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Part 13: Looking For a Ring

Music: Overstepped Memory

Let's talk to Betty again for a bit. Just to avoid dealing with this a little longer.


Music: Dancing Cat
You got a problem?

Betty goes back inside her room.


Music: Overstepped Memory


"The door's open."


(So this is Marie's room.)

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Please come in, Mr Hyde.
Search as much as you like, but I doubt you'll find anything.
Don't be so sure, I can be pretty thorough.
Before I get started, though, I'm curious about something. Can you tell me where you left the ring this morning?
Certainly. I put it on the table just in front of my sofa. I remember clearly putting it there. It's not there now, though.
(Remember clearly, huh?)
Do you normally wear the ring, Marie?
But I do take it off and place it on my bedside table before going to bed.
Any other times you take it off?
Well, yes. When I wash my face or if I'm cleaning dishes in the kitchen, for example.
Also, I usually take it off when I'm putting on my make-up.

You don't take it off while taking a bath?

I see.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Mr Hyde, I'd be grateful if you could get your check over and done with.
Take it easy, these things take time.

Alright, let's get to searching.

Music: Hidden Proof

Left Cabinet Nothing but shoes in here.
Lamp There's a small lamp on top of the shoe cabinet.
Painting An oil painting of some pink flowers in a vase. It goes well with the décor.
Phone There's a white telephone on top of this cabinet. It looks way more modern than mine.

It's of a younger Marie and a guy who seems to have an oddly calm aura about him.
(Is this the guy who gave her that ring?)
Right cabinet A wooden cabinet with three drawers. It's not the first I've seen and it won't be the last.

First aid kit It's a first aid kit. Hopefully I won't end up needing this.
If you end up needing this, it would've lead to a Game Over anyway.
Tape There's a tape measure in the drawer. Handy for measuring, no doubt.
Pins There are a few safety pins in the drawer. Ow! Evidently not that safe.
Notebook A nylon-covered notebook and a black ballpoint pen.

Bookcase There's a bookcase in this corner. It bears the telltale signs of a long life of heavy abuse.
Top books A variety of leather-bound books make up the contents of the top shelf.
Bottom books The books on the bottom shelf are all written by the same author. He must be good.

The photograph is a portrait of a handsome young man.
(Who could it be?)
Table The sunlight is streaming onto the coffee table.
Paper There's a sketch of the room on the table.
(It must be something to remember this room by after she moves.)
Cup There's a cup on the table.
(There's coffee in the cup, but it's getting pretty cold. It must have been a while since she poured it.)
Bottom box There's a box of cookies on the table. I wouldn't refuse one if she offered.
Top box There's a box of cookies on the table. They look pretty tempting too.
Sofa The sofa's soft to the touch, but if you sit on it you just sink down onto the wood.
Cushions There are three cushions on the sofa. They feel like they're made of linen. They have stripes on them, like a wallpaper. Can't say I'm a stripes sort of guy.
Window Through the window I can see the building on the other side of the road.
Curtains The curtains are made of silk and held in place with tiebacks. That Marie's a classy dame.
Dress Marie must have left this dress and sewing box here.

Part of dress It's a white one-piece dress. It looks like it's only half-finished.
Sewing box The sewing box is made of wood. There's an elaborate floral pattern engraved on it.
Thread There's some thin pink thread in the sewing box.

Left lamp A lamp on a chest of drawers. Nothing more.
Left drawer Like nearly all the furniture in the building, this chest of drawers is showing its age.
Bed The bed's not only made, it's practically hospital-worthy.
Pillows Two pillows. They look strokably soft.
Window A room with a view... A cruddy alleyway vies, but a view nontheless.
Curtain The curtains are a cheerful colour. I'm cheered up already.
Right drawer Everything in the drawers is folded and laid out neatly.
Right lamp The bulb on this lamp's burned pretty good. Guess someone got lots of use out of it.

TV The TV is spotless, but it's not actually plugged in. Priorities I guess.
Painting There's a painting of a lake on the wall. Looks like a watercolour.
Left photo On the chest of drawers is a photograph of a young woman.
Right photo This photograph is of a young gentleman flashing a charming smile.
Drawer This chest of drawers looks like it's undergone some repair work.
Mirror Marie keeps her mirror clean and shiny.
Bottles Various make-up bottles are sat in front of the mirror.
(She sure has a lot of different kinds of make-up.)
Dresser It's a dresser with a huge mirror on it. Someone likes looking at herself.
Stool This stool opens up and has a space to store things.

Hanger There's a hanger on the side of the closet. Nothing on it, though.
Closet I think I'll have a poke around in the closet.

3 top boxes Several boxes of women's shoes are cluttering up the closet.
Left box These shoes look pricey. How many pairs of shoes does a dame need, anyway?
Right box A shoebox with a blue lid.
(Can't see a price tag, but I bet these shoes were expensive.)

Mr Hyde, I'd rather you didn't go snooping around in my bathroom!
I never even take my ring in there!
Just checking out all the possibilities. Don't get the wrong idea.

So she did take the ring off when taking a bath. Why didn't she just say that earlier?

Right chair This chair looks brand new.
Table There's a white linen tablecloth on the dining table. It kind of looks like a cake.
Newspaper The newspaper on the table has yesterday's date on it.

December 18. Serial Robberies at Jewelers! Due to recent spate of robberies targeting expensive jewelry, the Los Angeles Police Department has requested that all parties who may be a target tighten their security. The LAPD is aiming to apprehend these criminals as soon as possible, but according to a source in the department, they currently have no leads to work from.
Looks like a piece on jewel thieves.
Pot and cup There's a matching coffee pot and coffee cup on the table.
(The pot is stone cold. It must have been a while since she heated up the water.)
Left chair It's a chair. Feels pretty soft.
(The cover's looking a bit worn though. I bet she only sits on this one.)

Mirror Hey, it's my face. Good to know I'm not a vampire.
Sink shelf There's a cup on the shelf with a toothbrush resting in it.
Wash sink There's a built-in wash basin next to the refrigerator.
Fridge The refrigerator's making an awful racket.
Top left shelf The cupboard doors don't quite fit properly.
Top right shelf One of the handles looks like it's about to fall off.
Kitchen sink The sink is spotless.
(Free of any and all debris, including rings.)
Bottom left shelf The cupboard doors are kind of busted up.
Bottom right shelf Everything in the drawers is neatly organised. Not a spoon out of place.
Exhaust The same extractor as in my room. Just as clean, though for different reasons I'm sure.
Stove Nothing stands out about the stove, except how clean it is.
(Free of all kinds of debris, including what I'm looking for. I'm really not sure I need to be inspecting Marie's cooking equipment so closely.)
Left cupboard There's a wooden cupboard in the corner with a lock on it, same as my room.
Right cupboard All the crockery is in neat little piles.
Bottom cupboard The doors ain't in great condition, but they're clean as can be.

Huh. We looked everywhere, and no ring. Looks like Marie was right after all.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Mr Hyde.
Have you finished yet?

Looks like it's not here after all.

Looks like it's not here after all.
So we're done with this big waste-of-time search?
Guess we are.
Then I think it's about time you left. And don't forget, I want to take a look around Tony's room like you promised.

*They both go out of the room*

(Looks like I couldn't unearth the location of the ring. I'd better go and break the news to Tony.)

Alright, Tony. Time to fess up!

Music: Shadowy Men
Hey, Hyde, how'd it go? You found the ring, right?
Not exactly.
What? You didn't find it?
I looked, but nothing.
There are a lot of places a ring could be in there, you know.
Yeah, I wasn't exactly sitting there twiddling my thumbs, Tony.
You think this is a joke?
I trusted you, man. Thought if anyone could clear my name it'd be you!
Looks like I'm the fool for trusting you. Get outta my way, I'm gonna check myself!
Tony, wait!

*Tony enters the room*


Marie's screaming voice shrills from inside her room.

Tony, what have you done?

Music: Joke's On You
Mr Hyde!
He just flew inside and started taking the place apart!
Can't you do something?
Yeah, about that...

Music stops

Can't find a little tiny ring, huh, Hyde? Well what do you think this is?
It's my ring!
Looks like you had it all wrong, lady.
It's about time I started hearing some serious apologies.
Slow down, Tony...
You can zip it for a start.
I thought you'd be able to convince her I had nothing to do with this!
Remind me never to put my faith in you again.

Music: Dream's End
Come on...
This is beginning to look pretty bad. Can't believe Tony managed to find the ring.

Yeah, I'm pretty much done.
Hard to believe I called myself a detective. I can't even find a damn ring.
Guess I really screwed that up...

Tony: 2

FUCK. YOU. TONY I was VERY sure you're the one who stole it when I played this the first time.

This is what I thought happened:
1. Tony stole Marie's ring when he saw that the door's unlocked.
2. He gets blamed by Marie.
3. He asks Kyle to help him by punching him if he doesn't.
4. He waits for Kyle to finish searching Marie's room.
5. After he hears the news, he heads on to Marie's room to ransack it.
6. After Marie panics and goes outside, Tony takes out the ring from his person.
7. Tony goes out of the room and pretends that he found the ring inside the room.

Alas, that's not what actually happened. The ring can actually be found in Marie's room, I just didn't examine it. Which brings us to the Audience Participation

The challenge is: Can you find Marie's ring? It can barely be seen somewhere in the pictures I showed while examining Marie's room. Hint: It's not on any pictures with the map.

And for those of you who finished that challenge, here's an extra one (it's not optional): Can you figure out how we're going to get the ring using the tools from Marie's room?