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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 16: Tripping an Alarm

Music: Gusty Town

How did my history become public knowledge?

Care to tell me how you knew I used to be a detective?
It just cropped up one day.
Cropped up? What's that supposed to mean?
I saw your name in an old newspaper article.
In an article?
It was an article about an undercover investigation in New York.

I also noticed that you shot an undercover cop. One that was on the take. Not exactly through-and-through blue.
When was the newspaper dated?
I think it was from around four years back.

(A newspaper from four years ago?)

Why did Tony want to know about me?

Why did Tony want to know about me?
He was going on about how he'd like to become your friend, and just wanted to know if I knew anything about you.
So naturally, when he asked, I told him what I knew. All I said to him was that you're an ex-detective who works as a salesman.

Where did you find this newspaper?

Where did you find this newspaper?
Let me think...
It was just a coincidence. I stumbled across the paper and noticed that article.
Finding an old newspaper with stuff about me was a coincidence?

Honest. I was out on a job at the time.
Out on a job?
Yeah, I'm in the plumbing and repair business, so I often get sent out on jobs. I find myself in buildings and offices a lot. I even fix windows occasionally, too.
Thinking back, when I saw that article, I had just moved back from New York,
And was doing a job in someone's bathroom. The people had just moved in and there was stuff all over the place...
Including an old newspaper someone left lying around. I'd just had lunch and thought I'd give it a read. That's when I saw your name.
How far back was this?
I dunno, three months?

Music: Ace of Diamonds
So, are we done with all the questions?
Yeah, for now.

*footsteps sound*

Ugh, here we go...

Music: Blue Lady
You really should take your chat elsewhere. You're blocking the hallway.
Kindly get out of my way.

Frank is basically

(He occupies room 302 and has a tendency to skulk around late at night.)
If memory serves, you're...
Kyle Hyde, the guy living in the apartment below you.
Who incidentally has to put up with the racket you make walking around all night.
I don't appreciate being accused of things, Mr Hyde.
This building may be old, but it's solid and unlikely to cause such disturbance.
I'm telling you, I can hear every one of your footsteps loud and clear.
Sometimes I can't even get a wink of sleep while you're stomping around.

I had you pegged as the kind of guy who'd have more important things on his mind.
(Meaning what?)
Mr Raver. Mr Hyde is just trying to say that he's noticed some noise coming from your room.
He's not trying to start an argument with you.
That's right, isn't it, Mr Hyde?

Wow, Kyle keeps having to be bailed out of a conflict today.

Yeah, I'm just saying.
I suppose I can try to take a little more care late at night.
Gee, thanks. (Bit of a cranky old-timer we got here.)
And while we're all here, I had a matter to bring to your attention, Dylan.
You did?

Not again. Who would be so careless?
That's a good question.

I was about to say that it's more laziness than careless, but I don't think anyone lazy would climb up to the 4th floor instead of just disposing the trash normally.

But more importantly, we wouldn't want an incident like before now, would we?

(An incident like before?)

I recommend you get up there and clear it up right away.
Will do.
Thank you, Dylan.

Frank goes back into his room and disappears from sight.

Which reminds me, I never got round to checking out the fourth floor.
You take care of the repair work on the fourth floor too?
Certainly do.

All of the rooms up there are remnants from when this place was a hotel.
The fire door was sealed to prevent access, though.
Having problems all the way up there just adds to the hassle.
That's the last place we want things to go wrong.
I'm going to have to leave you, Mr Hyde. I have to get up there and sort this out.

Dylan heads up the staircase.

(What's up on the fourth floor? Now my curiosity really piqued.)

Music: Overstepped Memory
Now we can look at Room 304's door.

Buzz I guess nobody wants to see what the buzz is about.

We can also go check up on Frank.


Music: Blue Lady
Do you have something to ask me?
Not really.

Frank goes back inside his room.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Now let's finally go to the fourth floor.

What're you doing up here, Mr Hyde?
I didn't think it was a crime to wander up here once in a while.
That's true.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Frank said something about some trash.
Yes. I already took care of it, though.
It was just a flyer from an old newspaper, no great shakes.
So someone makes their way up here just to dispose of something like that?
You'd be surprised, but it does happen from time to time. It's things like this that really get to me.

The reason is a mystery

Just another one of the many problems with a building anyone can get into. In my opinion, you're asking for trouble if people can just walk in off the street.

Music: Gusty Town

What kind of incident was Frank referring to?

What kind of incident was Frank referring to?
Sorry, I don't follow.
Just now, outside room 302, Frank Raver said something about an incident. Said that something ahppened up here on the fourth floor.
Oh, right, that...
Care to share some details?
It was...nothing.
Is that right?
Yes, nothing you need to worry about.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Okay, I've got to make a move.

Dylan makes his way to the stairs and descends out of sight.

Music stops
(Now I know something's up. He seemed caught off-guard when I asked.)
(I've got an idea.)
(If the rooms up here have been left as they were when it was Hotel Cape West...)
(I wouldn't mind having a better look around.)

New Music: Sorrowful Nightfall

Case There's a case on the wall with a glass cover. Inside the case is the fire bell and some kind of lever.

Alarm The lever is currently in the ON position.
I hope you guys know what this means, because Kyle doesn't.
Toolbox There's a toolbox fixed to the wall.

Pliers It's a blackened set of pliers.
Wrench That wrench looks pretty old. It must see a lot of use in a place like this.
Doorstop There's a wooden doorstop inside the toolbox.
Extinguisher On the wall is a brand new fire extinguisher.
(It looks like it was put there very recently.)

Boxes on cabinet Three cardboard boxes are stacked up on the cabinet. They're taped up, so I can't look inside. Shame, too... I bet it would have been thrilling.
Cabinet It's an old wooden cabient. Odd place for one, really.
Lone box There's a taped-up box on the floor.
(It's probably just stuff that's been packed for when the building shuts down.)

Burnt marks I can still make out the scorch marks on the wall from some sort of fire.
(Looks like Dylan took care of the trash someone left behind.)
Control panel Looks like there's some sort of control panel attached to the wall.

Switch The switches on the control panel are both in the "on" position.
Again, I hope you know what this means, because Kyle doesn't.

Before we go inside, let's go visit the rooftop first.

(No way I'm getting through here. Them's the breaks I guess.)

...Oh. Okay, then.

Knob The fourth floor hallway is blocked by a hefty-looking fire door.

Let's see if the thing's locked or not.

Just open the door. Nothing bad will happen. Especially not with the alarm on the on position. Right?

Now the alarm's ringing.

Yep. Apparently Kyle's being an idiot now for some reason.