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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 32: Rex Foster

Music: Overstepped Memory

Rex is still hanging out loitering doing a stakeout in here.

Have you got a moment?
You again? Don't you ever quit?
There's no need to get worked up this time...
I was just about to leave anyway.
Catch you later, Kyle.

New Music: Resolution

What is it now?
Looks like you're out of luck. I know why you're here.
And what do you think you know?
Everything I need to know.
I doubt that.
For starters, I know exactly why you've been poking around the building. It's been bugging me for a while now. It's been buzzing around me all the time like an annoying fly.
Is that all you have to say?
Not quite. I now know it's my job to drive that fly away.
So you're saying I'm a fly now, are you?
You've got nothing on me!
Listen up, Rex.
You've been targeting Marie Rivet and don't try to deny it!
She's the one you're after.


You don't fool me!

You don't fool me! I know exactly what you're up to!
And what do you think you know?
I know that you're behind planting this.
I have no idea what you're talking about.

Show bugging device

Can you identify this?
I fond it hidden on the Christmas tree in Lucky's Café. It just happened to be right next to the seat Marie uses when she goes there. Isn't that a coincidence?

New Music: Sharpened Blade
I knew the reason why you've been following Marie. You planted a bugging device in her room.
Is that so?
And I suppose you've got plenty of evidence to back this up, have you?
I haven't got absolute proof, but you're the only one round here likely to do it.
Give it up, Kyle, you can't prove anything.
Make no mistake...
I'm a salesman now, not a cop.
I've got no interest in handing you over to the police.
Then why are you being so protective of the woman?
I just want some answers!
I want to know exactly why you'd do something like that.
Well, well...
I'd have thought you'd have guessed by now, but it looks like you're not smart enough.

Confrontations are denoted with special music and red questions.

Has she been telling you stories, Kyle?
Actually, we did speak, but it was mostly about you. We talked about your bugging device and the fact you're practically stalking her.
That's what she said, is it?

Hold it!

She hasn't done anything to me!

You're talking bull! She hasn't tried any funny business.
Doesn't look that way from where I'm standing.
I'm sure she turned on the waterworks and you fell for it the very next second.

Unlike usual, I'm going to follow a line of questioning up until the end for confrontations.

Why are you investigating Marie?

Is there any particular reason you're following her?
That's none of your business.
Tell me! I told you, I know who you are. So you might as well tell me why you're here!
I know all about you being an insurance investigator, Rex.
So you found out?
I also found out about your reputation. Why are you keeping tabs on Marie?
Since you already know who I am, guess there's no harm in letting you know.
I work for the insurance company that Marie's husband had a policy with. It's in the company's interest to keep tabs on her as she's guilty of...
Tell me Rex...

I think we all know why Rex would go to such extent in his investigation.

Do you think she's committing fraud?

Do you think she's committing fraud?

There's more to the car accident that killed her husband than she's letting on.
And I suppose you have proof to back up these accusations?
If I did, would I really need to waste my time poking around here? You know, in the business they call me the Vulture.
Sure, my fee's a little high but it's cheaper than the company paying out the amount she's due.
And the last thing the insurance companies want...

So, she's committed fraud before?

Tell me about the fraud she committed in the past.
After her brother died 13 years ago, she was the sole beneficiary of his policy. And what's fishy about the whole thing is that he died in a car accident too.

What kind of person do you think she is?

So what kind of woman do you think Marie is?
To put it bluntly, she's a specialist in fraud. She's so used to fabricating things that it doesn't even register for her any more.
You're not trying to tell me you fell for her story, are you?
Maybe I did, a little.

We know Marie longer than Rex. And he hasn't really given us any reason to trust him.

I trust her more than I trust you.

I trust her more than I trust you.
Yeah? Well, I hope you got a good reason for that.
Let's just say I"m a good judge of character.
Don't make me laugh!
Probably about time you had your senses checked if you think she's clean.
Oh, and why's that?
Because you don't know the first thing about that woman, that's why!
The only thing she's got going for her is the ability to lie.

So she's cheated people before?

So she's cheated people before?
Of course she has.
If she hadn't, do you really think I'd be involved at all?

New Music: Deep Distrust
So you finally get it, Kyle? It must be clear why I'm keeping tabs on Marie now. I'm only checking you and the building out to learn more about her.
And you know what the most interesting part is? While I was focusing my attention on her, I stumbled across some other titbits too.
(What kind of titbits?)
Rex, one question. Do you know something about what happened here 13 years ago?
Of course I do!
Then you probably know about the Scarlet Star too.

That's the thing Kyle is supposed to be searching for. It's easy to forget among everything else that happened recently.

The Scarlet Star?
Yeah, it disappeared 25 years ago.
Well well, isn't that just the craziest coincidence. To think that you of all people are asking me about that.
After all, the person who knew the most about that was none other than...

Hold it right there, Foster!
Easy, Kyle.
You should be thanking me. I'm telling you all this for free.
People usually pay good money for the facts I uncover.
More fool them.
Anyway, I'm outta here.
Wait! I'm not done with you yet!

Music stops

(Dammit, he fled. How the hell did my dad get drawn into this? And how is he connected to the Scarlet Star?)
(Marie's past fraud, the murder of 13 years ago... The mysterious order sheet...)
(What's the link between all these things?)
(I think it's time I tried to get my thoughts straight.)

Now let's try messing up the confrontation

Music: Resolution

During the "pressing" phase, you can either pick the correct option to move on or pick the wrong option to loop. Not pressing gives negligible dialogue, so I'm just showing the ones we get for picking the wrong choice.

Am I wrong?

Am I wrong?

It's clear you were a detective.
Apply just the right amount of pressure and the suspect will say anything.
That's got nothing to do with this. Answer my questions!
Watch your tone, Kyle!

Loop and skip to the next choice.

Music: Sharpened Blade

Leave Marie alone!

Leave Marie alone!

Why are you so interested in her anyway?
She's just an acquaintance, that's all.
If that's the case, why not just leave well alone and let me do my job?
You know I can't do that. Like I told you, I plan on getting rid of that annoying fly buzzing around.
So you keep saying.

Loop and skip.

I somehow just realized that the question screen is redder than usual.

Why are you investigating Marie?

Are you investigating her insurance arrears?

Are you investigating her insurance arrears?

I couldn't care less about that.
Then what?
You didn't seriously think I was here playing the part of a debt-collector, did you?
You couldn't be further from the truth if you tried.

Rex is very disappointed with us

What kind of person do you think she is?

I never trusted her at all.

I never trusted her at all.

Straight up.
I must say I'm surprised.
How so?
I had you figured as the kind of guy who'd fall right into her web of lies.
If you don't trust her, why are you getting on my case?
That's none of your business.
Do you even know what you're doing most of the time?

Rex is even more disappointed now with us

Music: Joke's On You
Hey, Kyle.
Looks like your senses need a bit of fine-tuning.

I would say here, but he's actually kinda right. At least for this confrontation.


Music stops

It has been quite a while since I left the force... But my senses are nowhere near as out-of-shape as he thinks.

Music: Dream's End

Tony: 3
Mags: 1
Dylan: 1
Rex: 1

Yeah, this Game Over is kinda stupid. It happens if we pick the choices incorrectly for the second half. The choices in the first half doesn't actually affect anything (as far as I know).