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Part 50: Selling to Charles

Let's go out and sell some stuff.

Music: Overstepped Memory
(First thing to do is find out what kind of things people want. The second floor seems like a good starting point.)

Before we actually do that, though, let's take a look at the items we have to sell.

The thread has spoken, so we're going to sell items to Dylan and Frank. The problem is that neither of them are potential customers and won't answer the door

I'm going to show off the people who are not picked by the thread first.


Music: Dancing Cat

Like this guy, who hasn't appeared since that one time in Chapter 2 and never mentioned by name during the voting.

Have you got a moment?
I'm a little busy actually.

Before we can actually sell the item, we have to navigate a maze of dialogue options. I'm not going to show them all, but I'll give a basic flowchart on what to do.

There's something I want to show you

I've got some things I'd really like to show you.

I'm really busy, you know.
I don't take kindly to door-to-door salesmen.
Come on, don't be like that.
I've got some good stuff to sell. Why not take a look?
I don't want any of your wares!
You're such a pain coming here trying to sell me stuff! Just get lost!

Charles looks angry as he returns to his room.

Knock Charles' door again "If it's not important, please leave me alone."

(Guess it's not that important. I'll try elsewhere.)

This is what actually happened. But what if we actually managed to convince him to buy our wares?

Sorry to have bothered you

Sorry to have bothered you.
No, it's no problem.
Anyway, I've got plenty of more important things on my mind.

Say, Charles...

What've you gotta take care of?

What've you gotta take care of?
Will you help me with it?
Well, I'll try, if you think I can.
I broke something!
Yeah? And that something was?
It was a tiny little thing that we were going to use during filming.
I see.
I'm going to lose my job over this, I'm sure!
I work part-time helping on a film set. I'm an assistant to the camera staff.
There was a prop we planned to use during the filming. It was a fragile piece of pottery.

Calm down...

On second thoughts... That's pretty bad!

That's pretty bad!
I know, my boss is going to kill me for sure! There aren't any others we can use as replacements either.
Can you tell me how it broke?
Sure, it was a clean break, right down the middle.
I'm usually a really careful person, too.
What did the director say?
He told me to go and find a replacement.
Of course, I went out and looked, but there weren't any that looked similar.
If I can't find one we can use, I'll be fired for sure.
This was my big chance!


I may have just the thing for you

I may have just the thing for you.

Charles Flowchart posted:

Sorry to have bothered you -> Next
There's something I want to show you -> Fail

Don't press -> Next
What've you gotta take care of? -> Next
I'm in a bit of a fix too -> Fail

Don't press -> Next
Do you have a replacement? -> Fail
On second thoughts... That's pretty bad! -> Next

Don't press -> Fail
Don't give up so easily! -> Fail
I may have just the thing for you -> Success

Music: Gusty Town

We now have to show Charles the item that could be useful for him. We can show him everything else, but we can't just leave. If we leave here, we'll fail automatically.

Read note
What's that?
Write note
Have I told you something that needs writing down?
Show room 202 key or Frank's tape
I don't believe that's mine.
Show pager
Is that a pager? I don't have one.
Show $5
Why are you showing me your money? Is this an American thing?
Show crossword
Oh, you're entering the prize draw too?
Show entry slip
If you win, what will you spend the prize money on?
Show bugging device
What is that? Some kind of electronic device?
Show winning bottle cap
Is that a winning bottle cap from the vending machine?
I've never found one. Not even once.
Show Pinkie Rabbit Land
This Pinkie Rabbit character seems very popular in America.
Show order sheet
Is there a reason you wanted me to look at this?
Show pocket camera
I don't need a toy like that.
I have a single-lens reflex camera.
Show snow globe
Oh, it's a snow globe!
My grandmother has a collection of rare ones.
Show other wares
I'm afraid I have no need for one of those.
Show others
I'm not sure why you're showing me this.

The things we can sell is Super Strength Adhesive and Glue. Based on the description, adhesive is for glass and plastic while Glue is for paper and wood. Since we're dealing with pottery here, let's sell the glue.

Show glue

Music: Dancing Cat
Here, take a look at this.

I pass Charles some glue.

It's one of the items I'm selling.
I'm sure you'll be able to fix the pot using this.
If you're right and I can fix the pot, we'll be able to use it for the filming after all.
Yeah, just give it a try.
How much do you want for this?
$3 ought to do it.
Here you go.
Perfect, thanks.

Charles goes back to his room.

(Okay... Now I've just gotta make a sale to one more person and I'll prove my commitment to Ed.)

Music: Overstepped Memory
Knock Charles' door again "I'm busy at the moment, please come back later."

Our next potential buyer is downstairs, so we go down the stairs...

Somebody's coming down the stairs.

Music: Joke's On You
Mr Hyde!
That glue you sold me was useless!
It was?
Not only did it fail to join the pieces together, but it even left some ugly marks!

You do know that it takes a day to set, right?

What are you going to do to compensate me?
Well, I could... Er...


There appears to be some sort of disturbance here. Would one of you kindly explain?
Mrs Patrice, it's terrible!
Thanks to Mr Hyde here,
My career is ruined!
Oh really?
Can you be a bit more specific, Charles?

Mr Hyde!
What exactly have you done to cause Charles such distress?
Let me start by...
I want to hear all the details, so try to be as specific as possible.
Not here though, I think we should take this discussion to my room.

Music stops

So, you're trying to sell your wares to the other tenants?
That's not the whole story...
Mr Hyde!
You're fully aware that we all have to vacate this building soon.
The last thing I need is more trouble. Do I make myself clear?
I don't want to hear about you conducting any further sales while you're here. Is that understood?

Music: Dream's End
(This is bad. Can't believe I sold Charles something he didn't need.)

(I'm back where I started. Things just couldn't get any worse...)

You're tempting fate, Kyle.

Music: Joke's On You
Are you listening, Mr Hyde?
Uh, yeah...
We have only days until we all have to vacate the premises... Why on earth would you be making trouble for the other tenants?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to annoy anyone.
Mr Hyde.
Thanks to you, the good mood I had today is ruined.
I shall expect nothing less than your undivided attention while we chat.
My what?

This is great.

Tony: 6
Frank: 3
Mags: 2
Dylan: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1
Charles: 1

All right, let's try selling Adhesive instead.

Show Super Strength Adhesive

Here, take a look at this.

I pass Charles some super strength adhesive.

Is this some kind of glue?
It's one of the items I'm selling.
My guess is it'll be perfect for fixing things like that broken pot of yours.
If you're right and I can fix the pot, we'll be able to use it for the filming after all.
You'd better give it a try.
How much do you want for this?
$3 ought to do it.
Here you go.
It's all there, thanks.

Thank you, Mr Hyde, I'll give it a try.
I'll use it and head right to the studio.

Charles leaves.

(Great! I managed to sell one of my items to Charles. Now I've just gotta make a sale to one more person and I'll prove my commitment to Ed.)

We've sold items to one tenant. Or at least we would've if we decided to follow this timeline. Alas, we're going with the timeline where we managed to piss Charles off.