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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 12: Defusing a Conflict

Music: Gusty Town

I forgot about this before, but Marie is basically .

Why are you so convinced it was him?

Why are you so convinced it was him?
Simple. He was the only person around when it went missing. He stole it right out of my room.
How can you be sure?
He must've taken it this morning when I went to the vending machine in the lobby. I planned on going straight back to my room, so I left the door unlocked.
Is that all you've got to go on?
Not quite. I passed him on the stairs on my way down.

I think he seized that opportunity to snoop around in my room,
And snatch my ring while I was away!

I really don't want to defend Tony, but that's a very flimsy evidence.

So that's why you think it was him.
Seriously, that's the only reason you think it was him?
It's got to be. I'm sure of it.
After all, he was the only person around and when he went past my room,
And saw the door was unlocked, he...
He what?
Well, it's no secret that he's short of cash.
And I'm sure he's no stranger to taking other people's stuff either.

So, getting too close to the truth, am I?
Don't play the innocent with me!
I've seen you borrowing money from other people in the building.
I don't have to listen to this crap!
Take it easy, Tony!

Kyle's learning what it feels like to be Rachel.

Waving your fists around ain't gonna help your case.
Yeah yeah, I know, man.
Mr Hyde, I don't know why he's decided to involve you in this,
But all I want is for him to return my ring.

(What kind of ring is it?)

When exactly did your ring go missing?
I'd say about an hour ago.

This was unusual, but I headed inside and soon noticed my ring was gone.
It wasn't in the place I remember leaving it.

(Where did you leave it?)

I knew what had happened immediately. He stole it!

What kind of ring was stolen?

What kind of ring was stolen?
A diamond one.
It was a three-carat diamond ring with rubies on it.

So you left a diamond ring in an unlocked room without any other precautions?

Sounds like it came with quite a price tag.
It's a very important ring to me.
I got it as a present from someone special.

Where did you leave the ring?

Where did you leave the ring?

Inside my room, of course!
Though I don't see why I should share that sort of information with you.

So I don't call you an idiot for not keeping it in a safe or anything?

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Do you see now, Mr Hyde?
Do you understand why I think he stole my ring?
It's not that I don't understand what you're saying, Marie...but Tony's telling me a different story. He swears he didn't take it.
You tell her, Hyde!
That's what I've been saying from the start. What would I want with the stupid ring anyway?

Sell it to pay your rent?

How can you be sure it wasn't taken by someone who snuck into the building?
After all, anyone can just wander in here. There are some weird people about.
Like last night, when I saw this suspicious lady in sunglasses going out the door. Who the hell was that?
You saw her too, right, Hyde?
Yeah, I saw her.

It goes without saying that there are suspicious people around, but if you ask me, you're the most suspicious one of the lot!
Will you just drop it already?
Hey, get your hands off me!

Music: Dancing Cat
Can you people please keep the noise down? What's all this shouting in aid of, anyway?

Oh hi, Betty! Took you long enough to finally get disturbed by all the commotion outside.

You gotta hear me out. It's Marie, she's saying all kinds of crap about me.
Yeah, she thinks you've stolen her ring, right?

Betty, somehow I don't think either of them cares about that.

I'm being set up! What would I want with her lousy ring?

About the ring that you say was stolen from you.
It's that diamond one you always wear, right?
Yes, that's right.
So you've seen this ring before, Betty?

Don't know if the diamond's a real one or not, though.
Of course it's real!

That makes you not locking the door or putting the ring inside a safe or something more idiotic.

I hate to say it...

Betty supports Tony. Yay...? I could've make a Phoenix Wright joke, but Tony doesn't deserve it.

So it's settled! You do believe me after all!
Slow down there, I never said that.
I just think that your version of events is more believable than hers.
What did you say?
Marie, this isn't the first time this kinda thing has happened, is it?
I don't know what you mean.
Come on, think back. It was when you first moved into the building. You were ranting about some of your stuff going missing then too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you blame the whole thing on Billy from 205?
In the end, though, it turned out that the moving company just messed up.

What I'm trying to say is... Before you go blaming Tony, why don't you try searching your apartment again?

I can't hear myself think with all the shouting right outside my door.

After having her say, Betty retreats into her room.


Music: Ace of Diamonds
I'm not saying I believe Betty, but...anyone can make a mistake, you know.
And just what are you implying, Mr Hyde?

I ain't dealing with this shit with you two idiots. Just call the cops.

Why don't we call the cops?

Why don't we call the cops?
The police?
Hyde, what're you saying?
I don't think we need to involve the police.

Something we agree on at last.

And THIS is what you two agreed on.

(Seems they both have a problem with calling in the cops.)
So what's the plan?
Okay, okay.
Maybe we could take a look around my room one more time. But if I'm right and the ring doesn't show up, what are we going to do then?
I dunno, maybe you could take a look round Tony's room. You don't have a problem with that, do you, Tony?
Guess I don't.

But I have one condition, Mr Hyde.
You have to check my room.
Yes. You and Mr Wolf seem to be friends and you think he's innocent, so...

Yeah. Friends

You need to be the one to check the room before you take me seriously.
Then wel'l see who's telling the truth.
If you insist.
I'll wait for you in my room.

Marie finishes speaking and returns to room 206.

And what does Tony has to say?

Music: Shadowy Men
Hey, Hyde!
Get with it, man! Go check out Marie's room!

Fuck you Tony . I'm on Marie's side here: I think Tony stole it