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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 40: Getting Punched Again

Music: Creeping Shadow

Let's investigate this room, considering that this is the only one we have access to right now.

Back sofa The striped pattern on this sofa is looking pretty faded.
Table It's a coffee table with rounded edges.
Front sofa I can barely even tell which parts of this armchair are dirt and which are stripes.
(All the dust doesn't help.)
Sink There's a wash basin in the corner of the room. There are cupboards underneath it, but I can't open them. They're broken.
Mirror My face is hidden behind all the dirt on this mirror...and I think it might be an improvement.

Tissue holder Guess I need to supply my own toilet paper.
Toilet It doesn't matter how much class the wooden seat adds, I'm not going near it.
Faucet I try to turn the taps on, but they're rusted in place.
(Not like I need to run a bath up here anyway.)
Bathtub The bathtub is mouldy. I'm glad I'm spending my day checking out mouldy bathtubs.

This reminds me of the video posted during the Hotel Dusk LP about dirty motel rooms. This part of the game brings back those memories. Thanks for that.

Left chair An abandoned chair. Why haven't they sold this stuff in a yard sale or something?

Table A table by the window. It would probably have been nice to sit here back in the day. Now it's just covered in these mysterious dark stains.
(I hope I won't catch anything from being in here.)
Right chair It's a chair. There sure is a lot of furniture going unused up here. Don't think I'll sit down. I'd only get dust all over myself.
Left curtains Ugh, it smells like the curtains aren't the only thing hanging in here.

Right curtains I don't need to poke my nose into the curtains. They have enough holes already.

Curtains The curtains are a delightful shade of lavender and mouldy green.
Newspapers Some large bundles of old newspapers are stacked up in the corner.
(Some parts look too damaged to read. They're really old newspapers.)
Chair I'll avoid sitting on this chair. I'm not convinced it'll still hold a grown man's weight.
Table The desk in this room is relatively small. It's also discoloured and a little bit unstable.
Lamp There's a small lamp on the edge of the desk.
Papers Some pieces of paper are scattered around on the desk.

Handprints There are visible handprints on the desk and on some of the papers.
(Someone must have been searching around here. Other than myself, I mean.)
Papers These are all sheets of Hotel Cape West's headed writing paper.

Top paper

What's this?

I can just about make out a star symbol underneath the layer of dust. It's also got Hotel Cape West written on it.

What kind of card is this? I can't make out the letters clearly enough.

Tapping it will just result in...

I've never seen so much dust in one place before...

So we'll have to get rid of the dust another way. Let's try blowing it.

This message exists literally to waste your time for 1 second. It won't appear if we stop blowing after a short while, but we're finished soon after this so it's no big deal.

This is kinda similar to the part in Hotel Dusk where you have to read an engraving on a pen using a chalk/flour, but we have to tap instead of blow there.

"We would like to thank you for your patronage at Hotel Cape West over the years and, in an attempt to show our gratitude, hereby invite you to attend a final party to mark the official closure. If you are able to afford the time, we look forward to your attendance on December 10th, 1967. Hotel Cape West Manager Michael McGrath"

So it's a party invitation from 13 years ago.
(The party on the night of December 10th, 1967 that left Kathy, the wife of the manager, dead.)

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Mr Hyde!
We're almost out of time. You should come out soon.

Oh. Dylan actually came to pick us up. That backs up the theory that Kyle's just impatient and thought it had been 30 minutes even though it hadn't.

Time's up already?
Just about.
The longer you stay in there, the more likely we are to get caught by Mrs Patrice. You'd better come out right away.
Yeah, I get the message.
(That's too bad, but better cut my losses for now.)

*they both exit back to the stairs*

Music stops

Did you find anything good in there?
Unfortunately not. Just a load of rooms filled with dust.
Not exacty the result you were hoping for.
(If I tell him everything I did up there, this chat could go on for ages.)

Not really. You just tried every door and grabbed a card from the only unlocked door after blowing the dust off it. That's not much.

Before I forget, even though you know how to get into the fourth floor now,
Try not to go up there when there are people around.
You don't want to get found out by the other tenants, especially Mrs Patrice!
Makes sense.
Okay, I have to go now.

Dylan says his piece and leaves.

(He's got a point. Last thing I need is people prying into my business. Think I'll hold back for a bit before making a return trip.)

We're coming back here before this chapter is done.

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall
Music: Overstepped Memory
Going down the stairs...

I can hear some raised voices coming from further down the hallway.

Hmm, what's going on here?

Looks like Tony and Frank are having a bit of a disagreement about something.

This should be interesting.

Music: Shadowy Men

I'm telling you, I don't know what the hell you're going on about!
Just admit it, you halfwit!


I'm getting a déjà vu here.

Spill it! What did you do?

Spill it! What did you do?

That's right, own up!
Hyde, what are you implying?
That face you just gave me was as guilty as they come.
You'd better come clean now. It'll save us all a lot of time and trouble.
You too? Why does everyone always blame me? I'm sick of it!

Music: Joke's On You
So that's how it is, is it? You think I'm a lazy bum just like they do! That's it, isn't it!

Don't you dare do what I think you're about to do!

Knowing everyone thinks that way about you really hurts, man! It hurts a lot!
I thought you were different, Hyde!

The exact same thing happened. I can even use the same GIF as before!

Kyle actually says "Agh!" here instead of "Ugh!"


Music: Dream's End
(Can't believe he hit me!)

Maybe I should've given Tony the benefit of the doubt and listened to what he had to say.

Tony: 4
Mags: 2
Dylan: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1