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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 123: Accusing

The thread has spoken, and so we're going to corner Frank about this.


Hey, Frank, have you got a moment? We need to talk.
You haven't been poking around on the fourth floor again, have you?
Actually, that's what I need to talk to you about.
Fair enough. You'd better come in.

*They both enter Frank's room*

(So this is Frank's room...)

Music: Deep Distrust

We can try examining things in this room, but...

Mr Hyde.
What do you think gives you the right to enter another man's room and misbehave?

Says someone who snuck into Tony's room (and blamed us in another timeline)!

Music: Resolution

After we last spoke, Tony and I headed up to the fourth floor.
Why did you involve him in any of this?
Let's just say I wanted to play it safe.
Why? What were you afraid would happen?
I just figured that there might be people who'd try and stop me from investigating.
Cut to the chase, Mr Hyde, who are you referring to?
You, Frank.

Listen, Frank...

I know it was you that did it

I know it was you that did it.
And what are you suggesting I've done?
Come on, you don't fool me!
You know exactly what you did!
I can assure you, I haven't the foggiest idea what you're saying!
Every time I mention looking around the fourth floor, you get all worked up. If you're so innocent, why were you ordering me to stop my investigation?

That much I'll tell you for free.

Music: Gusty Town

Show Condor key or Michael's diary
Mr Hyde, is that...
Show crowbar
Are you threatening me?

Why are you appalled?

What have you got to be appalled about?
For a start, the fact that you would let Tony into the investigation.
You couldn't choose a more incompetent cretin to work with.
I can only suggest that, if you must persist, you do it alone.

And who I chose to involve is up to me and nobody else!
I see you're unwilling to heed my advice.
While we're on the subject, why don't you want me up there in the first place?
Because, Mr Hyde...
I don't want you to disturb the place I spent so much of my time meticulously searching.

What have you yet to uncover?

So there's things you're still looking for up there?
There are, and I'd rather you not get to them before I do.
And that would be Michael McGrath's diary, I suppose.

And you never think to check out the safe?

Getting my hands on evidence which would allow me to expose Hugh Speck is my top priority. 25 years ago, I learned that Hotel Cape West was where Condor made their sales.
I decided to embark on a rather reckless investigation to unveil this.
A reckless investigation?
I realised that, if I was to fully expose them, I would need to use unconventional means.
And so...
You were removed from the case 25 years ago by Hugh Speck, and it ruined your name. That's what you told me, right?
I need to know exactly what kind of investigation you conducted.
Sounds to me like you brought this on yourself.
Now tell me what you did!
Come on, spit it out.
I'm beginning to think that the real reason you were taken off the case

How dare you!
It was Hugh Speck that took away my good name!
Then why so defensive all of a sudden?
Maybe, Frank, there's more up there on the fourth floor than you're letting on,
and you've been using this whole "expose Hugh Speck" thing as a cover. So, am I right? Is there something more up there?
Wh-what are you talking about?
I know it was you, Frank.
You got me and Tony real good.
There's no sense in hiding it.

What are you saying, Mr Hyde? How do you come up with these fantasies?
You didn't want me to find Michael McGrath's diary. Why? Because it contains things you didn't want me to see!
Why would I have any reason to hide what was written in there from you?
Please, spare me your pathetic conjecture!
It's no use feigning ignorance, Frank. The game's up.
It's not me that needs to change their attitude, Mr Hyde, it's you!
I don't know what went on up there,
but you really should stop issuing baseless accusations!
Baseless, are they?
Stop playing dumb!
Now, you listen! I cannot comment on something I know nothing about!

I'm sure I can find some! Right here, in this very room.
Is that so?
I can assure you, you'll find nothing of the sort!
You're lying, it's here... Somewhere...

Not exactly filling us with confidence here...

Well, since you're showing no signs of giving up your futile ideas...
Go ahead.
Search this room all you like, but mark my words, you'll find nothing here.
Just watch me!

Are you quite done?
Not even close!
Then please get on with it and stop dithering!

We're getting to it! Sheesh...

Music: Deep Distrust

Right cupboard The shelves in here have a few plates, cups, saucers and so on. There are a lot of gaps. I guess Frank doesn't have all that much crockery.
Bottom cupboard Underneath there are some cupboards and drawers. They're literally covered in dust.
Left cupboard There's a cupboard with a lock on it in the corner.
Exhaust There's no dirt or grease anywhere on the extractor.
(The kitchen area looks like he's barely even touched it.)
Stove The stove looks pretty clean.
Upper right shelf There are some built-in cupboards on the wall.
upper left shelf There are cupboards above the sink. I can see a few greasy marks on the door.
Kitchen sink The sink looks pretty clean at least.
Lower right shelf Nothing exciting in the drawers. The front of one drawer is falling off, however.
Lower left shelf I won't spend too long looking at these cupboards.
Fridge The refrigerator only has one door. I guess the freezer must be inside.
Trash can Nothing in the trash can.
(Good thing too. I don't typically enjoy rooting around in trash cans.)
Wash sink Next to the refrigerator there's a built-in wash basin.
Sink shelf The shelf under the mirror is completely empty.
Mirror As you'd expect, there's a mirror above the sink.

First row The top shelf is full of dictionaries.
Second row All the books on this shelf are related to philosophy.
(Every single one is by a well-known philosopher.)
Third row These are all history books.
Fourth row An entire shelf of detective novels. Can't see any by Martin Summer, though.
Bookcase This bookcase is packed to the rafters.
(He sure has a lot of books.)
Box There's a large cardboard box on the floor. It's taped shut, so I can't see what's inside.
Board There's a chalkboard on the wall. I'll take a closer look.

Zoomed-in board The board is covered in photographs.
(These photos... There are pictures of Marie and some people connected to her, and of Mags too. Also, pictures of the apartment building from back when it was a hotel.)
(Frank must have put this together to help him keep track of his investigation.)

No red strings, 0/10, would not conspire again.

Papers All kinds of notes and photos have been stuck up on the wall.
(They all seem to relate to the murder that happened 13 years ago.)
Bed The bed has been neatly made.
Pillow A white pillow. The classic colour. It looks pretty new.
Books A couple of novels are sitting on the bed. There's a bookmark poking out of each.
Drawers There's a chest of drawers next to the bed.
(I'm sure I can live without digging around inside it.)
Phone This phone's a few decades behind the times.

The photo is of a slightly younger Frank and his family.
(They look picture perfect.)
Lamp If I've seen this type of lamp once, I've seen it a hundred times.
Blind There's a blind over the window. It's half-closed.

Lamp There's an adjustable desk lamp in the corner of the desk.
Table Nothing too noteworthy about the desk. It definitely bears the signs of heavy use, though.
Window The blind is pulled down over the entire window.
Left books These files are full of newspaper clippings stored in various scrapbooks.
(The dates go back 13 years. This doesn't prove it was him that attacked us, though.)
Right books A series of criminology books are lined up on the desk.
Upper shelf These shelves are home to some pretty hefty files.
Lower shelf There are some cupboards underneath the bookshelves. However, the doors are locked.
Right box The box over that side is taped shut.
Left box This box has files in it.

Files Everything in these files is part of an investigation into the murder.
(It looks like Frank gathered all this information on his own.)
Shirt A neatly-folded white shirt. Seems like an odd place for it.
Book It's a hardback book.

Rope There's some rope inside the box.

(Rope, huh? It looks just like the kind used to tie me up.)

It's not the spray, but close enough.

Music: Resolution

What is it?
Just look at what I've found here. This should prove it was you that attacked us up on the fourth floor.
Oh really?
Try explaining this!

Music: Sharpened Blade

Show rope

This rope!
What about this rope?
Whoever sprayed us up there used rope to tie me up afterwards.
And this rope looks a lot like the stuff that I was tied up with.
So that makes you the perpetrator.

Maybe to you.

Where are you hiding the sleep spray?

Where are you hiding the sleep spray?

You're clearly clutching at straws.
You keep telling yourself that. I know you're guilty!

And loop. Apparently this is the wrong choice, even though we didn't actually check some boxes and cupboards.

Why do you have rope lying around?

Why do you have rope lying around?
Does the fact we're moving soon not mean anything to you?
And what's that supposed to mean?
Must I explain everything to you...
Last week, Mrs Patrice gave out rope to all the tenants living here.
She thought it would help us all during the move.
Therefore, you'd be likely to find exactly the same kind of rope in every tenant's room.
Ah... Good answer.

Music: Resolution
It seems you were unaware of this fact, Mr Hyde.
Well, I was away on business lawt week.
Then I suppose it can't be helped that you knew nothing about it.
Still, you should know better than to start accusing people without checking the facts.
If you want to find the real criminal, try acting like a proper detective for once.
What do you mean?
it's hardly rocket science.

Now, I've had enough of your company. Please leave!

I leave Frank's apartment.

(Time to get searching.)
(Looks like room 406 deserves some more of my time.)

Music: Deep Distrust
Going back to room 406...

Looks like it's time for another...

Music stops

*Spraying sounds*

*Kyle falls*

Music: Dream's End

WELP. Guess this fills the mandatory "Kyle dies" Game over!

At least this one actually bothered to have a unique Game Over screen.

Dylan: 9
Tony: 7
Mags: 6
Frank: 4
Charles: 3
Betty: 2
Sidney: 2
Marie: 2
Rex: 1
Will: 1
Punch: 7

I think we all know who to blame for this one.