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Part 27: Paying the Rent

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Heating Up

Use hammer on bottle

Right, time to give this a go.

Just tap the bottle to smash it. Surely Kyle can't screw up smashing open a bottle, right?

Now let's see how much was inside this thing...

If I add that to the money I took out of my wallet earlier, looks like I can pay the rent.

You know, assuming you didn't get scammed again.

Before we give up our money, let's look at it first.

The bills has the same picture but different name while the quarters have the same name but different picture depending on how much we have.

Music: Overstepped Memory

Music: Blue Lady

Sorry about the wait. I've got the money for the rent.
Excellent. I'm glad to hear it.
Please, come in.

New area means new things to examine.

Music: Hidden Proof

Left vase It's a blue ceramic vase. The flowers in it are pure white.
Plate A commemorative plate with a gilded floral design around the edge.
(The attention to detail seems incredible.)
(It must be worth a fortune.)
Left frame The photos in this small frame appear to be of wheat fields.
Middle vase This is a vase made of white ceramic. It's painted with an elegant floral design.
(Now that I think, everything in this room has some kind of flowery pattern on it.)
(I guess that's just what Mags is into.)
Right frame This little photo frame has photos of forests in it.
Right vase It's a blue ceramic vase. The flowers in it are also blue. In fact, they almost match the vase.
Lamp At this end is a traditional-looking table lamp. Its glow lights up the space around it. I feel illuminated already.

Left chair This appears to be an antique chair. Some of the flowers that make up the design on the fabric are a little faded.
Right chair This chair looks like it could be an antique. The fabric has a floral design.
(It's exactly like the one on the left. Mags must have bought them as a set.)
Table A little wooden table with oddly-shaped legs is set against the wall. The surface is quite damaged, but thte texture of the wood is beautiful.
Lamp It's a small table lamp with a round shade.
Painting There's an oil painting on the wall that commands attention. Depicted on the canvas is a bowl overflowing with fruit.
(This thing looks pricey.)

Moving on to Mags' actual room.

(So this is what Mags's room looks like from the inside. I've been living above her for four years, but this is the first time I've been in here.)

Lamp There's a floor lamp in the corner. It's pretty tall.
Cabinet It's another one of these wooden cabinets. It's been covered with a large frilly tablecloth. Among other things, there are a TV and some photo frames sat on it.
Vase The vase is simple and elegant. There are flowers in it, but I don't know what they're called. Flowers aren't really my thing.
Plate A commemorative plate. Not sure what it's commemorating though.
Bottom right frame

The photo is of a man playing the tenor saxophone.
Bottom left frame

The photo is of a cheerful young woman.
Top right frame

Top left frame

TV Mags's television seems a little on the small side.

Chair The armchair matches the sofa.
Table A wooden coffee table with a square lace tablecloth on top of it.
Sofa A two-seater sofa with a floral design. There's not a speck of dirt or dust on it.
Cushions The sofa has two cushions on it. They have the same design, but the colours are different.

Left window Through the window I can see what's going on outside. The alley behind the building isn't exactly full of excitement.
(This is the first time I've ever seen that back alley from the first floor.)
Left curtains There are curtains on Mags's windows. Vital for keeping prying eyes out. They're open at the moment though, and gathered on both sides.
Painting A large oil painting hangs over the fireplace. Big surprise, it's more flowers. The painting is signed by the artist, but I don't recognise the name.
(The only artist I know anything about is Osterzone.)
Left lamp There's a thin lamp sitting on the mantelpiece.
Vase This vase of flowers add a little more colour to the mantelpiece.
Right lamp There's a thin lamp sitting on the mantelpiece.
(It looks like the slightest breeze would topple it. I'll keep my distance.)
Fireplace I'd say the huge fireplace is probably the centrepiece of this room.
Right window Through the window I can see what's going on outside. The answer is...not a lot.
Right curtains Mags has pink curtains. Too long in this room and it might become my favourite colour.

Before we talk to Mags, let's go through the door.

Mr Hyde!
Please don't enter that room.

Hmm... Suspicious.

Music: Blue Lady
Here's money for the rent.

Music: Gusty Town

Show others
Why are you showing me this?

Show $405

Music: Blue Lady
I hand Mags the $400 I owe for the rent.

Many thanks.
It appears to be all here.
Sorry it took me so long to pay up.
I think I can see my way clear to forgiving you this time, Mr Hyde.

Mags: At least you didn't try to just ignore me. I would've kick you out if that's the case.

I wish I could make this an example to the other residents.
They're not all like you, Mr Hyde. Some have still yet to pay me what they owe.
At my last count, there were still two tenants who are behind on what they owe.

(Two tenants?)

Music: Gusty Town
Who's behind on their rent?

Who's behind on their rent?

I chose my smiley carefully for everyone.

(Marie from 206? She didn't strike me as the kind who'd fall behind.)
From what I can tell, Mr Wolf is out of work...
And Ms Rivet, unfortunately, is a widow like myself.
I can see they have their reasons, but...
My point is, I know people can be hit by circumstances beyond their control...
But my apartments are not a charity and they should make an effort to pay up.
I hate to ask, but would you be willing to have a word with them for me?

Music: Blue Lady
Oh, but while you're here...
Would you care for some tea, Mr Hyde?
If memory serves, we haven't really had much time to chat up until now.
Sorry, but I'll have to pass. Got things I need to take care of.

I hope I haven't said anything to offend you.
No, it's nothing like that.
Then I see no reason why we can't have at least a little chat together.
Well, if you insist.
I do.

I have a feeling that Mags will regret this.

I often reminisce about the past, Mr Hyde.
You do?
Yes, especially about things that happened a long time ago.
I find myself doing it more and more as the day we all have to leave gets closer.
I can't help myself. Before I realise it, my mind gets lost in the past.
What kind of things do you think about?
Well, there's my late husband, for one.

(Your husband?)

About the time we bought this place when it was just a closed-down hotel.
Lots of things, really.