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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

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Part 23: Dreaming of Looking through the Window

Music: Razzle Dazzle

Like I said, the intros are a short version of the summary. It's so short that you won't get anything if you haven't actually read the chapter itself.

Music: Mulling It Over

In my dream, I was standing in front of an old window somewhere. Beyond the glass stretched a vast blackness through which I could make out a faint figure facing away from me. I pounded on the window in an attempt to get the person's attention but just as the person noticed my voice and began turning around my eyes opened and I was awake.

*phone rings*

I let slip a few choice words as I wearily slide my arm out towards the phone.

Music :Serenity

Yeah, your call woke me up. The sound of the phone pulled me out of this crazy dream I was having.
Did you have a late night or something?
You could say that. Had some things on my mind and didn't hit the hay till dawn. But forget all that, what's so important you gotta call now?
There's a message from Ed. There's something he wants you to answer right away. Seems he wants to know if you still feel like working for Red Crown.

That was quick. I guess it took only 2 nights for Ed to change his mind.

He what?
Well, do you?
Of course I do.
Thought so.
Rachel, you don't think the old man's beginning to regret firing me, do you? Didn't think he felt remorse.

Music: Ace of Diamonds

Oh, Kyle. You probably just ruined your almost-second chance.

Maybe you'd like to explain to me exactly what I have to regret?
You're the one who should be on your knees. If anything, getting rid of a no-good bum like you was a breath of relief.
I think you've made your point.
Just to be clear, I don't regret booting you out...but it has been on my mind. Even had a strange dream about it.
A strange dream?
Yeah, it was pretty messed up. You were in it, lying dead by the roadside.
You're right, that is messed up. Not exactly a premonition, though, unless you've got plans to off me yourself.
Yeah, well, careful what you wish for! Still, not a great feeling to see a guy I fired dead by the roadside. You know what the worst part is? Well, I'll tell you anyway.

Worried, eh?
Think about it... There can't be that many guys out there willing to take on a lazy-ass bum like you. And even if you did find someone, they'd likely fire you in three days. So if I don't take care of you, how do I know my dream won't come true?
So what're you saying?
I'm a reasonable guy. I figured you got enough going for you to make me give you another chance. But mark my words, this'll be the last chance I ever give you!

So basically Kyle got his job back because of a dream. Okay, game. Whatever you say.

My last chance. Got it.
So what's it gonna be? Do you accept?
... Guess I do.
Then it's settled. I'm not gonna just bring you back in though. No way. I'm gonna think of a way to test just how loyal you are. You'll be hearing from me. Anyway, I've got things to do.
Ed, wait up.
What is it?
I wanted to ask about that weird order sheet we talked about before.
Thought I was pretty clear about that. Throw it in the trash! If the client ain't happy to go through me, we don't do the job. Simple.
Rachel! You're up!

Music :Serenity

You're still sweating over that sheet, huh?
Yeah, can't forget the damn thing. Just can't seem to figure out why it came straight to me.
It's puzzling, I'll give you that.
Not only that... I had a run-in with our mutual friend, Rex Foster.
You did?
Yeah, I caught him skulking in the café in my apartment building. A real shady guy. Seems he's been snooping into my past too. I want to find out all there is about him. That's where you come in. Don't suppose you could do a bit of sniffing around, could you?

Fighting a stalker by stalking (indirectly), eh?

Will do, handsome. I'll give you a call as soon as something turns up.
I'm counting on you, Rachel.

Music: Heating Up

And a jet of cold, refreshing water streams out.

Who's there?

Before we answer the door, let's see the profiles of the characters we met in Chapter 2.

Music: Sobering Dream

We have new descriptions for new people and an updated description for Rex Foster.

You know these people are going to be important if they have their own profiles. Now let's open the door.

Mrs Patrice!

Music: Blue Lady
Glad I caught you while you were at home.
Is there something I can help you with?
Come now, Mr Hyde. Are you telling me you've forgotten our chat from the other day?
Which chat would that be?

Ummm... Let me think for a moment here

Mr Hyde! I am of course referring to the subject we discussed in the lobby the other day.

Ummm... Nope. Not a clue

New Music: Legless Tango
Of all people, I never expected you to play the innocent with me, Mr Hyde.
Come again?
I can see right through your feeble attempt to pull the wool over my eyes. You're not the first person to try, you know.
In light of your appalling behaviour, please vacate these premises at once!
Now, hang on!
In fact, if you're not gone by tomorrow, I shall call the police.
Good day, Mr Hyde.

Mags drops her bombshell and walks away.

Wow. That's harsh.

Music: Dream's End
Come on, this is crazy!
(How did it get to this? Why didn't I just own up and tell her I didn't have the cash?)

Perfect. Just perfect.
Why didn't I just come clean and answer her honestly?
Maybe if I had, I wouldn't have been kicked out of the apartment like this.

Tony: 2
Mags: 1

And that is why we press further whenever that option comes up. Apparently, not pressing twice counts as Kyle trying to weasel out of the debt.

Music: Blue Lady

Let's actually press this time.


Don't have a clue.

Don't have a clue.

Margaret is probably contemplating about whether to kick him out or not. I guess being direct is the way that yields the best results in this universe.

But you can't wriggle out of it that easily. Simply put, I'd like the rent.
Do I have your attention now, Mr Hyde?

I have a feeling that she's actually enjoying this...

Good. I'll be expecting both this month's and last month's rent. $400 in total.
Roger that.

But we're responsible! Of course we remember*!
*After being rudely reminded.

I think it's coming back to me.

I think it's coming back to me.
It was about the rent, right?
Precisely. Glad you were able to remember.
How could I possibly let my highest priority fall by the wayside?
Good. I'll be expecting both this month's and last month's rent. $400 in total.
Roger that.

Both choices converge here. If we pressed the first time, the choices will be similar to these. The 'forget' choice is pretty much the same while the 'remember choice will have Kyle remember it from the start and Mags being impressed by it.

Mrs Patrice, could I ask you something?
Perhaps. What is it?
I overheard some gossip about an incident that happened here 13 years ago.
Are the rumours true?
Now, Mr Hyde. I thought you'd know better than to pay attention to idle gossip and rumours.
I really must be on my way.

Mrs Patrice walks away.

(Time to pay up, I guess.)
(Doesn't sound like anything a trip to the bank can't solve.)
(I'm pretty sure I've got enough left in there to cover it.)

Next update: Going to the bank! It's as exciting as it sounds.

Today's Saturday, the bank's closed.

Well, ATMs already exist at this time, so you could just use that.

To make matters worse, the ATM won't recognise my card anymore. Now I'm really stuck.

Yeah, this is EXACTLY the kind of stuff that Hyde would put off solving, which then bites him in the ass.

How the hell am I gonna get my hands on the rent money now?
(Wait. I think I might still have some cash stuffed into the wallet in my suitcase. If I put that together with whatever cash is lying around, I might have $400.)