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Part 124: Knocking

Apparently, Frank is the wrong answer.

Knock "Who is it?" I hear Mags's voice from inside her room.

Music: Resolution
It's Kyle Hyde.

"Oh! Mr Hyde..."

Why so surprised?

"I'm not...surprised..."

If you say so. Now open the door. I got something I need to talk to you about.

"Now's not really a good time. I don't want to see anyone at the moment."

Don't want to see anyone?
What's wrong? Was it something I said?

"Please don't misunderstand, Mr Hyde."

I know what you did. All of it.
Now open this damn door!

"No, I won't! I have no intention of letting you into my room ever again. I've also made certain discoveries... I know you snuck in here and stole the key, for example."


"Of all the things to take. And to think, you of all people took it. I must have been a fool to ever think I could trust you!"

Mrs Patrice...

"Just go, will you!"


Music: Blue Lady
What are you doing here?
I just came to see Mags.
So you spoke to her, yes?
Not exactly. She wouldn't let me in. She told me she knew I'd been inside her room.
How so?
She called me not long ago to talk about you.

(She talked about me?)

I think she may be under the assumption you're in league with Nile.
And she may be basing these assumptions on the fact that you took the Condor key.
She said that only a person who knew the significance of the key would take it.

(The significance?)

Music: Gusty Town

Why did she want to talk to you about me?

Frank. Why did Mags wanna talk to you about me?
Perhaps because she knows I used to be a detective.
She clearly trusts me.

Does Mags not know that Kyle also used to be a detective? Did Dylan actually somehow NOT blab it already?

That's not what I asked.
Why was it me she wanted to talk about?
I thought I made that clear a moment ago. She believes that you are working for Nile as you stole the key.
But it doesn't make sense.
How did she come to know that I took the thing in the first place?

She did saw you right as she exit the café.

Are you absolutely sure you didn't drop me in it when you spoke to her?

You watch your tongue!
I told her nothing of the sort!

What's the key's significance?

What's the key's significance?
How should I know?
After all, you know far more about that damned key than I do.
And you've been spending more time up on the fourth floor than anyone.
Didn't you find anything that looked like this key could be used up there?
Not yet, I'm still only halfway through my investigation.
I didn't get a chance to finish because I was attacked.
You were what?!
Yeah, I let my guard down for a second.
they hit me with sleep spray, tied me up and locked the door.
I got myself out, but I never caught a glimpse of the attacker's face.
Who would attempt something like that?
My guess is it's somebody who got jittery at the thought of me being on the fourth floor.
And they're willing to do just about anything to keep their secrets hidden.
Mr Hyde, you don't think it could be...
Right! There's only one person it could be!

Why didn't I realise it sooner?

Music: Deep Distrust
Oh dear...
What is it?
I may have made a terrible mistake, Mr Hyde.
A mistake? About what?
When you told me that it was Michael McGrath's son of all people that sent you the order
to go searching for the Scarlet Star...
That's when I chose to hint that Michael McGrath kept his secrets hidden somewhere,
like in a diary. I thought this was a chance to utilise your expertise in assisting me in finding evidence to expose Hugh Speck and his corruption.
However, this may have caused Mrs Patrice to question her trust in you.

Do I detect...guilt? Will Frank turn out to be not that big of an asshole?

Come on, Frank...
Don't flatter yourself.
You think I was just doing what I was told?
I wanted to look around the building and that's exactly what I did.
The reason I did it was to uncover the truth of 25 years ago. Simple as that.
The truth of 25 years ago?
Do you mean to tell me that you're not looking for the Scarlet Star?
Oh, I'll find it alright.
But only because it'll be instrumental in uncovering the truth I'm looking for.
What are you so keen on finding out about 25 years ago, Mr Hyde?

Music stops
You got something to say?
It's nothing...
Yeah, well your face is telling me a different story!
If you've got something to say, now would be the time to say it!
I'm feeling a little tired, Mr Hyde. I think I'll head back to my room now.
Not so fast, Frank.
Are you implying I'm running away?
If you're keen on hearing more about 25 years ago, feel free to join me in my room.

Frank finishes speaking and heads upstairs.

(His face went whiter than a mime's when I mentioned my dad.)
(So, Frank's gonna tell me about what happened 25 years ago, is he? Wonder what he knows...)

Music: Deep Distrust

Here we are again. Let's hope things will go better this time.


Well, here I am. Now talk.
Of course.
Please come in.

*Kyle gets in*

(So this is where Frank holes himself up.)

Music: Blue Lady
Can I offer you a drink?
Save it for a real guest, I'm just here to hear what you have to say.
Well I intend to have a drink, so please, just join me.

Frank heads in the direction of the kitchen.

Hmm. Well, in that case,

sorry to have kept you waiting.

That smells pretty good.
Now that I think about it...
you're the only person who's been in here and had a coffee with me.
What about your family?
My wife passed away ten years ago after a lengthy battle against illness.
I have two children, but we haven't met in years.
How do they feel about you trying to restore your name with the LAPD?
About trying to find clues to expose Hugh Speck for the last 25 years?

Why not?
No sense in keeping the problem to yourself. I'm sure they'd support you.
After all, when Hugh Speck had you removed from your post,
they had to support you then. Don't you think they have a right to know?
Don't you dare try to tell me about how to treat my family!
No offence, but if I had a dad like you, I don't think I could stand it.
Just my two cents, though.
You clearly don't understand at all, Mr Hyde.

There's more to it than that.

Music stops
25 years ago during the Condor case, my name wasn't the only thing lost...
The mess that Hugh Speck caused also resulted in someone's death.
The same man you've been looking into-the safecracker.
So, Mr Hyde, would you care to tell me how you came to know about that man? Who told you about him?
Who told you? Tell me!

Dylan Fitchar? Does he even know Chris Hyde exists?

Dylan Fitchar.

I didn't mean to bold that text!

I doubt that oaf knows his left hand from his right.
Do you take me for some senile old fool?

Music: Lonely Goodbye
Mr Hyde...
For someone so keen to know the truth, you don't seem very sincere.
As I see it, there's little point in continuing to talk to you.
Please leave.
Come on, you can't just leave me hanging so close to the truth like this!
Guess I should've tried a lot harder than I did.

Music: Dream's End

Dylan: 9
Tony: 7
Mags: 6
Frank: 5
Charles: 3
Betty: 2
Sidney: 2
Marie: 2
Rex: 1
Will: 1
Punch: 7

That was stupid.