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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

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Part 131: Leaving

*Phone rings*

I reach out from beneath the covers of my bed and make a move to grab the receiver.

"Morning, Kyle."


Music: Ace of Diamonds

He told me everything. Seems you've been keeping things from me.
He what?! It's not like that, I wasn't keeping anything from you.
Then why didn't you just tell me yourself? I mean, Ed going to hospital is pretty serious and all!
Oh, right, that...
What else would it be? Is there something else you're not telling me?
No, of course not. (I don't feel it's the right time to let Mom know about the truth behind Dad's death. I guess I can't put it off forever, though.)
Ed told me something nice too, though...

What's that supposed to mean?
Relax. It's just his way of paying you a compliment. Besides, I was really happy to hear him say it.
Listen, Mom...
You remember the chat we had a couple of days ago? The one about why you and Dad were together?
Yes, I remember.
Well, I've been doing some thinking since then about Dad. If I can put his crimes into the past, I'd like to come and visit you. Maybe then you could tell me some more about him.
I'd be happy to, Kyle.

Music: Heating Up

splash some water on my face...

Time to give Rachel a call.

Music: Serenity
It's me.
Morning, handsome.
I'm done with that order.
You mean you found the item?
Yeah, that and the truth from 25 years ago.
Should I pass you over to Ed?
No need, I'll probably come into the office later, anyway. Best give Ed a heads-up first, though.
Will do!
So, guess I'll see you then.
I'll be waiting, Kyle.

Music stops

(Before I do anything else, I'd better fill Frank in on what happened yesterday.)

I head to room 302.

Mr Hyde!
Hi, Frank.

Music: Blue Lady
What did you find out in the end? Did you manage to uncover anything significant?
Yeah, you could say that.
That's why I'm here, actually.
Please, tell me what you know.
I gained access to the hidden chamber Condor used for their secret sales.
A hidden chamber?
That's what I said. Seems there's been a secret room here ever since the place was a hotel.
Wasn't easy to find though. The only way to get in was via a secret hatch in the elevator.
I'm stunned!
So you actually entered this chamber?
Damn right I did! And not just that. I found some pretty interesting things there.
They should be just what you've been looking for...
Here. *gives the Condor ledger*
Mr Hyde, could this be...
It's a ledger containing all the details of the jewel sales that Condor made.
I believe this pretty much covers what you've been trying to find, am I right? *gives the photo and badge*
And these?
What you have there is a picture showing Hugh Speck together with Condor, and an LAPD police badge.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this should provide you with enough evidence to nail Speck.
Mr Hyde...

What's wrong?
I'm sorry, please understand how emotional this is for me.
I've hoped for this day for such a long time now.
It's been quite a wait.
Mr Hyde...
Thanks to your efforts, I now have all the proof I need to take that man down.

Well, Frank will first have to prove George or Michael's connection to Condor first, so it's not going to be that easy.

The rest, you can safely leave to me.
Break a leg.
Just one thing though, Frank.
What is it?
Once you've blown the whistle on Speck, what'll you do next?
Where are you gonna go after this?
What? Worried that this old man might have nowhere to go?
Please, don't trouble yourself with such worries.
I've got no wish to throw myself into the care of my children.
In fact, after Hugh Speck's wrongdoing has been exposed to the world,

A colleague of mine from the force has a farm there.
He's been telling me for years to come down and visit. It's about time I took him up on it.

I was half expecting Frank to become a salesman. He's definitely going to be good at it.

Sounds like you're all set. Let's make a deal then. I give you the proof you've been after, and you promise to send me some of the potatoes you're gonna grow down there.
Deal! I'll be sure to send some your way.

Now, I must be going.

Frank returns to his room.

(That ties that one up. Now, I'd better think about visiting an estate agency before heading to the office.)

New Music: Violet Sky (Last Window)

The best music makes a comeback! I prefer the original, but this remix is nice too. It does lost to Promise or Belief, though.

Knock Frank's door again

What's wrong?
When are you moving out, Frank?
I plan to leave on the 30th.
Care for a drink sometime before then? I'd like to pick your brains about some old stories.
I think I could manage it.
Let me know when you have the time.
I'll do that.

Frank goes back inside his room.

It's now time to go visit everyone and see how they're doing.

...Which is less impactful than last game seeing how half of the characters are already gone.


When are you leaving this place, Charles?
I'll be going on the 29th.
I see.
Do you have any plans to go back to France?
Not yet!
I want to stay here in LA and study some more. I'm going to try and convince my grandfather to let me stay for one more year.
You think you can get him on board?
Well, if I can...
I intend to work and pay my own tuition fees.
No more allowances from him!
Sounds like a plan.
Doesn't sound like it's gonna be easy, but knowing you, you'll find a way.
I hope so.
Anyway, see you later.

Charles goes back inside his room.

Knock Charles' door again

What's wrong?
Hey, Charles, perhaps you could swing by my place before you leave.
Sure, if that's okay.
There's a record I'd like you to hear.
That sounds great!
I'll come round soon.
See you then.

Charles goes back inside his room.

Will and Dylan are both gone, so that's all for the third floor residents.


(There's no answer.)
(It looks like Marie's kept her part of the bargain and headed to the station.)

Knock "Who's there?"

It's me, Kyle.

"Oh, Hyde... Sorry man, but I'm about to go out."

I see.

Betty is also gone, so that's all for the second floor residents. Much less fruitful than last time...

What's up? You seem chirpier than usual, if that's possible.
Can you guess?
Come on, tell me what's up.
My mom's here!
She's chatting with Dad right now.
Is that so?
Yes! And what's more, they seem to be getting along really well.
I don't want to jinx it, but this could be their second chance.
Well let's hope your luck's in.
I've got you to thank for this, Mr Hyde.
Me? What did I do?
Well, you and Dad talked about it, didn't you?
You told him, few families actually manage to get back together, and that there are lots that really want to, but simply can't.
Yeah, that sounds like the kind of thing I'd say.



Well hey there, Mr Hyde.
Hi, Sidney.
Dad, where's Mom?
It's no use, Claire. I don't think I can handle it on my own.
I run out of things to say when it's just the two of us.

I think we can all relate.

Mom's not expecting the world, you know. Just be yourself.
But Claire...
Just take it slowly and try not to get flustered! Don't try to rush through it. Enjoy the time you have together.
Anyway, I've got to get back to the café.
You'd better think about heading back too, unless you want to keep Mom waiting.
Yeah, fair enough.
See you later, Mr Hyde.
Yeah, bye.

Claire walks back into the café.

I think you'd better do what Claire says. After all, these things take times.
I suppose you're right.
I'll give it my best shot.


Guess that's my cue!
Speak to you later, Mr Hyde.

Sidney heads back to the café.

Before we end this game (it'll end as soon as we walk near any of the doors here), let's take a final look at the descriptions.

Music: Sobering Dream

The results of our hard work throughout the game.

Mags finally got her smiling sprite on her profile (that can only be seen for the last 10 minutes of the game).

These guys also finally got their profiles updated. We already knew all of these by Frank's confrontation, but

Music: Violet Sky (Last Window)

Word up, homeslice!
What's up with you? Carrying your guitar round with you at this time in the morning?

I love that you can see the guitar when Tony approaches

Got me a job.
No kidding, a job?
Heh, it's okay Hyde, you don't have to get so emotional. I've got a gig!
The venue's a bit small, but they picked up my act after hearing my song on the radio. I've been signed up to play from today for a whole week, you know!
That's great, man. Good for you.
There's just one tiny little hitch...
They want me to play them something totally new on the last day.
Which is cool and all, but I don't have any new material! I've been going over it in my head, but I'm coming up with zilch.
Cut the crap. Stop worrying about it and just do it!

Shia LaBeouf!? When did you and Kyle switch places?

I'm pretty sure that, if you put your mind to it, you can write something new.
You know how tough life can get, you've got a nice girl, you've even been knocked out. Surely you've got no end of subject matter to work with.
You know what, you're right!
Guess I'd better give it a shot.
How are you feeling after last night, anyway?
A lot better now. No sleep spray's gonna keep me down!
How about you? How'd the treasure hunt go?
Treasure hunt?
I'm finished with that now.
Yeah? You're done?

What do you mean?
It was all devised by some shady types to get us to play their game.
So we were taken out by those same shady characters?
Right. And that's why I decided to get out while I still could. Better not to pry into it.
Damn, that's serious stuff.
So I guess all our dreams about becoming stinking rich have gone up in smoke, huh?
Guess they have.
Oh yeah, Hyde.
I'm gonna be recording my demo tape tomorrow.
So you got yourself a studio?
Sure did! That $1000 you gave me was plenty to set up a real sweet place.
Glad to hear it.
You and me both.
And once I've got my sound recorded on a demo tape, the sky's the limit!
One step closer to your dream, I suppose.
Hyde, I just want you to know... As soon as I've got the cash, I'm gonna pay you back. Every last penny.
Yeah, well, I'll believe it when I see it.
Cut me some slack, man. I'm being serious here!

The last part only plays if we gave the check to Tony. In fact, Tony is the only recipient who has an extra scene in the epilogue (as far as I know).

Hello, Mr Wolf. Long time, no see.

Nice ambush.

I trust you are well?
Yeah, I'm doing okay.
Your timing's perfect, actually. I was hoping to ask you something.
What is it?
Regarding your rent...
I was just curious to hear when you'll be settling the total amount you still owe me.

Ah, yes, the age-old question.

I'm sorry about that. But it's cool, 'cause I'm gonna pay it all off soon.
I got some work that's gonna be bringing in the cash.
So don't you worry, you'll get your rent soon enough.
I see. You seem quite confident about it.
I'm prepared to take you at your word.
Please come and see me once you're in a position to settle your debt.
Thanks, Mrs Patrice.
Hey, Tony, aren't you supposed to be somewhere?
Damn, you're right, I've gotta split!
Wish me luck!

He's somewhat different from before, wouldn't you say?
He is?
He managed to look me in the eye and tell me straight... Much more confident.
I feel a lot more inclined to believe what he says when his attitude is like that.
I wonder what brought on this sudden change?
You're not so different yourself, you know.
Well, like you, he's been weighed under by problems and couldn't get any help...
Now he's overcome that, and you've seen the results.

Like I said before, Kyle would make an amazing therapist.

I see your point.
Mrs Patrice...
What're you gonna do with yourself after you leave this place?

But now you mention it, maybe it's about time I did.
Part of me just wants to get out of here. Maybe on a cruise...
Somewhere with a lighthouse to guide us at night...
What do you think, Mr Hyde? Maybe you'd care to join me.
I think I'll give it a miss. I'm not really one for long, drawn-out cruises.
I see. Well, that's probably for the best. Especially seeing as you have more pressing matters to attend to.
Well, like finding a new place to live for one.
It's only you and Mr Wolf who are yet to decide on a place.
Maybe it is time I got a move on.
I'd really appreciate it if you did.
There's still a lot on my plate to take care of, without having you to worry about!
Though I'm sure you appreciate that more than the others would.
Anyway, I must be going, Mr Hyde.

Mags returns to her room.

(Okay then. Time for me to head out, too.)

*Pager beeps*

My pager...

I'll be there as soon as I can, Rachel.

Music stops

Well, here we are. Our final minigame.

New Music: Yellow Desert

And that's the end of the game!

Kyle is still an amazing protagonist and it's nice to see how he's moved on from Bradley.

Tony starts off absolutely garbage, but gets much better as the game moves on. It helps that this game lasts over several days instead of hours.

He's not as good as Louie, but then again, who is?

I guess it's more realistic that not everyone ended up being connected to the mystery. One of the most mundane of the lot.

She could've used more appearance in the final third of the game. Probably visiting Tony in the epilogue or something.

Another unrelated party, though this one actually engages in the mystery. He's kind of a reverse Betty in that he's pretty much absent from the first third of the game.

Seriously, I'm pretty sure everyone forgot Charles exists until we tried to sell things to him.

Dylan is the reverse Tony in that he starts off extremely helpful but ended up being that guy who nobody likes. He should've learned when to fold.

On another note, I'm pretty sure this sprite is never used in the game.

Marie definitely got the worst luck. What are the odds that her brother and husband work for the same evil company? Good thing she got her insurance money before she went on the run, though.

You know, if Rex could go in Marie's room and plant the bugging device, he could've found the hat and sunglasses there and end his whole investigation much earlier. Good thing he's too lazy to get a stool, huh?

Sidney is a cool guy around. Definitely someone you never want to punch. Isn't that right, Kyle?

Claire's most memorable action is her being a beast in billiards. Otherwise, she's even more mundane than Betty.

She's the only one who knows Kyle's talent as a therapist and seeks help actively, so there's that.

What is Ed hiding? Is he hiding something about Hugh Speck? Or is it about Frank and Chris' relationship? Find out in the extended epilogue!

...Yes, there's an extended epilogue. But it's only available in the novel, so you have to actually read to know it. It's something about Frank being estranged from his family because of Hugh

Rachel isn't as flirty with Kyle this time, probably due to the localisation altering her character. There's no new game+ this time too.

Mila is a fanservice character that people who never played Hotel Dusk won't understand. People who do played that game will be left amazed at the rehabilitation centre that made her able to go to college right after elementary school.

Oh, Will. Such a wasted opportunity. He barely got more screentime than Mila, and he's the one who started this whole thing! Would've been nice to know more about him.

Frank starts as a grumpy old man and ends as a grumpy old man who is a smooth talker and huge fuck-up. I'd play a game about him where the confrontations are replaced with persuasions.

Thinking about it, she's a great example of why you need to out of an abusive relationship. That explains why she wanted to keep George's secret even though she didn't mind getting arrested.

And that's every...wait...

There we go! Jeanie doesn't really do much, but she's a great moral support. No idea why the game skipped her, though.

New Music: Journey's End

Anyway, this game is amazing and I'm happy to be able to show it to you guys over the course of...1 year?! It's amazing how time files.

The pace of this story is slower, which makes it a bit of a slog at the beginning. It does allow for more character progression, though. Especially for Tony and Dylan.

The art for every character is top notch and it's a shame I can't just make every single portrait into a GIF to show off the animation.

It's amazing how much work goes into it.

The music is also great, with Belief and Promise being the best ones. Promise's muxic box version is the one I remember the most (because I was stuck there for a long time )

The story feels like it's a lot less contrived compared to last game. Everyone relevant (except Kyle) has an actual reason for being there.

I'll have to say that Hotel Dusk has better finale, though. We pretty much learned nothing new on the rooftop, and some characters' story isn't given a resolution at the end. Some of them are resolved in the novel's epilogue, but not all are included like Will or Betty.

I'd like to see more games in this series, but I doubt it will happen, what with CING being bankrupt and all. It's nice that this game at least managed to hit Europe, though.

Music stops

Born and bred in the locality, this man's steady campaign has won him the position.

Have we seen this guy before? I don't think we have...

Speck, the runner-up of the campaign, had this to say: "Regardless of the outcome, I will continue to represent the good of the people."

Do your job, Frank!

The Museum of Natural History has received an anonymous donation. The donation consists of a large, pristine diamond. The diamond itself is a well-known jewel, the famous Scarlet Star.

Experts examining the diamond recognised it as the Scarlet Star right away due to its distinctive apparance. It is an absolutely priceless stone. I repeat: The Museum of Natural History has received an anonymous donation..."

*The TV is turned off*

Thanks for reading.