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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

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Part 17: Watching a Biography

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall (Featuring alarm sound)

There's a fire alarm until I said otherwise. It's even more annoying than the clock alarm.

Alarm The bell's loud enough to wake the dead.

I've really got to figure out a way to stop the thing.

Unfortunately, Kyle won't just go back down and pretend he didn't do anything up here. He'll just say:

(Damn! Now I've done it! Can't very well slink back downstairs with this alarm blaring.)

There's not that many things to examine here, so it's easy to figure out what to do.

Switch The switches on the control panel are both set to ON.

I bet if I use those switches, I can stop that damn bell ringing.

All we have to do is turn off the switches one by one. Simple.

...Okay, maybe not that simple.

Well, this is awkward... By now it's obvious that we should flip both switches at the same time, but the computer can only have one pointer, which means it can only touch at one place at a time. Kyle will even outright say so after enough attempts.

Welp. LP over. It's nice to try this. Expect to see a Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days LP Somewhere in the future!

...Wait, I already used that joke. I'll just copy what you need to do here from my Hotel Dusk LP.

One thing to note is that while we can't touch in two places at once, the DS DOESN'T support dual touch. If there's two spots detected, the DS will only register the space touched as the middle. This fact is useful for example in Bythos Operations in Trauma Center Under The Knife 2.

This is a bit of clever programming to make the illusion of the game detecting dual touch. The game will detect a touch at one of the switches and then instantly moving to the center as the player holding both at once.
To proceed we need to use the 'Pause' and 'Frame Forward' function of the emulator. This is what we need to do:
1. Pause the emulator.
2. Hold at one of the switch and tap the frame forward advance. This will register as touching one of the switches.
3. Hold at the point between the switches and tap the frame forward advance. This will register as the touch instantly moving to between the switches.
4. Mash the frame advance hotkey while slowly moving the pointer upwards left. This will register as flipping both switches at once.
Here's a shitty illustration of the guide.

The difficulty in the minigames is in finding out what to do (or how to trigger them in the first place like the ring earlier). Some minigames used the DS in strange ways.

This is how it looks when slowed down. The alarm finally stops.

Finally, it's stopped! Not a moment too son, either.


You again.

Music: Ace of Diamonds

Yeah, about that... I kind of made a judgement error and set off the alarm.
A judgement error?
More like you thought you'd open the door and start snooping aroud inside!

Dylan is pissed.

Yeah, you got me.
This is bad, real bad.

*Another footsteps*

Told you this was bad.

Music: Blue Lady
Dylan, care to explain what's going on here?
For one, why was the alarm ringing just now?
Let me explain...
And just what are you doing up here, Mr Hyde?
I was just...
It's not what you think, Mrs Patrice!
Then kindly explain to me.
The alarm went off because I thought it would be a good idea to...
To conduct a test to see if the system was working properly.
A test? At this time of day?
Isn't that what happened, Mr Hyde?

The first choice might look like it would lead to a Game Over, but it doesn't (at least that I know of). Kyle says that he trip it "accidentally" and Margaret buys this excuse. And Dylan has an aura because Kyle didn't go with him after he took the trouble to bail him out

Thread, please tell me if I'm actually missing a Game Over by picking the second choice.

That's exactly what happened.

It's just like he said, a test.
Dylan asked me to give him a hand while he set it up.
I see.
Yeah, I asked him to help.
I just figured that, even though we're going to be leaving soon, um...
It would be a good idea to make sure the safety measures are still working.
Good thinking, Dylan. I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for taking such good care of the building.

Yeah, that's a surprisingly plausible excuse. Well done, Dylan. You're better at getting out of these kinds of situations than Kyle

Now, if you'll excuse me...

Mags walks away and goes downstairs.

Thanks for covering for me there.
It's not a problem.
Now you're off the hook, you might want to head back downstairs.
(Guess he's right. Think I'll go take it easy in my room.)

Music stops

I decide to take a load off and relax on the sofa. Still can't shake the mystery surrounding that order sheet I got.

(4 o'clock already? Just in time to catch that show about Hugh Speck on TV.)

We're then put into the TV screen. We can exit this screen and explore Kyle's room, but the only thing we can do is listen to the radio. It now has a familiar music. The TV shows are all different now, though.

Music: Precocious Circumstances

(Japanese Spies? Don't think I watched this much as a kid...)
Music stops

"The nation's favourite soda is now available in an all-new flavour! Try out the rich taste of grape Cool Pop today!"
(I think I'll pass.)

(Detective show. If only it was really that glamorous.)

We take a look back at Hugh Speck's career, from LAPD officer to candidate for LA mayor!

Where he had a long and distinguished career.

And even stamped out incidents of police corruption.

A crime ring named Condor was responsible for multiple jewel thefts all over LA. Speck was tireless in his efforts to bring Condor down.

Speck entered the world of politics.

The election ahead will be very interesting indeed. This is Robert Harrison for 5 News, signing off.

Knowing video games, there's a 90% chance of Hugh Speck being evil and 9% chance of him being tricked/dying.

(Hugh Speck... He was an officer in the LAPD during the incident involving my old man.)
(It's true that, back in the day, he solved his fair share of cases. But in the one surrounding my dad, Officer Speck had a far lesser role to play.)
(Okay, now how am I going to keep myself occupied? Still plenty of time until dinner. Maybe I'll take a trip down to Lucky's Café and grab a coffee.)

Music: Heating Up
Music: Overstepped Memory
Lucky's Café is located on the first floor, so we go there.

Hey, I recognise that guy over there. He's...uh...

Yeah, We're still going to meet more new characters.