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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 118: Exploring the Fourth Floor

Music: Hidden Proof

Keys There's a bunch of keys inside the drawer.

(This looks like what Tony was telling me about.)

Well that was easy.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Sorrowful Nightfall

Music: Shadowy Men
What took you so long?
So, how did it go?
Without a hitch, that's how!
And you? Did you get the keys?
Knew you would, man.
Here you go.

I take the flashlight from Tony.

Now I think it's about time we searched the fourth floor.
Ready when you are!

Music: Creeping Shadow

Welcome to the fourth floor's dark mode. There's actually supposed to be a flashlight for the bottom screen too, but DesMuMe causes it to darken things up instead.

Use fourth floor keys on knob I take out the fourth floor keys and unlock room 401.

We have to unlock each door manually. I'll be skipping the rest since I'm sure everyone know how the process of unlocking doors work.

The malfunctioning flashlight makes navigating awful, so let me just change to melonDS...

There we go! Much better. Now strap in, because there's plenty to examine this update. If you don't care about these, just skip until you see Tony.

Dresser The dresser looks ancient. I guess that figures in this place. The mirror is clouded over with years of dust and dirt.
Stool The stool for the dresser is looking kind of faded. Looks like it's been repaired a few times.

Mirror It's a mirror, but it doesn't reflect much through all the grime. Finally, I don't have to look at my ugly mug anymore.
Sink This wash basin certainly seems more hotel-like than the ones in the apartments. Shame it's so covered in dust.
(I think I prefer the plain and simple kind in my room, though.)

Sofa It's a two-seater sofa.
Left curtains The curtains smell damp and mouldy. I won't investigate how they look up close.
Right curtains The curtains are closed, and they're gonna stay that way because I'm not touching them.
Table It's a wooden coffee table covered up with a big white cloth.

Can't examine the frames for whatever reason.

Curtains These curtains have seen better days.
Bed There's a huge bed on this side of the room. The mattress could really do with being turned.

Rectangular table A rectangular table has been left in the corner at a strange angle. The legs are scratched and splintered.
Circular table A round wooden table. Like all the other crap in here, it's covered in dust.
Left chair Some chairs with plush seats have been left lying around. I'd rather not go too near this one. The back is covered in something nasty.
Right chair An old chair with a plush seat. It must have been sitting here for 13 years.

On to the next room! The game really nails the atmosphere here, what with the lights being turned off and the creepy music. It's much more apparent when actually playing it, though.

Dresser The dresser's covered in a big sheet. Even the sheet is dirty and stained.
Stool The stool is covered in a sheet, just like the dresser.
Left candelabra There are some candlestick holders on the wall.
Right candelabra There are some candlestick holders on the wall. There's a pool of hardened wax at the bottom of each candle.

Closet There's an old-looking closet in the corner of the room. There's nothing inside.

Curtains Eurth, the curtains are mouldy. How much work would it really be to throw them out?
Bed There's a large bed roughly in the middle of the room.
(No doubt a leftover from the hotel days.)
Drawers It's a small bedside chest of drawers. I can't open it.
(I think something's stuck inside it.)

Table It's a table covered in a slightly dirty sheet.

There's more rooms and more descriptions of abandoned furnitures to go!

Dresser It's a dresser covered in a really dusty sheet. I won't try and take the sheet off. The dust would go in my face.
Stool The stool is all covered up.

Mirror There's a mirror above the wash basin, as is the trend in this building. I can see something strange under all the dust. Wait, that's my face.
Sink In the battle between dust and sink, I think the dust is winning.

Bathtub I write my name in the dust on the inside of the bathtub.
Faucet Another bath, another set of taps.
(These ones are pretty damn rusty.)
Toilet The less said about the toilet the better.
Tissue holder This room is all out of toilet paper. Can't even see any extra lying around. But I can live with that.

Closet Another faded old closet for me to marvel at. The doors on the left don't quite seem to be nailed in properly. They won't open.

Right chairThis chair is dirtier in some places than others...not that any of it is clean.
Middle chair There's a wooden chair. The leather covering seems to be quite worn and has become tattered.
Left chairs Two chairs are stacked on top of each other. A spider has made a web between them.
Right table Over in the corner is a table covered in a dirty sheet.
Left table A table underneath a sheet. The sheet has a few stains.
(The surface feels pretty rough.)
(I don't think time has been kind to it.)

Table It's a coffee table. What does it look like under the sheet? I'll probably never know.
Lamp At least this lamp isn't covered in a sheet.
Sofa I think that's a sofa under the sheet. The sheet is dusty and stained. I guess they didn't intend anyone to see it...

Next up is...nothing, really. We've explored the remaining 3 rooms at various points, so let's progress the story.

This room was where Dylan found the Condor mark on the wall and uses it as an excuse for how he knows about Condor.

Get a load of this safe!
A safe, huh?
Got any idea what's inside?
Only one way to find out. Guess we need to take a look.

Music: Shadowy Men
About this safe...
We'd better try and get it open.

Music: Creeping Shadow

Safe There's a safe with a dial up against the wall.

Looks like it's been here for quite a while.

Of course, the safe won't open that easily.

It's no good, this thing's not gonna open. I think we're gonna need some sort of tool.
Maybe a crowbar will do the trick.
You stay here, I'll go and grab one.
Make it quick.
Do you need a light?
Nah, man, I've got another flashlight.
Be back soon.

(Am I really gonna find the Scarlet Star up here on the fourth floor?)
(Okay... Probably time I had a think about things so far.)