it?
What did you and Mags talk about here?

Personally I'm more concerned with how Frank manage to keep Mags' door unlocked.

It was nothing important, we just took the opportunity to do a spot of complaining.
Did Dylan come up during the conversation at all?
It seems she was already aware of him leaving,
but she's got no idea that he's with Nile.
I see.
Anyway, I must be going. *leaves*
(Frank gets all hot under the collar whenever the subject of the fourth floor comes up.)

*Door opens*

Music: Shadowy Men

Didn't think you and old man Raver would be the sort to sit down together for drinks.
Yeah, well, we had things to discuss.
Hey, you're not trying to keep secrets from me now, are you?
And why would I wanna do that?
No reason, I guess.

Nice deflection.

Anyway, I need to tell you something, Hyde.
Tell me what?
It's about Betty.

You don't say!
She told me that she thinks I've changed. For the better, too.
And she wants to stick with me from now on.
Sounds like you're on to a winner there. Good job!


What I'm trying to say is that I owe it all to you, man.
To me? What the hell did I do?
If you hadn't been around, I would've been stuck drowning my sorrows, going nowhere.
And then how would I have gotten with Betty?
I owe you one, man, seriously.
Tony, I...
Before you say anything...
I want to find a way to show my gratitude.

Easy, Tony.
You don't want to start making promises you can't keep now, do you?
Give me a chance here, man! We don't have much time left in this old place, you know. I really don't wanna leave without having the chance to pay you back.
If you think of some way I can help out, just give me a shout.
Okay, okay, I'll think about it.

I had a feeling you'd ask that.
Do you really need me to answer? There's no way I'm gonna turn from rags to riches overnight, you know!
What if I told you I knew a way to make big bucks in next to no time?
I'd say you'd better tell me what you have in mind.
So you're interested?

The way Kyle phrases this reminds me of Tony's scam back in the beginning of the game.

Just tell me what the deal is, first.
You gotta promise me you're not going to spread this around, though. The truth is, there's a precious jewel hidden somewhere on the fourth floor.
A jewel? On the fourth floor? You are talking about this place, right?
Sure I am. It's known as the Scarlet Star and it went missing 25 years ago. I only heard about it by chance,
but what I heard seems to suggest it's hidden right here, in this apartment building.
Say no more, man! I'm in!

Got it in one, TOny.
Far out.
I think it's fair to warn you though, this could get a little dangerous.
So tell me, are you still down with it?
Down like a clown, man!
you think I'd pass up the chance to get in on action like this?
Just tell me what you need doing. Say the word and I'll get started.

And thus Tony's status as Louie's successor is cemented.

So what're we gonna do first?
That's a good question...

Got it, by the fire door on the fourth floor.
We better be careful not to go there together. If we're spotted...
You think people'll guess we're up to something?
Yeah, the people round here get jumpy real quick.

Half of them have already moved out, though.

Understood. I'll get going then. See you up there, Hyde!
Sure, I'll be up later.

Tony leaves the café.

Sidney and Claire are here, but...

Music: Glass in the Hand
Hi there, Mr Hyde!
Can I get you anything?
Not just now.
Suit yourself.

Can I help you with anything, Mr Hyde?
No, not right now.

...none of them has anything interesting to say.

Music: A Drink in the Evening
Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Sorrowful Nightfall

Music: Shadowy Men
I got the fire door open, but we've got a new problem.
There aren't any lights on in there. It's pitch black.
(Of course... Mags said that the power was gonna be switched off.)
The next problem is, even if we find a light, we don't have any keys.
Yeah, I already thought about that.
The only people who have access to the keys are Mags and Dylan.
So...if we ask Dylan, maybe he'll help us, right?
What, you wanna ask Dylan to try and get the keys from Mags?
Nah, that'd take forever...

I think he got himself a set just for the fourth floor.
Are you sure about that?
Yeah, I'm positive!
I know because he's opened the place up for me before.
Then it's settled. I'll get those keys.
Tony, you need to go and get a flashlight.
I'm pretty sure I saw a couple downstairs in the storage room.
Leave it to me!
And good luck getting those keys!
Okay, here goes nothing!

Tony rushes off and heads downstairs.

(Right, now to find those fourth floor keys.)

I'd do an audience challenge here, but I think we all know where we can find those keys.