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Part 54: Selling to Marie

Music: Gusty Town

All right, let's ACTUALLY sell some stuff. About time we've done that.

Let's do something about it

Let's do something about it.
What do you propose?
Well, you could use something.
Such as?

Marie Flowchart posted:

Don't press -> Fail
Don't worry yourself too much -> Fail
Let's do something about it -> Success

Marie's flowchart is by far the simplest.

Show doorknob set

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Here, take a look at this.

I hand Marie the doorknob set.

A doorknob set? Oh, it has a lock on it.
It's one of the items I'm selling.
It just happens to be the latest type. It's particularly resilient to lock-picking.
It sounds like just the thing I need to let me sleep soundly at night.
That's right.
How much does it cost?
Only $3.
I'll take it.
This should be enough.

Marie returns to the confines of her room.

(Now I've just gotta make a sale to one more person and I'll prove my commitment to Ed.)

Music: Overstepped Memory
Knock Marie's door again "I'm busy right now, sorry."

We sold an item to one person. I'd be glad right now, but if you noticed the pattern...

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Mr Hyde...
I've got a problem with the doorknob set you sold me.
The size is wrong and it doesn't fit my door.
It doesn't?

Are you sure it actually doesn't fit and not you just not realizing they're a pain to install?

I hate to ask, but would you mind returning the money I gave you?
Yeah, okay.
(Should've checked the size before selling it to her.)
Here's your doorknob set.

Here's your $3 back.

I give $3 back to Marie.

Huh. Selling Marie the wrong items doesn't directly cause a Game Over. Color me surprised.

Thank you, Mr Hyde.
I really thought this would be the end of my worries.
I cant say I'm not disappointed.
I hope you'll understand if I ask you not to try and sell me any more of your useless items.

Don't worry, Marie. Just asking for a refund instead of causing a Game Over makes you better than most people. I'm looking at you, careless Charles and impatient Betty!

Now, if you'll excuse me.

Marie finishes telling me off and walks away.

(Damn. This isn't nearly as easy as I thought it would be.)

It goes to the same Game Over as last update (the one where we pissed off 3 people), so I won't show it again. Marie's Game Over quote changes, though, so there's that.

Show doorknob set

Music: Ace of Diamonds

I pass the security lock to Marie.

This looks like a security lock for a door.
It's one of the items I'm selling.
It fits easily into the door and lets you double-lock it for extra security.
If you fit your door with this, I'm sure you'll be able to sleep soundly at night.
Do you think I can fit it to my door?
But this must be quite an expensive piece of equipment, right?
Not at all, it's only $3.
In that case, I'll take it!
Glad to hear it!
Here's your money.

If you'll excuse me, Mr Hyde.

Marie returns to the confines of her room.

(That's taken some of the pressure off. I'm glad Marie decided to buy something. Now I've just gotta make a sale to one more person and I'll prove my commitment to Ed.)

We've finally made one sale!

Let's make that two.


I've got some things I'd really like to show you.
And what might they be?
Well, as you know, it's gonna be Christmas soon.
I thought you might be interested in some of the items I've got.

Show snow globe


I pass Marie the snow globe.

It's a...snow globe?
It's a pretty one! I used to want one of these when I was a little girl.
You did?
But we didn't have very much money and my brother couldn't get one for me.
Lots of people tend to forget the things they held dear when they were children, regardless of how cheap or expensive they were.
You're quite right, Mr Hyde. Now we're all grown up, we can buy whatever we like.

Huh. It seems that Kyle actually has what it takes to be a salesman.

So tell me, how much do you want for this?
Not much. Let's say $3.
In that case, I'll take it.

Well, Mr Hyde, I'll be going.

Marie retreats back inside her room.

We've sold 2 items!

This doesn't actually accomplish Ed's quest since he told us to sell items to 2 people, not to sell 2 items.

Knock Marie's door again "I'm a little busy right now, sorry. Can you come back later?"

Sadly, Marie doesn't compliment us like Betty would've