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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

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Part 155: Spoiler Update L

Her brother and husband working for Condor

It was about her brother and husband working for Condor.
Right again.
Marie was a relative of ex-Condor operatives.
She didn't know this, even after the both of them had died.
Condor may have disappeared 13 years ago, but it left behind some women who would come in handy for Nile.

How did Nile hope to use Condor?

How did Nile hope to use Condor?
I thought that would've been obvious. They used them to liaise with the LAPD.
Liaise with the LAPD?
Sure. As you no doubt already know, not a single member of Condor was taken down.
Why do you think that was?
It was because of the corrupt element in the department working on the Condor cases.

Music: Silent Tears
Well, Mr Hyde, it looks like you've finally managed to expose my true identity.
It looks that way.
When did you realize?

The thread figured it out around three chapters ago.

I knew there was something fishy about you as soon as we started having our little chats.

You figured me out in a single week, huh?
Looking back, maybe I should've have spoken to you so much.
If I'd taken that approach, I might have been able to get to the end of my stay here without arousing any suspicion, and just continued to be maintenance man Dylan.
Still, guess there's no use crying over spilt milk.
Come to think of it, maybe the timing was pretty good.
Hold it right there! What do you mean, "the timing was pretty good"? What are you planning now?
I've just got one thing left to do...

What did you say?
What's the matter, scared of big, bad Nile?
You must've guessed that once you exposed me you'd put yourself into the line of fire.
Don't tell me you never considered it.
Sure I did. But you think that's gonna put me off?
I won't be intimidated by scum like you.
Well, I admire your nerve.
With guts like that, you're wasted being a salesman!
Yeah, I hear a lot of that.

I may have quit the force, but there are certain things you can't shake off.
Dylan... I don't get many opportunities to chat to criminal lowlifes like you anymore...
Hey, don't push it.
So I'd like to use this chance to ask you something.
You're going to tell them that I've blown your cover, but what's going to happen to you?
What are you trying to say?

Mark my words, based on the Nile I know, this isn't gonna end well. At least, not for you. You'll be the first to disappear.
What do you mean by that?
I'm pretty sure that, once you've given them what they want, they'll figure there's no sense in keeping somebody whose cover's been exposed.
And then what do you think will happen to you? You can't exactly hand yourself over to the LAPD, can you?
Not after what you told me just now. If Nile really does have a mole on the force, and you hand yourself in, you'd be digging your own grave!
Are you threatening me?
Not at all, just letting you know the facts.
Then, when they've disposed of you, it won't be long before they take me out, too.
It's not gonna be like that... I'm sure of it.
Come on, Dylan. Wise up. What are you going to do?
I haven't got a clue. What can I do?
You've got yourself into a real fix.
Come on, answer me!

Here's what I'm thinking: Since my life's also in danger,
perhaps if we agreed to keep recent events to ourselves,
we can both make a clean break.
By the time Nile realises the lack of contact means you've gone, they'll come looking, but you would've gained yourself a couple of days' head start.
A couple of days? That's not going to stop them! Where the hell can I run to? Not to mention, how can I be sure you'll keep quiet about me?
If you're stuck for somewhere to run, call me tomorrow night. I know a way you can escape undetected.

...You do?

Whether you choose to believe me or not is totally your call, though.

Dylan's right arm moves.

Music stops

What you said sounds good, but... I'm not so sure I'm the kind of guy who believes everything at face value.
It's decision time, Dylan. What's it going to be?
I'm going to have to think about all this.
That stuff you said, that's something I can't decide upon lightly.
After all, both our lives are in danger here.
You got that right.
So I figure, we've lived here under the same roof for a while now. I think we can reach some sort of agreement. Here's what I'll do. I'll wait until tomorrow night to give you my answer.
Before then, neither I nor Nile will make any sort of move.
I think we could both do with some rest tonight.
Now just stand still and don't make a move until I'm out of here, you got that?
Catch you later, Mr Hyde.

Dylan gives me a sarcastic little smile as he leaves the room.

As usual, now we're going to look at the wrong choices.

Music: Resolution

Performing maintenance on this room!

You were performing maintenance on this room!

Why would you think I was up to no good?
You'd better not be lying to me, Dylan!
Dylan? If you've got something to say, now would be a good time to say it!

Loop and skip.

She says she doesn't remember you!

She says she doesn't remember you!

But even if she's forgotten, I still remember.
Guess she must have a bad memory or something.
Don't try to be smart, it doesn't suit you! Dylan, you better start telling the truth...
Mr Hyde...

Loop and skip.

Music: Sharpened Blade

Who told you to watch Marie?

It was Condor!

What kind of information did you receive?

Her and her husband not getting along

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