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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

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Part 36: Calling Rachel

Music: Heating Up


Time to call Rachel...

And then we go to the minigame where we press play. It's exactly the same as the one we did in the first chapter.

"If you wish to accept my order, then respond in kind."

Who is this guy?

"Put a penny in the envelope,and leave it in the mailbox for room 404. When I receive your response, I will send further information about the item and the client."

... (So now I'm supposed to reply to that order sheet? Who sent the damn thing anyway? I've really gotta figure that out.)

You would've figured it out faster if you weren't sidetracked by stalkers and murders

*pager beeps*

There goes my pager again.

*Kyle calls Rachel*

Music :Serenity
Rachel, it's me. Something up?
I got some additional info on Rex Foster that I thought you'd like to hear. I also uncovered something about Hotel Cape West.
Good work. What's the dirt on Rex?
I've made some calls and it seems his reputation precedes him. He's definitely freelance. Plus, I found out he's contracted on a commission basis.
Commission basis?
Yes. Seems he makes all his money doing this kind of work. The rumours about him getting brought in to investigate insurance claims, and the insurers ending up not having to issue payout to the policy holders are also true.
Guess the insurance companies must love the guy then.F rom their point of view, he represents a very valuable commodity. Paying him for his services costs them far less than settling the policy payouts.
That makes sense.
Hey, Kyle... Is Rex after someone in the building?
Seems to be.
Do you know anything about them?

Marie? So it's a woman he's after.
Yeah, a 30-something widow who moved here about half a year ago.
So, are you close to her?
Not really, I've hardly even spoken to her until now. I did have a chat with her about Rex Foster though. Him hanging around all the time has really put her on the edge.
Seems strange you're having these kinds of discussions with people you hardly know.
Trust me, I never planned on getting involved, it just kind of happened.
Guess you know what you're doing. Can't say I'd trust her though.
Right. Okay, tell me what you dug up about Hotel Cape West.
Hotel Cape West was constructed in 1950 and eventually closed down 13 years ago, in 1967. The owner of the hotel at the time was a guy called Michael McGrath. Then, on the final day before the hotel closed down, a party was held by the owner. It was during this party that something terrible happened. Somebody was murdered.

You know, Rachel's purpose is mostly just to give Kyle plot-critical information. She's still great , though, especially when dunking on Kyle.

What do you know about the murder?

Her body was discovered in a room on the fourth floor. Seems the cause of death was put down to cyanide poisoning.

(Peter Rivet? That's the same surname as Marie!)
Perhaps the most interesting part of all this is that the case was never solved,
And the murderer never caught. That's all I have on it for now.
Did you find any dirt on anything that happened 25 years ago?
25 years ago?
Yeah, that mysterious order sheet I received read: "Item: Locate the Scarlet Star, which disappeared at Hotel Cape West 25 years ago."
No, I didn't find anything on that, but I'll start searching. I'll let you know as soon as something pops up.
I'll be waiting.

*Rachel hangs up*

(So the murder 13 years ago took place on the fourth floor of this building, and the person who discovered the body was an employee of the hotel.)
(Sounds too convenient, but could it have been Marie's late husband?)
(Something Dylan said has got me thinking, too. Maybe Marie is hiding something. If she is, I need to know exactly what it is.)

Music: Heating Up
Music: Overstepped Memory

That means it's time to talk to Marie again. She's gotten very relevant lately, haven't she? I think she has at least 5 times more screentime than Charles by this point.


I think I know something about the bugging device we discussed. Probably a good idea if we talked about it.
Of course. Please, come in.

Before we talk to her, let's take a look at our notebook since a bunch of characters have been added.

Music: Sobering Dream

This one is added after the chat in Mags' room. Which means that her husband will be important.

I don't know how Kyle could've known what these people look like since he never met them.

Descriptions are actually updated after confrontations in this game, unlike Hotel Dusk.

Also, here's another Audience Participation

The question is: How can we get the penny? And how can we actually grab it?

Here's a few hints: