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Part 162: Spoiler Update S

To find people to buy the jewellery

So the hotel parties were held to find people to buy the jewellery?
The parties would be held from time to time at the hotel. There, potential buyers would gather and the process would begin in the earnest.
So I imagine the actual goods were exchanged in one of the guest rooms, right?
No, Michael was very clear about that and would never use the guest rooms.

Where is this hidden chamber?

Where is the hidden chamber that was used to sell the stolen goods?
That's something I'm totally unable to help you with.
Even when the building was undergoing renovation, no such room was found.
I see...
Listen carefully, Mr Hyde. The key that you took from here...
I'm sure it's for that very room.
That key was among the things George bequeathed to me after his death.
Even though I had it all these years, I still don't know where it's to be used.

Absolutely. It can't have just disappeared from the building.
I wonder if you're right...

What did Michael do to double-cross George?

What did Michael do to double-cross George?
No sooner had George received word that the hotel safe was going to be broken into, then he contacted Michael to let him know. At that time there was still an item inside that a buyer had not been found for. It was the Scarlet Star.
Michael received his orders and, when the intruder arrived, he shot him there in the office.
He then stashed the corpse in a hotel chest freezer where it stayed for two days. Then it was taken out and dumped at a different location when it was safe.
After the incident was over, Michael told me that the Scarlet Star was gone.
According to what he told me, it had already been removed from the safe,
before he shot the safecracker.
And George believed that?
Not exactly. He just led Michael to believe he trusted him.
Led him to believe?
He didn't want to pressure Michael or he might risk losing the use of the hotel. George could be a cold, calculating man. He didn't exact his revenge on Michael for another 12 years.
So the reason he chose to wait 12 years before getting his revenge was because...

Michael wanted out of the stolen goods trade?

Michael had sold the Scarlet Star on?