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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 159: Spoiler Update P

What went wrong?

Okay, next question.
What went wrong?
You're telling me he never returned the signal you were waiting for, right?
No, I believe he sent it, but...
But what?
You must understand, Mr Hyde. There are things I cannot discuss beyond this point.
And why the hell not?
Because they concern the promise that connects me and Gregory. Indeed, if that promise had been kept as planned, he would never have needed to die. I regret what happened to him. I doubt I'll ever outlive that regret.
Mr Hyde, I think I've said enough.
I couldn't possibly discuss this any further with you.
There's only one person I can imagine telling this whole story to. And that a relative of Gregory.

What kind of agreement did you have?

What was it that happened to you?