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Part 14: Hooking a Ring

All right, let's see how the thread does.

idhrendur posted:

Looks like it's between the chest of drawers and the dresser with the mirror. The pencil might work for grabbing it, but could be too short. The hanger would be long enough, but to big to hook it properly.

Music: Hidden Proof

I honestly don't know how you managed to spot that. I sure didn't. I usually only looked at each end when playing this game, and I looked more at the sofa since that's where Marie said she put it last and that's the location mentioned in the extra notes.

Ring There seems to be something lodged between the dresser and the chest of drawers.

Zoomed-in ring

What's that? Looks like something shiny has dropped down between the furniture.
Well, what do we have here... *tries to grab it* Damn, looks like my manly arms are too big to fit into the gap.
Hey, Marie.

Mind if I shift this dresser a little?
Good luck.
(Thanks for the support.)
That dresser's fixed tight to the wall and there's no easy way of moving it.
Good idea, in my opinion. I wouldn't want it falling every time we have an earthquake.

I don't live in LA, but is the Earthquake often there?

I do know that this makes Tony A LOT more suspicious. How did he find this ring so quickly if you can't move the dresser?

Then we may have a problem.
(Great, now what?)
What is it, Mr Hyde?
Looks like something's fallen between the dresser and the chest of drawers. I'm gonna get a closer look.
Between the dresser and the chest of drawers?
Yeah, right between the two.
Are you sure you're not just seeing things? I can't make much out at all.
You never know, it could turn out to be your ring.
Problem is, I can't get my arm in to pull it out.
Got anything lying around we could poke in there to get it out?
Like what?

Nothing really springs to mind.
If you find anything that looks likely to fit, feel free to give it a try.
Great, looks like I've got another search on my hands.

Well, you said that the hanger is too big, but couldn't hurt to try, right?

Hanger How convenient. There's a wooden hanger on the side of the closet.

Now this looks like just the thing to fit in that gap.

Use wooden hanger on ring There's something shining between the dresser and the chest of drawers.

Maybe this hanger is just what I need to pull the thing out.

Yep. Definitely too big.

Damn, that's done it! Now I've pushed it even more!
Not as smart as you think are you, Kyle?
Is something wrong?
I take it from the way you're acting, it didn't work.
It's no problem, I've jsut got to give it some more thought.
You'd better get thinking then.

You're not helping, Marie.

DariusLikewise posted:

I don't know how you spotted that. I would guess that you use the tape measure to fish it out

Kitala posted:

I have no clue how you found it, but I think to recover we need the thread and safety pins for a hook and line.

You two are, though. Let's see how it goes.

Tape measure Looks like there's a tape measure inside.

Could be useful. You never know.

Safety pins There are some safety pins inside the drawer.

Now this is a definite plus.
Now I'm beggining to get the picture.
I can't get the thing out just using this, but maybe if I tie it to something...

Thread There's some thread lying in the sewing box.

That's got my mind working.
I bet I can make good use of this somehow.

Let's see what Marie has to say for now.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Mr Hyde.
You don't think the object you found under the dresser could be...
Let's hope so.

Now let's see what the tape measure can do (beside measuring).

Use tape measure on ring There's something shining between the dresser and the chest of drawers.

If I use this tape measure, I might be able to pull the thing out.

We just have to extend the tape.

This isn't gonna be long enough.


If we hadn't used the Hanger, we could've reached it. Oh well. We can just try again.

Guess it needs to be a bit shorter...

Damn. Trying again, I guess.

That should do it.

Success! Now what if we try using the pin and thread?

Combine safety pin with thread

Use threaded safety pin on ring There's something shining between the dresser and the chest of drawers.

With some thread attached, this safety pin looks perfect for getting the thing out.

Success! This is actually the method I used in my first playthrough, so this is what we're sticking with for the novel. The tape method would be much easier in real life, though.

Perfect, got it!

(Now perhaps I can put an end to this whole mess.)

But first, have some item descriptions first.

I love how proud Kyle is of the threaded pin.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
What is it?
So does this look anything like the ring you claim was stolen?
Y-you found it?
Yeah, didn't even break a sweat.
I'm no expert on jewellery, but this looks like a pretty decent ring even to me. Definitely impressed by the big stone on it...
Mr Hyde! Now you've found my ring, please hand it to me! Now!
(What's got into her all of a sudden?)
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell.
I'm just keen to get my property back.
Yeah, I guess you are.

Glad that's done. This ring fiasco has taken than 3 updates.

So that puts an end to it.
Looks like you wanted to hang the wrong man after all when you blamed Tony.

I'm still shocked that Tony wasn't the culprit.

Yeah, I'm not exactly proud of myself either.
I mean, I did kind of jump to the wrong conclusion.
It happens.
I just lost it when I noticed my precious ring had gone.

I just lost it when I noticed that this is a prime time for a Gollum joke.

Must be really special if you're that protective of it.
It's one of the most treasured things I have.
It was a present from my older brother before he passed away.

I suppose I'd better go and patch things up with Mr Wolf.
Not sure if I can face him right away, though. I'm still pretty embarrassed.
He's bound to fly off the handle and start shouting at me again.
You can't say you don't deserve it.
What should I do?

Tell you what, I'll have a word with him, see if I can't smooth things over a bit.
Thank you, Mr Hyde.
Here, you might as well take your stuff back too. I won't be needing it now you've got your ring back.
I'll see myself out.
Thanks again.

I leave Marie's room.