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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 20: Confronting a Stalker

New Music: Town Dyed Purple

Got a moment?

That depends.
Firstly, who the hell are you?
Sidney said you know who I am, but I've never even met you before. Time to start talking, pal.
Is that right?
Yeah, why don't we begin with your name?
The name's Foster, Rex Foster.

As you may have guessed, Rex is basically

(This must be the guy that called Mom and Rachel.)
Finally, I got a face to put to the name I keep hearing.
You've been busy making a lot of calls, it would seem. What are you after? I don't seem to remember asking for a guy like you to follow me around.


Something you want to say?

You got something you want to say?
Kyle, Kyle, Kyle...
You're really trying to pretend you're a salesman, aren't you?
The way you speak is a dead giveaway, though. There's no hiding you were a detective.
What did you just say?
Whoops, there I go again.

Seem you had a pretty high opinion of yourself too, but..
It seems that part may have been a little exaggerated.
Didn't have you pegged as someone who'd want to conceal their past as a detective.

(You knew I was a detective?)

Guess I was wrong.
I don't see that my opinion of myself has got anything to do with you.
But let's get back on track. What exactly do you want from me?
About time you asked. I was hoping to ask you some questions, is all.
Yeah. To begin with...

No reason, just kinda wound up here.
Pull the other one, that's not the reason.

"Pull the other one" is a British slang which is basically the same as "You're pulling my leg."

You set up here because of the place once being Hotel Cape West.
(I've got no clue what he's babbling about.)
Made you think, did I?
Let's try another question, shall we?
Why did you choose to live in this particular building?
Watch your attitude, buddy.
You trying to hide the fact there was some trouble today on the second floor too?

(What trouble?)

Music: Gusty Town

Read note
What's with the notebook?
Write note
Taking notes there?
Show room 202 key or pager
It's not mine.
Show others
What did you get that out for?

How did you know I was a detective?

How did you know I was a detective?
Now that would be telling.
Don't play the innocent with me! You'd better start talking real quick.
Let's just say, a little bit of research went a long way.
So you're researching me now, are you?
Care to elaborate on that?
Who the hell are you?

Is that supposed to make me feel better?
I can't really tell you anything right now...
Speaking to you could be quite dangerous, Kyle.
Cut the crap!
And define "dangerous".
If you know too much, you might feel inclined to get in my way.
And why would I want to get in your way? I don't even know you.

Adventure game protagonists.png

You're making less and less sense as you go along.
You may have left the force to seek out a life without too much excitement... But guys like you just get a whiff of a case and switch right back to their old ways. And that's precisely why I can't afford to have you get in my way.
Guys like me?
You want to explain that to me?
Oh, I'm sure you understand just fine.

Trouble? What're you talking about?

Trouble? What are you talking about?
So you're saying nothing happened, are you?

Right, nothing happened.

If you choose the second option, Kyle just tell Rex about that event. Nothing else changes. And I think Kyle wouldn't be dumb enough to blab about it.

Right, nothing happened.
Fair enough, I just wanted to ask.
(Who does this guy think he is?)

A stalker. Haven't you paid attention to the last 30 minutes?

Music: Town Dyed Purple
That's me done. I'm leaving.
Hey, hold it! Not so fast.

That line is worthy of two jokes.

Take it easy, Kyle.
There's plenty of time for us to sit down and chat, you know.

Rex says his piece and leaves.

(Who does this guy think he is?)

I just said it 4 minutes ago

"Mr Hyde."


Music: Glass in the Hand

His name's Rex Foster.
Seems he's been gathering information about me.
Why would he do that? Are you in some sort of trouble?
Not that I know of.
He wasn't a detective, was he?
Trust me, he was no detective. More likely he's working for some lousy agency or a third-rate newspaper.

Or third-rate novelist.

Yeah, I guess you're right.
He seemed like a weirdo right from the moment I laid eyes on him.

(He seemed weird?)

Sometimes he'd have his notebook open on the table. Seemed like when he thought of something, he'd write it down.
Yes, then he'd read his notes back to himself.

(He's taking notes, huh?)

It bugs me every time I see him.

Music: Gusty Town

Read note
What's that? A notebook?
Write note
What are you writing down?
Show room 202 key
I don't think that's mine.
Show pager
Guess a salesman can't be without his pager.
Show order sheet
What about it?