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Part 37: Marie Rivet

Music: Resolution

I told you the second confrontation will be earlier than you'd think.

I found out that the device you spotted is part of Rex's handiwork.
Just as I suspected!
To make matters worse, this wasn't the only one he'd planted. There was another device in Lucky's Café, near the seat you usually sit at.
Oh my...
Why would he do something like that? What possible reason could he have?
I need you to be absolutely honest with me.
If you can think of a reason why he'd be after you, you have to let me know.
Just what are you implying, Mr Hyde, that I'm some sort of liar?
I just need to be sure. Do you have any idea? Can you think why he'd target you like this?
I don't know why you insist on asking me the same thing over and over. I have no idea!
I'm asking because I want you to tell me the truth.
Mr Hyde...

I think you're hiding something, Marie, and I think it's time you came clean.
I had an interesting chat with Rex last night.
You were talking with...him?
I tried to get him to stop pestering you and leave.
Did you succeed?
Not quite, but he told me some really interesting bits of information. Actually, he warned me about getting tied up in your business.
What on earth did he mean by that?

So tell me, did you know that he works as an insurance claims investigator?
Mr Hyde, I... I...
And if you did know, why the hell didn't you mention it earlier?
It would've saved a lot of time and trouble!

To be fair, you're immediately told about Rex by Rachel after Marie's request, so it's not like it would make that much of a difference.

Is there any truth in what Rex told me?

Well, is there?


Look me in the eyes!

Look me in the eyes! Dammit, look me in the eyes when I'm speaking to you!
Nr Hyde, please, tell me what that awful man said to you.
Let me be clear. I don't trust the guy and sure as hell don't believe his story entirely. But I need to get a better idea of the facts from your perspective. I need to know more about when your husband and brother died.
Mr Hyde, please.

Rex told me all about you, Marie. He told me how, 13 years ago, after your brother died in the accident, you became the sole beneficiary of the insurance policy payout.
Seems the insurance company started getting suspicious from that point.


Is Rex making this all up?

Is Rex making this all up?
Of course he is! Do you mean to say that you'd take his version of events over mine, Mr Hyde?
He is employed by those companies purely to discredit claims and void payments! I can just imagine all the horrible things he's saying about me! I'm not like that!

Music: Sharpened Blade

Are you trying to commit insurance fraud?

Are you trying to commit insurance fraud?
Why would I even consider doing that? Is that the kind of person you think I am?

Again, who do we trust? The stalker that have a perfect track record or the tenant whom we're trying to get information out of?

Well, no, but...

Well, no, but...
If you don't start giving me absolute facts, what choice will I be left with?
Naturally, I want you to believe me, Mr Hyde.

What could be so difficult for you?

What could be so difficult for you?
If I tell you, will you hear me out?
I wouldn't ask if I had no intention of listening. If there's something you've been holding back, now's the right time to let me know.
There is something...
As I suspected. Time to talk.
Yes, you're right.
Half a year ago, after Peter had lost his life and the police called me...
Naturally, I cried and cried, but deep down...
A part of me felt like I had been released. The only rational explanation was that I was feeling pleased to be apart from Peter.

This already happened 13 years ago?

This already happened 13 years ago?
13 years ago, Mike Porter, died in a car accident.
The brakes in his car failed and he plunged off a cliff.
After he died, I was truly alone. He was the closest person I had to a parent.
The only other person who took care of me like he did was Peter. On the morning of Mike's funeral, Peter gave me an envelope he'd got from Mike.
Inside, I found details of an insurance premium Mike had taken out prior to his death. I was the sole beneficiary of this, but it was a small comfort for losing my brother.
Peter told me that Mike wanted nothing more than for me to be happy and secure, and had made provisions that would enable me to live alone without having to worry.

I see.
The company that held Mike's policy began to pay out the premium, but before long they stopped making the payments.
Despite the police investigation concluding that his death was accidental, the insurance company believed otherwise and began their own investigation.
Mr Hyde, can you imagine the hardships I had to endure to claim Mike's money?
To claim what was rightfully mine?
Did they send someone to keep tabs on you then, too?
Yes, they did. But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't find any proof that the car crash was anything other than an accident. Eventually, I received the entire payment.

During that trying time, it was only Mike's friend, Peter, who stood by me. And after the insurance had been paid out in full, Peter and I got married.
So that's how it happened.
I want nothing more than to forget that terrible time.

I can assure you, Mr Hyde, fraud is something I would never, ever consider. You have to believe me! Don't listen to that rat, Rex Foster!

You have to make me believe

You have to make me believe.
It just doesn't add up. How could two people close to you die in near-identical ways? Moreover, they both left you substantial sums of money.
But that's how it happened! They were both victims of similar accidents and both cared for me enough to take out insurance policies that would ensure my security. They loved me and didn't want me to suffer, even after they had gone.
Just like my brother, Peter also took out his policy without telling me.

Pretty much the same question as before.

How did you find out about Peter's policy?

How did you find out about Peter's policy?
It was after Peter died and I moved in here. I was going through his stuff and came across the policy information documents.
When I read the details, it all became clear and I froze.
Peter had done exactly what Mike had done before him and taken out a policy in secret.

Music: Deep Distrust
Mr Hyde.
After Mike died 13 years ago... I was left to fend for myself. That is, until Peter started looking after me. We wed after the insurance money from Mike's policy was paid out.
But I was still unsettled. Did he really love me, or did he have another motive for marrying me?
After all, I had just been awarded a very substantial amount of money.
It was on my mind all the time, from the moment we moved in together until he died.
After we got married, Peter began to use Mike's money to fund a business venture. At first, it went well, but...
As time went on, things took a turn for the worst.
We started arguing about money a lot of the time. Each time we had an argument, I felt myself drifting away from him one step at a time.
If I'd known from the start that he'd had his eye on the money Mike left me,
I would have distanced myself from him more. It would have been an easy decision. I would have realised that this was not the kind of person I needed in my life.

Music stops

He was gone.
The brakes failed while he was driving and his car plunged off a cliff. It was virtually identical to what befell my brother, Mike.
They had one thing in common. They both decided to take out secret insurance policies. And they both named me as the person to receive the money in the event of their deaths. That's why I'm being investigated for fraud.
I've told them time and time again... I've done absolutely nothing wrong!
So you say.

Music: Deep Distrust
I've still got one more thing I want to ask you, Marie.
It's about the incident that happened in the hotel 13 years ago. Why did you pretend you didn't know about it when we spoke yesterday?
Especially seeing as your own husband, Peter Rivet,
Was the one who discovered the body of the murdered individual.
Mr Hyde!
It's true, he was the person who discovered the body on the fourth floor.

They discovered the body together.
I'm sorry I lied to you about this yesterday, Mr Hyde...
I just wasn't ready to talk about this subject.
So what happened?
After discovering the body, Mike wasn't the same. He began to act...strangely.
The next thing I knew, he had died in a car accident.
I strongly believe that, had he never made that discovery, he'd still be alive today.
Mr Hyde?
Now you know pretty much all there is to know about my past.
Please don't make me go through it all again.

I'm tougher than I look.
(Why do I have the feeling I've heard that somewhere before?)
(Right. It was after Dad died and we had moved to New York. My mom said exactly the same thing to me.)
Try not to spend too much time thinking about it.
Remember, we've only got a few more days in this building. If you find you need to get anything off your chest, give me a call.
You'll listen to what I have to say?
Yeah, sure. If you need to talk to someone.
Mr Hyde...
Marie, I know this is tough, but can I ask you one more thing? Did either Peter or Mike ever have a conversation with you that mentioned...
"Scarlet Star"?
Scarlet Star?
Well, they mentioned the word Star, I think.
I see.
If I recall correctly, it was while they were working. I distinctly remember that word being mentioned. My brother and husband used the word, along with others working in the hotel.
Do you remember what kind of meaning it had?

What kind of party was it?
Sorry, but that's something I can't help you with.
That's all I can remember.
Okay, no problem.
Anyway, I've got to go.
Of course.

*Kyle exits the room*

Music stops

(Also, the word "Star", that was used by hotel staff then, has some significance. Maybe that mysterious order sheet comes from someone connected to the hotel, too.)
(I can't figure out who sent it yet, but I can send back a response.)

I reach into the envelope and take out the piece of paper inside.

(Right. To reply, I'm gonna need a penny.)
(Don't have one on me, though... I'd better head back to my room and see what I can dig out.)

There's another hint: Everything we need to get the penny (including the penny itself) are inside Kyle's room.

Music: Resolution

Now let's see what happens if we're being a jerk.

Quit with the crying act!

Quit the crying act!

D-do you think I'm a liar, Mr Hyde? I thought I'd earned your trust. How can you believe what that man says over me?
I don't, but if you want me on your side, you've got to start talking, now!

Loop and skip.

I don't think you're telling me the truth

I don't think you're telling me the truth!

If you tell me the whole story, maybe I will. I'll ask you again...
Mr Hyde...

Music: Sharpened Blade

Show bugging device
Someone had left that in the café?
Show Pinkie Rabbit Land
I used to love Pinkie Rabbit when I was a little girl.
Show Pager or Pinkie Rabbit Land during confrontation
Mr Hyde, would you stop getting distracted? I thought you watned to talk to me.

As far as I know, Rex doesn't have any unique response for during the confrontation.

Are you trying to commit insurance fraud?

Actually, yes

Actually, yes.

I just can't believe you would trust him over me. Of all the people here, I thought you'd be on my side.
Marie, listen.

Kyle didn't say anything after that. Okay then.

This already happened 13 years ago?

I simply don't believe your story

I simply don't believe your story.

Rex seems convinced that the car accident was the result of someone's tampering. He even suspects you might have played a part in it. Well, did you?
So it's true, you believe him and his twisted views on this.
I really don't know what to say.

Music: Joke's On You
You're horrible, Mr Hyde, all you do is doubt everything I say!
I want nothing more to do with you!
Please leave, Mr Hyde! I have nothing more to say to you!
Come on, be reasonable.

Marie insists I leave and practically throws me out.

Looks like that didn't exactly go according to plan. I couldn't get Marie to talk.
Maybe I need to work on my questioning technique...

Music: Dream's End

Tony: 3
Mags: 1
Dylan: 1
Rex: 1
Marie: 1

This Game Over happens if we pick either of the choices in the questioning phase incorrectly.

On an unrelated note, try to figure out where the penny is and how to get it. All the needed items are within Kyle's room.