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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 122: Michael McGrath

Music: Deep Distrust

What the hell have we wasted all our time for, then?!
The damn thing's empty.
That can't be right!
Well I'm not making this up, you know.
So where the hell is the Scarlet Star?
Beats me.
Talk about disappointing! Aw, man... After all that!
Yeah, tell me about it.
Hey, wait a minute... Take a look at the door.
What about it?

Yeah, that's almost unusually thick.
I thought we'd be rolling in it by now.
(Hang on...)

Door The door we prised off of the safe is lying on the floor.

Opening The door's thick and inner portion is covered in rust.

There's some sort of opening on the inside of the door... Could it be...
What is it?
It looks like this thing comes apart.
You're right!

I swear, if the inside is also empty...

I place the crowbar into the opening and prise it open.

That'll do.

That's not the Scarlet Star, but it's better than nothing, I guess.


This looks like...
What did you find?
Tony... There's some kind of book hidden in the gap in the door.
What? A book?
Nothing shiny and expensive-looking then?
Unfortunately not, but at least we have something... And we've got you to thank for it.
what does the book say?
It looks like a diary from the manager of Hotel Cape West.
The manager's diary?
Yeah. It belonged to Michael McGrath, the manager of the hotel... The man who knew the whereabouts of the Scarlet Star.
Maybe we can still find it!

So come on, what's in it?

"Written on December 17, 1967, after Kathy's funeral. Kathy, I still can't believe you're gone.

Music: Distant Memory

Guilt because I know the truth, Kathy. I know why you were killed, and it's all because of what happened on that fateful night 12 years ago. If I hadn't shot the safecracker who snuck into my office... If I hadn't taken the Scarlet Star from his dead fingers, then maybe you'd still be alive.

If only I hadn't shot the man who'd crept into the office to break into the safe... If I'd not taken the Scarlet Star from his hands and kept it for myself... Perhaps then, none of this would have happened.

Then I had Mike and Peter take it to a downtown parking lot and dump it there. The blood-stained room was then converted into a guest room, and it was made off-limits from then on. Rarely a day goes by when I don't think about what happened that night. When I closed the hotel, my plan was to sever my ties with Condor as well... George said, 'The only way to escape Condor is to completely disappear. Of course you're well within your right to do so, but remember this: I can overlook certain things while we're friends, but not when we're strangers.' But George knew... He knew about the provisions I'd made in order to start my new life, and he knew what had become of the Scarlet Star. I expected some sort of retribution... But Kathy... I never imagined it would result in your life being taken.

And George, who took your life, even had the audacity to come to your funeral.

I have no intention of handing the Scarlet Star over to George. And absolutely no intention of forgiving him for what he has done either. You can rest easy Kathy. You will be avenged. I promise."

Music stops

(There's no mistaking it... It was my dad! It all happened 25 years ago in this very room... My dad snuck in and stole the Scarlet Star, only to be killed by Michael McGrath... He was killed in this very room... Dad...)

"Hey! Are you listening, Hyde?"

Music: Shadowy Men
Snap out of it, man!
Does it say where the Scarlet Star is, or not?
No... No, it doesn't.
So we've got nothing.

This book pretty much just explained 3 unsolved murder cases, so it's definitely not nothing.

What now, Hyde?
Right now, we need to get out of this room.
Yeah, that's a good idea.

Tony and I leave room 406.

Music stops

What is it?
My foot hurts. I must've fallen on it funny. Still hurts now. My head's killing me too. What the hell was in that spray?
You might as well go back to your room, Tony.
But what about the diamond?!
You need to rest.
I'll be sure to come and get you when I need you.
Well okay man, if you're sure.

Tony makes his way back through the hallway.

Good thing whoever sprayed them didn't close the fire door!

*Beeping sounds*

It's my pager.

Music: Deep Distrust
Remember that the pager was what woke Kyle up after being sprayed. We've kept Rachel waiting for too long.


Time to give Rachel a call.

Rachel, it's me.

Music: Serenity
Is everything okay, Kyle? I've been trying to reach you for ages.
Yeah, I got caught up in something.
It's fine now, don't worry about it.
Well, okay, if you're sure.
What did you want me for, anyway?
I'll pass you over to Ed.

Music: Ace of Diamonds

He was heading up a Condor investigation 25 years ago, but was taken off the case.
I already got that out of him. Seems he blames Hugh Speck for having him taken out of the action. He's been roaming around in this building looking for proof to link Speck and Nile.
He has, has he?
Also, I found Michael McGrath's diary fro m13 years ago on the fourth floor. In it, he says he shot a certain safecracker in this building 25 years ago in 1955.
There's more... The person who killed Kathy McGrath 13 years ago was the husband of the current owner, none other than George Patrice.
That's some pretty big reveals you've made there, Hyde.
It certainly answers a few questions, but it seems I got a bit sloppy, too. Just a little while ago, I was rendered unconscious and tied up.
What the hell happened?
I was investigating the fourth floor and somebody sprayed me with sleep spray.
That's pretty serious. Seems you managed to get yourself out of it, though.
Yeah, just about. My head's still killing me, though. Seems there's somebody in this place who doesn't want the fourth floor investigated.
You got any ideas who could've done this to you?

What's your next move?
Let's just say that person and I are gonna have a little talk.
Watch your back, Hyde!
Sure. *hangs up*
(Okay, time to go and get some answers.)

Kyle might know who the attacker is, but he sure won't tell us. Therefore, it's up to you guys to figure this out.

I'm going to say this right now: The only possible suspects are Frank and Mags. Can't blame Sidney or Claire, sadly.