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Part 18: Going to the Café

Music: Dancing Cat
Well, hello there.
(I definitely know this guy. He's on the third floor in...)
You're Kyle Hyde from room 202, aren't you?
Yeah. And you're...
Yes, Charles. Is there something wrong with my name?

I like that most people already know enough about Kyle to not be surprised by these kinds of things.

You got me, kid.
But it's coming back to me.
Your full name's Charles Jeunet, right?
Might be a good idea to make a note of it or something, though. There's only nine people in this building, it shouldn't be too hard to learn their names.

Margaret, Tony, Kyle, Betty, Marie, Frank, Dylan, Charles and someone we hadn't meet yet.

Yeah, you're right. Sorry, kid.
Some people find it very rude if you forget their name, you know.
Trust me, I don't forget names on purpose. They just seem to slip through the cracks.
I don't go round presuming everyone remembers me either.
Interesting attitude.
Thank you, Mr Hyde. That helps me understand the kind of person you are better.
Glad to hear it.
Try to make the effort to remember my name from now on, yes? When I forget a person's name, I feel terrible inside.
I hear you loud and clear.

Charles is basically

(He came over as an exchange student from France about a year ago. According to Betty, he has dreams of becoming a big-movie director.)
You're buddies with Billy who used to live in 205, right?
Yes, that's right.

You might notice me not mentioning Billy earlier. That's because, if you noticed it from when I explored the 2nd floor doors, room 205 (Billy's room) is now vacant.

I remember Billy telling me a while back.
Betty's lovely, isn't she?

We've all got to leave this place, after all.
Thanks for the reminder.
Hey, I heard the alarm bell ringing earlier. Do you know what happened?
That? That was just a test, nothing special.

Hey, have you got a moment?

What did you think had happened?

What did you think had happened?

What was?
You know, like the panic about the fire from two weeks ago.

(There was a fire?)

I thought it was another fire.

Music: Gusty Town

Read note
What's that?
Write note
Have I told you something that needs writing down?
Show room 202 key
I don't believe that's mine.
Show pager
Is that a pager? I don't have one.
Show others
Is there a reason you wanted me to look at this?

There was a fire two weeks ago?

There was a fire here two weeks ago?
Didn't you hear about thet, Mr Hyde?
I didn't hear a thing, but then again, I was away on a trip at the time.
It happened around lunchtime on a weekday.
Do you know where the fire broke out?
Yes, it was up by the staircase on the fourth floor.
I heard that someone came into the building and started it.
Luckily, someone spotted it and put it out right away.

(Who put the fire out?)

So the building didn't suffer any lasting damage.

Who put the fire out?

So who put the fire out?
Mr Raver.
Frank Raver, from 302?
Yes, that's him.
If Mr Raver hadn't noticed the fire, who knows what might have happened?

Music: Dancing Cat

What are you going to do after you leave this place?
I haven't quite worked that out yet.
Me neither. I haven't even started looking for a new apartment.
I really like this place, despite it being a little old and run down.
You and me both, kid.
I'll see you later, Mr Hyde.

Charles says goodbye and leaves.

Music: Overstepped Memory

Knock I could stand here knocking all day. No one's coming.
Buzz Bzzt, wrong answer. Or rather, no answer.

Unfortunately, that's the last of Kyle's buzz puns

Also, I just found out that you can examine this place.

Painting There's a painting of a lake hanging on the wall. It has a small caption underneath it.
(I can't quite read it. Lake... Must be the name of the place.)
Right lamp It's a light. It does its job.
Left lamp This light's old, but it looks like it's been dusted at least.

(That's some fine-smelling food.)

Music: Blue Lady

You again.

That's my line

I'm bumping into you a lot lately, Mr Hyde.
Mr Raver.
Good timing, I have some things I'd like to ask you.
What is this, an ambush?
Charles told me that you came across a fire on the fourth floor two weeks back.

What about it?
Are you in the habit of wandering around in out-of-bounds areas?
What can I say, I get bored easily. I don't have a job to go to any more either.
Plus, it's good for my health to climb up and down the stairs.
I thought for a moment you had something interesting to ask me. Goodbye.

Frank slips away towards the staircase.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Now we can finally go to the cafe in peace.

(It's worth the trip downstairs just for that aroma of freshly-ground coffee.)

New Music: Glass in the Hand

This character is still not the last one in this game.

Welcome to Lucky's Café!
Oh, Mr Hyde, nice to see you.
Today's coffee is a straight Guatemalan mineral roast.
Sounds good. I'll take one of those, coarsely ground and black.
Can I get you something to go with that?
That's the million-dollar question.

I made it myself, which makes it an extra special special!
Yeah, why not.
I'm sure you won't regret it!

Claire is basically

(She's always cheery and keeps the customers coming back.)
Guess you'll be taking your regular spot, right?

Next time: Food porn