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Part 119: Chapter 9 Quiz

Music: Clearing the Mist

While my head was full of the things Will McGrath told me last night, I was visited by somebody in the morning. It was...

No, that's not who it was. Ed definitely didn't come to visit me in my room.
I did get a call about him checking out of hospital early, though.
Mrs Patrice
No, that's not who it was. She was the second person I met. I met somebody else before her.

Ed never bothered visiting us


Dylan was the one who paid me a visit first thing in the morning. He was itching to find out what Will and I had spoken about.

They interviewed the store owner, who described a woman that appeared on the scene. The description reminded me of Marie, so I went and had it out with her. She fled to the roof and eventually confessed to me about...

The details of Jack Green's article
No, that's not it. Rachel told me about Jack Green's article.
Tony's song being recorded
No, that's not it. Tony himself told me about his song being recorded when we were at Lucky's Café.

Her brother and husband working for Condor

Right. She told me about her brother and husband once working for Condor. She went on to say that Nile had forced her to play the part of the mysterious woman.
I also had the opportunity to talk to Rex, who came to the roof as well. He let me in on the fact that he plans to expose Nile to the world.

I learned that it was none other than Dylan who had been threatening her. We had a chat and he admitted to working for Nile. His job in the apartment was...

To look into Marie's insurance
No, that's not it. Dylan wasn't at all interested in Marie's insurance.
To perform maintenance
No, that's not it. He was only using the maintenance thing as a cover.

Then why did Dylan causes us a Game Over when we lied to him about Marie's insurance?

To watch Mags and find cues about the Scarlet Star

Right. Dylan was placed in this building to keep an eye on Mags. While he did so, he was trying to uncover clues about the Scarlet Star.
When I exposed him for what he was, he quickly fled from the building.

He told me about Nile and the connection it had with the LAPD. He also let slip that his goal was to expose Hugh Speck and regain his reputation. Lastly, he told me that the one who knew the location of the Scarlet Star was...

Kathy McGrath
No, that's not who it was. Frank didn't say it was Kathy.
George Patrice
No, that's not who it was. Frank didn't say it was George.

Michael McGrath

He told me that Michael knew the whereabouts of the Scarlet Star. He also said that he was sure that Michael had left behind some sort of clue.
Thanks to Frank, I now know more about the Scarlet Star. I also learned that Nile was the organisation behind Condor, and that Mags was connected to it all.

I was keen on finding this so-called clue that Michael had left behind and with Frank's help luring Mags away, I was able to search her room. Unfortunately, my search proved fruitless and I never found what I was looking for. Instead, I found...

A hat and sunglasses
No, that's not it. I found the hat and sunglasses in Marie's room.
The fourth floor keys
No, that's not it. I found the fourth floor keys in Dylan's room.

A shame "the trickiest puzzle in the game" isn't an answer

A key with a Condor mark

Right. I found a key which had a Condor mark on it.

Music: Mulling It Over

Tony and I then made our way to the fourth floor to take a look around. There's little doubt left in my mind that there are clues to be found here. But will it reveal the clues that Michael left behind? And where is the Scarlet Star hidden? Will I find something to shed light on the truth behind the incident with my dad? With any luck, everything'll become clear once I find what I'm looking for. But as I think about it, I notice an uneasy feeling creeping into my mind.

Music stops

*Spraying sounds, followed by something falling over*

That can't be good