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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 53: Getting Fired (Again)

Music: Overstepped Memory

Before we continue our quest, let's buy a drink.

We're buying lime flavor this time.

I open the bottle and glug the whole thing down.

I feel lime was a good choice.
Now let's just hope I got a prize.
This bottle cap...

We already got the winning cap, you know.

Anyway, our next customer is Marie.

Hi Marie, it's me. Do you have a moment?

"Sorry, Mr Hyde, I'm a little busy at the moment. I'm not feeling very well. Can we talk later?"

Yeah, no problem.
(No sense in wasting my time trying to sell stuff to people who're feeling ill. I'll come back later.)

Like I said before, we need to visit the café to sell to Marie.

Music: Glass in the Hand

Maybe it's just me,
But you're looking a bit pale today. I can't say I've ever seen you look this way before.
Is that so?
Trust me, Mr Hyde, when it comes to noticing the way my regulars look, I'm the best! Is there something on your mind?
Don't worry about it, it's nothing.
If you say so.
Don't know what it is about today, but all my customers have been down in the dumps.

Really? She looked down?
Yeah. Not sure what the problem was, but she wasn't looking very happy.
She definitely had the look of someone with something on their mind. I had Claire go over and talk to her.
I figured it'd be easier for her to talk to another woman, you know, raise their spirits. Seems like it did the trick, too. After they spoke, she did seem to be a little happier.
If you feel like having a chat with me and getting something off your chest, feel free.

Sidney leaves after saying his piece.

(So, Marie wasn't in a very happy mood when she was here... Wonder what she had on her mind.)

(What did Claire and Marie speak about?)

Before we ask Claire about that, let's show Sidney our winning cap. Remember, we can get the prize from either Sidney or Mags.

You need anything, Mr Hyde?
Take a look.
Oh, it's a winning bottle cap from the vending machine.
Congrats. Here's your prize!

I think it's a handheld video game they just brought out.

All right. Let's talk to Claire now.

Hey, Claire.
Hi, Mr Hyde. Can I get you something?
No, I'm good.
Actually, I wanted to ask you something.
Sure, go ahead.

Music: Gusty Town

Read note
Hey, what's that? Can I see?
Write note
What are you writing about, Mr Hyde?
Show room 202 key or $5
No, that's not mine.
Show pager
Figures you'd have a pager. Right, Mr Hyde?
Show crossword
Oh, if you want to know anything about the quiz, you're better off asking my dad.
Show entry slip
We're gonna announce the results of the prize draw on December 23rd. I can't wait!
Show winning bottle cap
Oh, you got a winning bottle cap from the vending machine?
You should show it to my dad or Mrs Patrice. They'll be able to give you your prize.
Show Pinkie Rabbit Land
Oh! It's Pinkie Rabbit Land! I've got that game too!
Show order sheet
Is that a letter someone wrote to you?
Show cleaner
Sorry, Mr Hyde. My dad just bought a new tin of that.
Show snow globe
I have one just like it. Isn't it pretty the way it sparkles?
Show other wares
Is that part of your current line of products? I don't think I need one I'm afraid.
Show others
I'm not really sure why you're showing me that, Mr Hyde.

And with that we've shown the crossword/entry slip and winning bottle cap/Pinkie Rabbit Land to everyone we've seen. Good thing too, considering that we have to trade the crossword today.

What did you and Marie speak about?

I heard you had a chat with Marie earlier.
That's right, but how did you know about that, Mr Hyde?
Sidney told me. He said that you and her were discussing something.
Sometimes I just can't believe him! He sure does run his mouth off.
What was Marie so concerned about?
I'm actually worried about her as well, you see. She seemed a bit upset when I went to her for a short while back.
Really, she did?

This one doesn't actually affect whether Marie will buy our product or not.

Hey, Claire...

What's Marie concerned about?

What's Marie concerned about?
It's about her safety.

(Her safety?)

I'm pretty sure it's something that all women living alone are worried about.
She's particularly worried about her room only having a single lock.
She really wants to find a way to increase her security until she leaves.
Unfortunately, I couldn't really offer her any helpful advice.
I wish there was somebody who could help her out.
That's interesting...

Music: Glass in the Hand
Hey, Claire. Thanks for letting me in on this.
No problem, Mr Hyde, anytime.

And with that, we can convince Marie to buy our stuff

Music: A Drink in the Evening
Music: Overstepped Memory


Music: Ace of Diamonds

No problem.
I guess I shouldn't really have come round when you weren't feeling up to it.
Bad timing, I suppose.
You look kinda pale, is there anything troubling you?

Show snow globe
It's beautiful...
Show other wares
I'm fine without one, thanks.

Music: Gusty Town
So she's concerned about her safety?

Are you worried about your safety?
My safety? Why would you be thinking about that, Mr Hyde?
I have a habit of knowing these things. I can imagine how terrifying it must be for a single woman living alone.
Especially if they've had bugging devices planted in their home.
Precisely, Mr Hyde. I'm at the point where I really don't know what to do.
I can't sleep at night, either.
If you like, you can talk to me about it, Marie.
Thank you, Mr Hyde.
I really don't know what to do.


You know what, maybe we shouldn't sell to Marie after all. She does have money problems.

Don't worry yourself too much

Don't worry yourself too much.
After all, you're gonna be out of this room before too long.

More importantly...
Before you leave this place, is there anything you've run out of?
If truth be known, I've gotta sell some of this stuff to the people living here.
Mr Hyde, I hope I'm mistaken, but...
You're not pretending to be worried about me just to sell me something, are you?
Actually, that's precisely why I'm here! Would you like to buy something?

Kyle's last line comes right after the wrong choices converge, which makes this funnier. Great job, Kyle

You're so shallow.
There must be something you need?
I'm not interested!

Marie looks pretty angry as she goes back into her room.

(Damn. This isn't nearly as easy as I thought it would be.)

*beeping sound*

It's my pager.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Heating Up

Welp. Time to tell Ed about our fuckups


It's about time I gave Ed a call.

Music: Serenity
It's me, Rachel, what's up?
Ed has something he wants to talk about. Hold on, I'll pass you over.

Music: Ace of Diamonds

What've you got to talk to me about, Ed?
I already told you before. I want you to get rid of some of the items you've got by selling to the other tenants.
Yeah, about that... I'm working on it.

Music: Joke's On You
I'm not interested in your excuses. Listen up! I told you to go and sell some stuff to the tenants there! I didn't tell you to shove the stuff down their throats!
And what does that mean? Am I supposed to make some sort of sense from that?
Yes, you are! I just got a complaint from one of the tenants living there. seems you've been trying to pressure them into buying stuff they don't want. Now I've got them biting my head off over the phone. Not good for business, you know!
Yeah, sorry about that.
Looks like I overestimated you, Hyde. Sorry I have to break this to you, but...

What? Fired?!
No need to panic, I'll still help you find a new place to work.
Come on, Ed, can't we talk about this?
Goodbye, Hyde. *hangs up*

Music: Dream's End
(Damn... I'm back where I started. Looks like I'm fresh out of second chances with Ed.)

This changes depending on who we piss of last.

That's not what I was trying to do.

Tony: 6
Frank: 3
Mags: 2
Dylan: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1
Charles: 1
Betty: 1

I was about to blame Ed for this, but this is definitely Kyle's fault. I won't any points for this one; we'll just use the points from Frank/Tony Game Over instead.