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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 152: Spoiler Update I

It was Nile!

It was Nile!
That's it, isn't it, Dylan?
I don't believe it...
How the hell did you manage to find out so much?
You wrote the threatening letter to Marie under the orders of Nile. Which means you were likely placed here to watch over the tenants and send the letters.
What can I say?

Which women would they be?

The women you were supposed to watch... Which women would they be?
Do you really need to ask? I thought you'd have figured it out by not.
Tell me!
Well... It's Marie and that Patrice woman, of course.
Patrice especially. I'm sure she's still hiding something in her room.
Mags is hiding something in her room?
Yeah, there's no mistaking it if you've watched her like I have.

What kind of information did you receive?

What kind of information did you receive?
That would be...
It was information you had to relay to her, wasn't it?
That's right.
But do you know what kind of information it was?
Sure, it was about...

Her and her husband not getting along

Her brother and husband working for Condor