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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 120: Cutting

No chapter intro for this one.

It keeps beeping as I slowly regain my focus. By the time I'm fully conscious, the beeping's stopped, but not the pounding in my head. I find myself lying on the floor for some reason... My body feels like a lead weight, and my limbs are like rubber. No strength... My head's throbbing and my throat's hurting, too. As my eyelids slowly open, I'm treated to a scene of utter darkness, punctuated by a single point of light.

Music: Creeping Shadow

pain in my eyes and I force them shut once more. Tears seep out from beneath my closed eyelids.

Can't come up with a better answer, so I try and think back to the moment it happened... Whatever that stuff was, it certainly did what the sprayer wanted.

I try to stand, but then realise I'm unable... My hands and feet have been bound.

As I try to endure the pain from my eyes and my head, I attempt to lift my eyelids. I manage to focus on a dimly-lit room. I regain my sight and manage to get myself into a sitting position. I look around.

Music: Deep Distrust (This replaces all map and examination music from now on)

With Kyle's hands and feet tied, all he can do is hobble around very slowly.

This is even tougher than I thought it'd be.
Still, if I take it slowly, I think I can get a little mobility.

We can't examine anything that's not covered by the light, so our range is very limited.

There's a vase on top of an unsteady-looking table.

Hmm... I think I managed to shake the vase a little...

Let's ram into it again!

I slam into the table using my body.

Just a little more...!

Third time's the charm!

Got it!

Shards The shards of the broken vase are littering the floor.

Right, now to put one of these shards to good use.

I stretch one of my fingers out from beneath the rope and snag myself a shard.

I sever the ropes binding me with the shard.

Good to have the use of my hands back.

Good. Hobbling around on my ass for the rest of the night wouldn't be my idea of fun.
(Now I just need to find the joker who thinks they can get away with this.)
(I'm worried about Tony, too. First things first though, I need to get out of this room.)

Knob Looks like there's something on the other side jamming the door shut.

Of course things wouldn't be that easy.

Crap! I'm trapped in here.
What the hell am I gonna do now?

And that's where you guys come in with this Audience Challenge

We're stuck in this room, so we have to get out using the items here. We examined this room before in this update.

Obviously, there's one big difference.

Broken vase The shards of the broken vase are littering the floor.

Shards The floor is covered in pieces of the vase that was on the table.

These shards aren't how we're going to bust through the doors, though. Spoilers, I guess.

In the meantime, let's look at the descriptions. Let's start with our new items.

Music: Sobering Dream

Next up we have the updated character descriptions. A lot have changed since we last took a look at them.

I think we last took a look at these right before we got into Will's room.

I just noticed that the characters are smiling after we finished with their confrontation.

I forgot when George's description updates. It's probably after our talk with Frank.