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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 47: Listening to a Tape

Music: Creeping Shadow

Like Kyle said, we're going to listen to this tape. Before that, though, we'll check the character profiles.

Music: Sobering Dream

We do have something we can use to listen to the tape. Do you know what it is?

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Heating Up

I have a feeling that this puzzle will probably be very hard for people playing this in the future.

Use Frank's tape on answering machine

I'll play Frank's tape on my answer phone.

Music stops

I'm surprised we don't have to rewound the tape this time.

Let's listen to SIDE A first.

Let's see what this thing says.

We have to rewind before we can hear it. So we press rewind until it stops automatically. After that, we press play.

Music: Joke's On You

It's just a music tape!

Music stops
Ha ha. Very funny, game.

We press the open button again to listen to SIDE B.

Let's see what this thing says.

Unlike SIDE A, we don't have to rewind before playing.

Coherent. This thing broken or something?

So playing it normally doesn't work. Fast forward, pause, and stop does nothing. Rewind, however...

*ripping sound*


Music: Dream's End
Ah crap! I broke the tape!
Damn... That's gone and done it. How the hell am I gonna explain this to Frank?

Tony: 6
Frank: 3
Mags: 2
Dylan: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1

This one is a very sneaky Game Over. It's very similar to the one in Hotel Dusk, but this time we don't even get any warning.

And yes, I got this Game Over in my first playthrough.

DariusLikewise posted:

Hopefully Kyle doesn't ruin the tape

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

Sounds like there's a game over in our near future.

You guys managed to spot this from a mile away, huh?

Music stops

The deceased was Kathy McGrath."

So what we have to do is to press play and then press fast forward. The reverse order won't work. And the window to press fast forward is pretty small.
There's hint to do this in the Classified Files, but still.

The voice of an elderly man comes from the tape.

"Investigation memo number 0083..."

That's Frank's voice alright.

"The state of the fourth floor is just as it was 13 years ago. My initial sweep of room 404, where Kathy McGrath's body was found, is complete. Before vacating this building, I must find the lost items connected with Condor."

Kathy McGrath? That's the name of the victim from the murder 13 years ago.
Now I know that it was room 404 that her body was discovered in, too. Looks like Frank has been looking into the events of the murder that took place.
But what does he mean by "lost items connected with Condor"? (The question is, why is Frank investigating the incident from 13 years ago?)
(Without wanting to jump to any conclusions maybe he's got some sort of connection to the hotel.)
(I think it's time for me to get my head together...)