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Part 51: Searching the Laundry (Machine)

Music: Overstepped Memory
Like I said before we're rudely interrupted, the rest of our potential buyers are downstairs. If we go down to the first floor...

Somebody's coming up from the basement.

Music: Dancing Cat
That's put me in a real fix.
Everything okay, Betty?

This part doesn't actually affect our success at persuading her.


Why the long face?

Why the long face?
Oh, is it that obvious? I'm not having a good day.
Hey, Betty.
Don't worry about it, Mr Hyde.

Betty hurries away after uttering those words.

(What's up with her?)

There's only one way to find out: examining the basement.

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall

Music: Hidden Proof

Middle machine It's a communal washing machine. The door's slightly open.

Dress There's a dress inside the washing machine. By the looks of it, it's soaked. Looking closer, the dress seems to have some stains on it.

Ah, here's our first white question. White questions means that we don't know who we're supposed to ask this to. It also means that we can ask multiple people. They're very rare. There's less than 10 of them throughout all of Hotel Dusk.
We can see which character can be asked this question from the profiles. This is also available in Hotel Dusk, but there's a very comprehensive script on Gamefaqs so it's less important there.

Music: Gusty Town
Who left their dress in the laundry?

Hey, can I ask you something?
I found a dress in the laundry, does it belong to you?

The response is of course different depending on the person.

And what makes you think I'd wear a dress, Mr Hyde? Are you trying to suggest something?
Perhaps you should think before asking stupid questions.
Yeah, sorry about that.

We have to get the question before we knock on Charles' door, since he'll leave if he's happy and won't open the door if he's not.

A dress? That some kinda joke? What the hell would I want with a dress? That's not my scene, man.
Yeah, good point. Didn't think it matched your beard, anyway.

Tony is one of the people we can sell an item to, and the most voted potential buyer. I'll show the sales pitch later.

A dress?
It's not mine, Mr Hyde.
I see.

This is the first time we can question Claire. I'll show off the items later since she has something to do with another potential buyer.

It's not mine. I haven't washed any of my dresses recently.
It certainly doesn't belong to me.
I see.

Said potential customer is Marie. The only reason we're going to sell to Marie instead of Betty is because tomanton guessed the item correctly for her.

Music: A Drink in the Evening

Finally, we can ask this question to Sidney. He's a bit more special than the rest.

Have you got a moment?

Music: Gusty Town

This is our second chance to question Sidney. Without this question, there's no way to show him items, particularly the crossword.

Show $5
Nah, you keep that. We've always got plenty of change.
Show crossword (unfinished)
Oh, you've finished the crossword?
Let me see. *checks the Crossword* Wait a second!
You haven't finished it at all! Come back and show it to me when you've got the answers down.
Can do.
Show crossword (incorrect)
Oh, you've finished the crossword?
Yeah. Piece of cake.
Let me see. *checks the Crossword* Hold on.
I'm afraid you need to work on this a little longer. Sorry Mr Hyde.
Maybe this quiz is slightly harder than you thought.
Lemme give you a hint. The answers are all written down somewhere in this café.
If you look around a bit, it might help you fill in the crossword. Good luck!
Yep. The big hint to solving the crossword is hidden inside an optional dialogue. It can't be seen just by talking to Sidney with the incorrect solution.
Show crossword (correct)
It's the same as the one I've showed.
Show entry slip
I show Sidney my entry slip for the prize draw.
Hold your horses, Mr Hyde! We're not announcing the prize draw results until the 23rd. You'll want to keep that safe until then.
Show bugging device
What are you doing with something like that?
Show winning bottle cap
It's the same as talking to him normally with this in our inventory. I'll show it later.
Show Pinkie Rabbit Land
Claire's got one of those too, actually. She's been very into it lately.
Show cleaner
I just bought a new tin of that already, I'm afraid.
Show snow globe
I like old fashioned-things like this...but then I guess I'm pretty old myself!
Show other wares
I don't really need that.
Show others
I'm not sure why you're showing me that.

Who left their dress in the laundry?

I found a dress in the laundry, and was wondering...
So, you think I'm the kinda guy who wears a dress, do you?
Actually, let's just forget this conversation.

You know, Sidney doesn't actually deny it. Maybe he can join Dunning in the quest to become beautiful

All right, let's actually ask the people most likely to be the owner of the dress.

Knock "I'm busy!"

Betty, you got time for a quick chat?

What brings you here?

Read note
That's a pretty stylish notebook.
Write note
Writing about me? Have I made that much of an impression?
Show room 202 key, $5 or Frank's tape
Nope, nothing to do with me.
Show pager
I'd be more impressed if it was one of the latest models.
Show crossword
You're entering the prize draw? You don't strike me as the crossword type. No offence.
Show winning bottle cap
What do I want with a bottle cap?
Show Pinkie Rabbit Land
A big guy like you still plays games in his spare time?
You're full of surprises, Mr Hyde!
Grown men plays games
Kyle in particular, have a point there.

Show order sheet
What's that? Anyway, it's got nothing to do with me.
Show snow globe
A snow globe? That takes me back...
Show other wares
What's that? Never mind, I don't really care.
Show others
That's cool, I guess? Not sure why you're showing me it.

Who left their dress in the laundry?

I found a dress in the laundry, does it belong to you?
It does, but why are you asking?
Mr Hyde...


Not speaking all of a sudden, huh?

Leave me alone, you're disgusting!
Hey, hang on a minute!

Betty looks furious as she goes back inside her room.

Whoops. Good thing it doesn't lead to a Game Over, though.

It does lead to 1/3 of a Game Over.