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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 126: George Patrice

Knock "Who is it?" I hear Mags's voice from inside her room.

We need to talk, Mrs Patrice.

"Mr Hyde... I'm on the phone with Mr Raver at this moment. What do you need to talk to me about?"

About Michael McGrath and the diary he left behind.

"I see. Very well."

Frank does an amazing job.

Music: Deep Distrust

Music: Resolution

Yes, what is it?
I never thought you could do something so underhanded.
I could say the same to you, Mr Hyde.

I thought you'd have realised by now, I'm not working for Nile!
Then explain to me why you were poking around the fourth floor and why you took my key!
How'd you even know I'd taken it?
Because I cannot think of anyone else who would have done so, that's why!
You have to admit, you've been asking me very probing questions of late...
Also, you seem to have taken to roaming about this building instead of going to work.
Dylan was also kind enough to warn me about you.
He told me I should be extra vigilant when you're around.

Did you find that amusing?
I never thought you'd be so dumb as to trust anything that comes out of his mouth!
Guess you didn't know, huh?
Dylan's been watching you on behalf of his employer, Nile!
Excuse me?!
And not just you either... He was also watching another tenant whose relatives worked for Condor.
A relative of people working for Condor? I had no idea there was someone like that living here! Who is it?
Well, if you haven't got any interest in rocking the boat with Condor,
it's probably better if you remain in the dark about who they are.

That's a very good point.
There's still something I don't understand...
Yeah, and what might that be?
You, Mr Hyde.
I still have no idea about you.
Exactly how do you figure in all this?
Me? Well, I...
25 years ago, a safecracker was killed here in the manager's office. He was my fater.
I beg your pardon?!

25 years ago, he had to go our on one last job before going straight. Three days later, his body was picked up in a downtown parking lot.
And the case remains unsolved.
He got caught up in a police investigation to uncover Condor's secret fencing operation at Hotel Cape West. And it was there that he was killed. I only found all this out after you gave everyone the eviction notice.
And how, exactly, did you come to know all this?
I got my information from a person connected to Condor, who lives in this building.
They told me that my dad came in here to steal the Scarlet Star.
But he was killed and the gem simply disappeared.
The Scarlet Star...
After I'd found that out, I made my decision. I would expose everything about this building's hidden past.
So that's the reason you came in here and searched around, I suppose?
Why'd you buy a building that was marked by Condor?
And then why'd you suddenly decide to sell up?
These are things I need answers for.
Tell me everything you know.
Just how much do you know about Condor?
I've got no interest in talking about such things.

Listen, Mrs Patrice, you can't just ignore this. I'm gonna get an answer from you.
Why are you so afraid to explain things to me?

Is it because your husband was Condor's ringleader?

Is it because your husband was Condor's ringleader?
Yes, that's precisely the reason! After he injured his hands he couldn't play the saxophone anymore... He changed.
He got his first job from them courtesy of a customer who came to the restaurant.
After it went well, he began to realise that he was in too deep to turn back.
Before too long, he was the ringleader of the criminal organisation known as Condor.
He eventually roped an old friend, the hotel manager, Michael, into his work too.

Who killed Kathy McGrath 13 years ago?

Even if you're not gonna talk, you're definitely gonna listen. The person who murdered Kathy McGrath was...

George Patrice!

It was George Patrice!
I'm afraid that's right. It was George who killed her.
But why did he do it?
He told me why.

Music: Sharpened Blade

How did they manage to sell it secretly?

How did Michael and George manage to sell the jewellery secretly?
George didn't keep the stolen goods to himself, but entrusted them to Michael. Michael stored them in the safe inside the manager's office.
Once a buyer had been found, George would get in touch with Michael and cash would be exchanged for the jewellery when the buyer came to the hotel.
George would then take receipt of the cash immediately and receive his cut.
So the purpose of the parties held at the hotel was...

To steal jewellery from the guests

To find people to buy the jewellery