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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 45: Tony Wolf

Does everyone except Kyle knows how to get here?

Music: Shadowy Men
What're you doing all the way up here, man?
I could ask you the same question.
Yeah, well, I have...
You have what?
Dammit, man, I'm no good at keeping things secret.
Spit it out, Tony, what are you doing up here?
Okay, okay. I'll tell you, but first, tell me your reason for being up here.
I mean, you must have a reason, right?
Not really, just taking a stroll.
A stroll? You?
Yeah. Is that a crime now? I figure it'd be nice to see this floor before we all have to move out.

Even though the only thing you should've been able to see is the alarm system and fire door?

When I got to the top of the stairs, I saw that the fire door was open.
Now isn't that weird, that's the same reason I'm here!
I hate to ask, but could you make yourself scarce this time?
I wanna take a look around up here, but I wanna do it alone.

That's very fishy.

Music: Resolution

I'm glad Kyle's not being gullible this time.

Maybe you should go home and come back another time.
Come on, man, take a hike and leave me in peace up here.
Why are you so keen on being alone?
Just trust me on this. If you hang around, it's all gonna go wrong and I won't get the cash.
Cash? What cash?
Just forget about that, it's my business.
I'm getting a pretty clear picture of you, Tony.
You call Mags to tell her the rent's coming soon. Also, Betty's thinking you're gonna buy her a snazzy Christmas present.
Where's all this money coming from?
It's my business! It's got absolutely nothing to do with you!
How're you getting all the money to pay for these things?
I've got something lined up, that's all.
What have you got lined up?


You planning on ripping somebody off?

Wo-would I do a thing like that?

Yes. Absolutely.

Tony, you'd better come clean, or else!
Hyde, wait a sec...

So why are you hanging around up here?
Look, Hyde, I'm begging you.
Let's have this chat another time.
This time I have to be alone. Just turn around and leave, will you?
And you expect me to just do what you say?
Please, Hyde.
If you don't take my advice, things could turn nasty up here.
Turn nasty? Who's planning on paying you a visit?

Let me guess...

You're expecting Frank

You're expecting Frank, right?
Please. Go back to your room.

Music: Sharpened Blade

So you are planning something!

Just what the hell are you up to?
I... I can't tell you.
I just can't.
(Just what is Tony hiding? I didn't have enough of the facts to pressure him further.)

What's this plan you're talking about?

What's this plan you're talking about?
I... I can't tell you.
I just can't.
(Just what is Tony hiding? I didn't have enough of the facts to pressure him further.)

Show crossword or wining bottle cap (and probably entry slip or Pinkie Rabbit Land too)
I don't get why you're showing me this, man.
It's not gonna make me talk.
Show others
What's up with this?

Well, this is going nowhere. We're going to have to look for clues elsewhere.

Tony, wait here for a while.

Music: Creeping Shadow
I'm sure Frank has something to do with this.

(Tony's still inside. I'd beter leave this open.)

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall
Music: Overstepped Memory


Just wanted to ask you something.
What is it now?
It's about why you were up in room 404.
Were you hoping to meet somebody while you were up there?
Actually, Tony called me up there.
(Just as I suspected.)
Do you know why?
I haven't got a clue.
He just said something about having an important topic that we needed to discuss.
Did you end up meeting him then?

I see.
Anyway, I'm sick to the back teeth of this subject.
And I'm too busy to stand here and talk to you. Please leave.
Not yet, I still have to ask you something.
Did you get your tape back in the end?
No, I'm still looking.
(Now that's interesting.)
Are we quite done now? I have things to do!

Frank retreats back into his room.

(So that's how it went down.)

Knock again "Please leave, I'm too busy!" Frank's voice echoes from within his room.

All right, now we can actually grill Tony.

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall
Music: Creeping Shadow

What is it?

Before we actually grill Tony, though, let's see what happens if we mess up during the pressing phase.

You planning on ripping me off?

You planning on ripping me off?

Well, if it's not that, tell me where this cash is going to materialise from!
That's something I can't say.
Look at me, Tony!
Don't make me ask you again.

I would say loop and skip here, but there's actually another way to proceed here.

Don't press

It's no use staring at me like that, I'm not gonna crack!
I can't say, didn't you hear me before?
Just have the decency to leave it alone.
And quit with the staring!
Come on, man, you're freaking me out! Quit staring!

Tony actually uses an exclamation mark instead of a period this time. Nothing changes otherwise, though. So we skip.

You're expecting Dylan

You're expecting Dylan, right?

He already told me how to get in here.
Then who?
I can't tell you.

Loop and skip.