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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

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Part 26: Solving a Puzzle

Music: Ace of Diamonds

Right. Let's not act suspicious this time.

Okay, I need it to smash open a bottle.

Okay, I need it to smash open a bottle.
Why'd you need to do that?
There's something inside I need to get my hands on. I've tried everything else, but nothing short of smashing it is gonna work.
That's quite a fix you're in there.
I think I'm good to help you out.
Just hang around here for a little while.
Why should I do that?
Simple. I left my toolbox in my car and it's got my hammer inside.
Won't take me long, I'll be back before you know it.

Dylan leaves to go to his car.

Music: Overstepped Memory

You go do that. Meanwhile, we'll snoop look around your room.

Music: Hidden Proof

Top case Preserved insect specimens are on display in a case.
Left case There's a case with pressed butterflies on display. Various breeds of butterfly are held in place with pins.
(There sure are a lot of butterflies.)
(Seems fitting for Dylan. He always acts like he's got butterflies in his stomach.)

Bottom case It's an insect display case.
Crystal 1 Part of Dylan's crystal collection. A translucent blueish crystal with a smooth surface.
Crystal 2 Part of Dylan's crystal collection. This crystal is white and orange. It feels rough to the touch.
Crystal 3 Part of Dylan's crystal collection. This crystal is a dark blue colour that looks different from every angle.
Crystal 4 Part of Dylan's crystal collection. A pink crystal with white veins running through it.
Crystal 5 Part of Dylan's crystal collection. This crystal is light blue and appears to have some air bubbles in it.
(I'm sure I've seen a piece of jewellery somewhere with a crystal like this.)
Crystal 6 Part of Dylan's crystal collection. This one is blue and has a million tiny scratches that diffuse the light.
Crystal 7 Part of Dylan's crystal collection. It's pale green and looks like it's been polished.
Bookcase This bookcase is home to Dylan's collection.
Toolbox A toolbox with a handle. Looks pretty new.
(He must use this toolbox for this work.)
Left books These books are about different kinds of crystals.
Right books These books are about insects.

At least Dylan's dedicated to his hobby.

Lamp There's a desk lamp in this corner. The switch for it clicks in and out.
(This looks new. I'll bet he got it recently.)
Newspaper There's a newspaper lying on the desk. It reads:

has been hitting numerous LA jewelers over the last month has struck again, this time at a jewelry store in Pasadena. The details of the theft fit the burglar's modus operandi, connecting this to previous robberies in the city. Due to the increasing frequency of the robberies, the LAPD are now focusing all of their efforts and manpower into apprehending the criminal.
(Another jewellery robbery?)
Book There's an open notebook on top of the table.

Zoomed-in book There's a sketch in the corner. It's of a bird spreading its wings.
Magnifying glass Dylan has a small magnifying glass on top of the notebook.
Blue crystal There are some raw crystals on the desk. This one is a dull blue shade and has a rough surface.
Green crystal There are some raw crystals on the desk.
(I've seen this type of crystal before.)
(I don't remember what it's called, though.)
Window With the light shining right on the blind, you can see al lthe dust that's piled up.
Books Unsurprisingly, these books are all about bug collecting or crystals.
Case There's a butterfly display case on the desk.
Tools These look like the tools for making a display case, including preservative and tweezers.
(I guess Dylan made all his decorations on his own.)

Moving on to things not related to butterflies or crystals...


That's not a painting, Kyle.

Sofa There's a blue sofa by the window. Looks like there's room for two, maybe three.
(It matches all the other furniture in the room. I wouldn't have expected Dylan to be so coordinated.)
Window I better not blow on this blind...unless I want a face full of dust.
Table It's a coffee table with nothing on it. Not even any coffee.

Left window The blind is completely closed.
(It looks like he keeps all his blinds that way.)
Right window The blind is completely closed. I can just barely see out through the gaps.
Fridge It's a little old refrigerator. The motor's really loud. Must be annoying having it this close to his bed.
Radio Dylan has a radio next to his bed. It's one of the latest models that also plays cassette tapes.
Phone Yes, it's a telephone.
Drawers There's a chest of drawers next to the bed.

Really, game? There's nothing to examine here!

Tissue This is where Dylan keeps his toilet paper. Fascinating.
Toilet The toilet is a little stained. I don't think I'll investigate further.
Towels The towels are folded neatly.
Bottles I can see some shampoo and shower gel at the bottom of the cabinet.
Bathtub Rub-a-dub-dub...
Curtain The shower curtian is green and has a kind of grid pattern on it.
Faucet I assume these taps are for the bath. Just an assumption. They look a little rusted, actually.
Shower head The same antiquated shower head that's in my room. I can see some small drops of water on it.

Mirror It's a mirror. Actually, this whole corner is like a mirror image of my room.
Sink shelf I can't see anything on the shelf. He must keep it free just in case.
Wash sink It's a wash basin.
Top left shelf Nothing in here.
Top right shelf These cupboards are totally bare. It was barely even worth looking.
Kitchen sink No dirty dishes in the sink.
Bottom left There are a few pots in the cupboards at the bottom.
Bottom right This is where Dylan keeps his spatulas, carving knives and slotted spoons.
Exhaust The extractor feels rough from all the grime. Hey, why am I touching it?
Stove The stove isn't too dirty at least.
Left cupboard In the corner is one of those locking cupboards that all these rooms have.
(The door is practically falling off.)
Right cupboard The shelves in here are chock-full of plates, cups and whatever else.
(I'm genuinely surprised by how much crockery Dylan has. And by how much I care.)
Bottom cupboard It looks like something got spilt down here.

Closet This closet is showing its age. The varnish looks like it's peeling off.
Lake "painting" A jigsaw puzzle with a picture of a lake during winter has been framed and hung up.
Bed The bed sheets have been laid out neatly.

Angel "painting" I notice a framed jigsaw puzzle on the wall depicting an angel.

Angel puzzle

That painting... It's "Angel Opening a Door", by Osterzone. Can't believe that thing's hanging up here of all places.
(The original artwork was stolen from a New York art museum. The people who took it were part of the Nile crime syndicate.)

This painting was an important plot point in Hotel Dusk. It's Osterzone's masterpiece.

This reference also appears in the bookmark for the novel.

Wonder if Dylan made this puzzle.
It's certainly beginning to show its age, too. Plus the frame is absolutely covered in dust.
Let me try to clean it up a little...

*dropping sound*

Should've seen that coming.

Now the whole thing's in pieces.
This really isn't my day.

Yeah, let's just keep it like that.

No time to consider my options, I've got to get this thing back to how it was.

The dropped puzzle can be seen in the map and examination screen. I don't think this shows anytime else.

We can't leave the room until Dylan comes and he won't come until we finish the puzzle, so let's do just that. I won't bother showing how to solve the puzzle.

That should just about do it.

*door open*

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Sorry about the wait.
Didn't really notice the time, to be honest.
That's good then. Anyway, the hammer wasn't where I thought it was...
That's why I couldn't get back here earlier.
Don't fret, you're back now.
Well, er...yeah.
So, here's your hammer, Mr Hyde.

Just remember to return it when you're done.
Wasn't planning on selling it, you know.
Dylan, there's one more thing...
There is?
The puzzle with the angel hanging on your wall...
Did you put it together yourself?
Yeah, jigsaw puzzles pass the time between repair jobs.
Is there something you'd like to say?
Just that I've seen the painting your puzzle is based on before.
Didn't think you'd be into art, Mr Hyde.

Painted by an artist going by the name of Osterzone. Damn good work too. The original was stolen years ago from a museum in New York.
I got the puzzle from a friend... It was a gift to remember our friendship.
But I had no idea it was based on something well-known.
Anyway, time I was off.

Is that a British thing or just a localization mistake? It's hard to tell sometimes.

Sure, no problem.

I make for the door and leave Dylan's room.