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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 121: Unlocking

Music: Deep Distrust

Well, we're going to have to break the door. Let's see what we can use.

DariusLikewise posted:

The loose pipe behind the toilet seems like a pretty obvious way... to do something

Sounds like a good idea.

Pipe This pipe is damaged, and some of the screws look like they could fall out at any second.

Hmm. Maybe I can use this pipe. Looks hefty enough to bust the door open.

Right, now we're in business!

Knob Looks like there's something on the other side jamming the door shut.
Guess there's nothing for it but to bust the door open.
Knock Why am I even knocking? That spray must be messing with my head...

Use toilet pipe on door

Time to try this pipe out on that door.

This will take some time.

This GIF is sped up 4 times. Yeah.

Banging either end of the door won't work; we have to bang on the middle of it. Even if there's a hole in it. I don't know how you'd hit a hole, but

Looks like it did the trick.

It does, but is there a much easier way to do this?

Break Some beat-up old chairs that are a little lacking in the stability department.

Hmm. Maybe I can use this chair. I'm sure I can put it to good use busting that door open.

Right, that door'd better say its prayers!

Use chair on door

Time to try this chair out on that door.

Whoops. Let's try that again.

That's better. We have to slide the stylus quickly for this to work.

In fact, the chair can go through the door in one go if we slide it quickly enough.

Either way works, and we're sticking with the pipe route for novel purposes.

Time to get out of here.

I stretch my hands through the hole and unbind the rope holding the door shut.

*Kyle gets out*


Down by my feet is the debris from the broken door.

Something's lying on the floor beside the number plate for room 406. It's a piece of the door with the word "Manager" written on it.

(So, room 406 belonged to the manager, huh?)
(This is getting interesting...)

Let's stop by the fire door real quick and hope it isn't closed...

Oh, and I guess we need to find Tony too. He has a crowbar, so he should be fine, right?

(Huh? That's...)




Ohh... Hyde... Is that you?
Hang in there! Don't rub your eyes!
Ri-right... But my throat and my eyes feel like they're on fire... And my head... Argh!
Who did this to you?
Wish I could tell you, man. I was going pasat the elevator and all of a sudden something sprayed into my face. Knocked me out cold. I didn't even feel it when I hit the floor.
You were hit with sleep spray. Just blink a lot.
I don't believe this!

At least you didn't get tied up and locked

I think it's law enforcement-grade stuff. You're lucky you've been out for most of it.
Just grin and bear it. You're not dying, you know.
A little more compassion would go a long way, man!
Yeah, well, it wasn't just you that got taken down. They got me too. Same routine with the sleep spray and everything.
What? They got you too?
What the hell is this?
Just after you left, they sprayed me, knocking me unconscious.
I was tied up and locked in room 406.
No way...
I've only just got myself free and smashed my way out.

Can it Tony, I wasn't on the SWAT Team or anything... How are you feeling now?
Can't complain... It's a lot better than just now, that's for sure.

Music: Shadowy Men
Yeah, I think I'm over the worst of it now.
Good to hear.
But who the hell would wanna do this to us anyway?
My guess is somebody who didn't want us closing in on the Scarlet Star.
Doesn't exactly tell us much.
Yeah, true.
Looks like I'm gonna be needing your help with one more thing then, Tony.
Sure, no sweat. We've got to get our heads straight and get back in the game here!
I wanna know who it is as much as you do! Let's go get 'em!
That's the spirit!
Right, I've just remembered...

Same as when you left. We need to get back there for another look.

Would you say that the safe is perfectly safe?

No time like the present. Let's book it!
If anyone tries anything again, let's see them try and sleep spray my crowbar!
Where is that thing, anyway?
It's over there on the floor.
So thats' your little friend, huh?

The attacker didn't grab Tony's crowbar?

Right, let's get this thing done!

Music: Deep Distrust

This is as far as we could go to the fire door without Tony stopping us, and it looks open to me.

Whoever assaulted them did a very half-assed job

What the hell, man! You really did a number on that door!
It was nothing special.
Ah ha ha ha! Oh man!
What? What's so strange?
Nothing. I just think it's very you, that's all.
What's very me? What I did to the door was nothing compared to you when you're drunk?

Some things don't change, huh? That's harsh, man.
Right, let's do this!

Going inside...

Time to get that safe open, Hyde.

Let's get this safe open already!

Safe There's a safe with a dial against the wall.
(This looks like it's seen better days. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to get this open using that crowbar of Tony's.)

Use crowbar on safe

Right, let's get busy with this crowbar.

Push the bar on three, okay?

Got it!
Nice one, Hyde!
Come on, let's see what's inside.

Simple enough, but there's some dialogue for messing this up.

Pushing the bar too early or too late
C'mon, man!
We're pushing on three! Not one, and not sixty-two!
Not doing anything at all
C'mon, man!
Don't just stand there, push!
Pushing the wrong direction
C'mon, man!
Push the other way! Why would you be trying to break the side?

Anyway, with the door broken, we can finally loot this safe

Safe There's an old safe next to the wall. The door has broken off.


So, did we find anything?
Hold your horses, I'm still checking.
The suspense is killing me, man.
There's a small, square case inside.
A case?
Better take a look inside it.
This is it! Let's get that thing open and take a look at all that...