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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 144: Spoiler Update A

In the safety deposit box

I looked in the safety deposit box.
You did what?
You opened the safety deposit box in my closet?
Yeah, what's the matter, surprised I got into it?
There's no way you could've got that thing open!

What are you trying to trade?

What are you trying to trade?
I'm sorry?
What are you trading in exchange for the banknotes?
It must be something fairly significant for the price you've been paid.
Save your breath, I've had enough of your damn prying!
It's not gonna be your day then, my prying's just getting started. You've been pretending to live here in this apartment, but your real job means you have to creep around secretly at night. Am I wrong?

Your real name is...

Your real name is...

Will White!
Will McGrath!